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8 Best Baby Walkers in 2022

Updated 03-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

Baby walkers are one of the most popular baby gear and are in use all around the world. Though there are several controversies about the use of baby walkers, they are still preferred by parents to entertain their little ones, or as a means to have their baby settled in a place without having to hold them. Even if some of you might have read that baby walkers have negative effects on child development, the fact is that there is no sufficient evidence to prove the same. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to use the gear exclusively to help your child learn to walk, but it can be used like any other baby toy/gear you have at home. And with baby walkers now available with a lot of features and activities built-in, it will certainly be an entertaining piece of equipment.

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Things to know about baby walkers

Regardless of why you choose to use a baby walker, there are a few safety guidelines that must be followed:

  • When you place your baby in the walker, make it a point to stay near them or supervise them at all times, because being in a baby walker enables them to reach places and items that they otherwise cannot and it could be dangerous.
  • Always use the walker away from stairs or steps and on a flat surface.
  • Make sure that the area where you use the walker is baby-proofed, meaning your little one should not be able to reach hot drinks, electric outlets, heaters, toilets, etc.
  • It is best to use a walker only after your baby is able to sit.
  • Avoid putting your child in the walker for hours at a time; 15 to 20 minutes would be ideal.

Following is a list of some of the best baby walkers you can find on the market today:

ProductBest forRatings
Vtech First Steps Baby Walker
Vtech First Steps Baby Walker
Best Baby Walker9.9
Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker
Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker
Best Value for Money Baby Walker9.8
Babymoov 2-in-1 Baby Walker
Babymoov 2-in-1 Baby Walker
Best Premium Baby Walker9.7
Baby Einstein Discovery Buggy Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon
Baby Einstein Discovery Buggy Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon
Best Wooden Activity Baby Walker9.6
Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker
Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker
Best Multipurpose Baby Walker9.5
Janod Chariot ABC Buggy Tatoo
Janod Chariot ABC Buggy Tatoo
Best Learning Baby Walker9.4
Smoby Minikiss 3-in-1 Baby Walker
Smoby Minikiss 3-in-1 Baby Walker
Best Baby Walker with Ergonomic Design9.2
Costway 3-in-1 Baby Walker
Costway 3-in-1 Baby Walker
Best Designed Baby Walker9

Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

1 Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

Best Baby Walker

Vtech is one of the most popular and preferred baby toys brands that has been producing some of the most interactive, high-quality, and engaging toys for babies and kids of different ages. If you are looking for the perfect first baby walker or activity walker for your little one, you cannot go wrong with this model. This is a 2-in-1 model, a unit that functions as a walker as well as an activity centre, thanks to the activity panel. The removable activity panel consists of shape sorters, light-up buttons, animal buttons, gears, and also a role-play phone, which give babies hours of fun and entertainment just with the activity centre.

The First Steps Baby Walker is thoughtfully designed and comes with textured wheels, an easy-grip handle, and an overall durable design, which enables it to endure your little hero’s abuses while learning to walk. Perfect for babies in the six months to 30 months age range, this walker from Vtech not only supports your baby’s first steps, but also helps them learn their first words and numbers by introducing them to animals, shapes, colours, and numbers through entertaining music and fun activities. From stimulating babies’ attention to helping build their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this is a great all-in-1 baby walker.

Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker

2 Chicco Baby Steps Activity Walker

Best Value for Money Baby Walker

From Chicco, a leading brand in baby products, the Baby Steps Activity Walker is a value for money product that comes packed with various play activities for your baby to enjoy while also learning to find balance and walk. Designed for babies in the age range 9 months to 24 months, this product comes as two toys in one – a baby walker and an activity centre. As a baby walker, the unit provides sufficient support for your baby to stand up and take their first steps in complete safety.

The highlight here is that the walker starts playing fun music when the baby holds on to it and starts walking, and the music stops when he/she stops, which encourages them to take a few more steps. The activity centre on the walker features lights and sound effects, which get activated when the correct shapes are inserted in their respective slots, once again encouraging babies to engage in learning activities.

Babymoov 2-in-1 Baby Walker

3 Babymoov 2-in-1 Baby Walker

Best Premium Baby Walker

Babymoov has been around for more than 20 years offering innovative baby products that help new parents balance their life with a new addition to their family. This again is a 2-in-1 walker that comes with two different functions: a walker that can be used from 9 months of age and up to 12 kg, after which it converts into a push toy. It is designed with two steerable front wheels to help babies be more independent, and this walker is perfect for stimulating your little one’s psychomotor skills.

In addition, the 2-in-1 Baby Walker from Babymoov features an activity tray with 3 toys and a musical box that offers 3 melodies to help with your baby’s early learning. You can adjust the sit-in walker to three different heights to suit your growing child, and it also folds down to a compact size for easy storage when it is no longer in use. The cushion seat on the walker gives babies a comfortable place to sit in, and the cover can be removed and machine-washed, which makes cleaning easy. Above all, Babymoov offers a lifetime warranty for this walker.

Baby Einstein Discovery Buggy Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon

4 Baby Einstein Discovery Buggy Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon

Best Wooden Activity Baby Walker

Baby Einstein products are research-backed and are loved by parents for their line of quality. The Discovery Buggy Wooden Activity Walker & Wagon comes loaded with activities for little ones to discover. Offering multiple modes of play, in both sitting and standing positions, this little car enables your baby to explore however he/she wants.

The Discovery Buggy from Baby Einstein is uniquely designed to contain engaging activities on either side of the walker, and this enables two babies to play with it at the same time. Whether it is an older sibling, or a friend or cousin, your little bub can share this activity walker during playtime. From flipping and spinning the bold-patterned bead chaser to dropping blocks into the wagon and matching shapes, there is a truckload of activities for babies and toddlers to play and learn from, which also encourage the development of their motor skills.

Once your little guy/girl is able to walk with the Discovery Buggy, they can use the wide-open wagon bed to give their stuffed animal or toy friends a ride around the house. The walker allows you, the parent, to adjust wheel tension to control the wagon speed, so your little racer doesn’t go beyond the speed limit, thereby giving you confidence that your baby is safe.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

5 Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

Best Multipurpose Baby Walker

Yet another parent-trusted brand for over 50 years, Little Tikes is known for its innovative concepts in children’s toys, which are offered in almost all categories you could think of. This 3-in-1 Activity Walker from the company belongs to their Light ‘n Go series of toys, and it is designed to use light to get your first-time walker moving and engage in active play. The 3 functions of the activity walker are walker, standing activity table, and sit and play activity centre.

In the Walker mode, lights project from the unit’s dome onto the floor resulting in attractive and interesting combinations, and this inspires your baby to walk. These lights are designed to be able to project as far as 8 feet. In the Activity Table mode, the activity board slides up, offering different fun features for babies and toddlers to play with. With Sit and Play, the unit can be folded down for floor play when your baby doesn’t feel like walking.

With this Little Tikes walker, children can enjoy more than 70 activities, songs, and sounds; some of these features and activities include a peekaboo lion, monkey slider, colour beads, spinning toucan ball that makes different animal noises and sounds, jungle spinning drum, and more. In addition, the walker also folds flat for easy storage.

Janod Chariot ABC Buggy Tatoo

6 Janod Chariot ABC Buggy Tatoo

Best Learning Baby Walker

Having been one of the top 3 most favourite brands among mothers for baby and toddler toys for multiple years, Janod excels in producing creative toys made from high-quality materials, and these are toys that are meant to be kept and passed on. The Chariot ABC Buggy Tatoo is designed for kids between the ages of 12 months and 4 years, helping them learn different things at every stage.

This colourful wooden pushcart encourages your baby to learn to walk, whilst helping him/her stabilise their balance and build their motor skills as well. The Janod best baby walker features 30 wooden blocks with alphabet letters in both uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and also an abacus that lets them learn to count. Though the wheels are also made of wood, there is an addition of a rubber part in them, which makes them silent. While the blocks are made from pine wood, the wheels and handle are MDF, and the sides are plywood; the whole construction makes this best baby walker durable, one that you can expect to last for years, to be used by your baby’s future siblings as well.

Smoby Minikiss 3-in-1 Baby Walker

7 Smoby Minikiss 3-in-1 Baby Walker

Best Baby Walker with Ergonomic Design

While you love taking your little one for a walk in their stroller, he/she on the other hand would obviously love to take their favourite doll for a walk, even though they have just started learning to walk. The Minikiss 3-in-1 Baby Walker from Smoby would be an amazing buy because it is designed to function as a walker, doll’s pram or your child’s first pushchair, and doll seat at the same time, thanks to its special design.

The Minikiss Baby Walker is ergonomically designed, which makes it particularly stable; there is an optionally switchable brake mechanism that makes sure the unit remains safe and reliable when your baby uses it. As a doll pram, the seat of the carriage can be mounted in two positions – placing the doll to face your child, or facing the direction of travel. The inclusion of a simple click system makes this conversion quick and simple. Your doll parent can remove the doll seat and use it without the pram and there is a strap that keeps the doll secure throughout play. Recommended for babies aged 12 months and up, this is one of the unique options you can get as a best baby walker.

Costway 3-in-1 Baby Walker

8 Costway 3-in-1 Baby Walker

Best Designed Baby Walker

With over a decade of experience producing premium quality products at reasonable price ranges, Costway has an amazing lineup of toys in different categories. The 3-in-1 Baby Walker from the brand is one of the most versatile and uniquely designed products in the category. It serves as an Activity Centre for babies from 3 months to 9 months; as a Stand Walker from 9 months and up; and, as a Ride-on Toy Car also from 9 months and over.

The walker is made from environment-friendly ABS and PP materials, which makes it safe for babies and toddlers. Its stable triangle mechanical structure is capable of reducing the centre of gravity, thereby preventing rollover. The multifunctional game panel with lights, sounds, and games cultivates babies’ cognitive ability; there is an intimate wheel lock that helps prevent backward flip when your little one is learning to walk; and the inclusion of rubber rings on the wheels not only make them silent, but also non-slip. Also, this best baby walker has been newly upgraded and now scientifically guides babies to use their natural balancing ability and leg muscle strength, and thus helps prevent bow legs.

Choosing the Best Baby Walker: Buyer’s Guide

Since a baby walker is a baby gear that can benefit and entertain your baby/toddler, you need to make sure that you choose from the vast array of best baby walkers offered by different manufacturers. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you choose a model that is both functional and safe for your baby.


Safety Features

Of course, it goes without saying that the safety of your baby is what matters the most whenever you choose a toy or gear for them, and the same rule applies here as well. On that front, there are various safety features you need to look for when choosing the best baby walker:

  • Firstly, choose a walker that complies with the current safety standards that are in place in your region.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp corners or tiny areas where your baby’s tiny fingers could possibly get stuck.
  • Choose a baby walker that has a wide or broad base; this provides them with proper balance while learning to walk, prevents them from getting into doorways to areas that they shouldn’t access, and also prevents them from getting hit by any sharp corners, like in your furniture.
  • There are models that allow you to set the speed at which they can be driven; this would certainly be a good addition to your baby’s walker.
  • For sit in walkers, make sure that there is a seat belt; having a wheel lock is also a useful safety feature to have.



In the case of sit in walkers, which are normally used for babies aged around six months, comfort is an essential factor. These walkers should have a padded seat to keep your baby comfortable for as long as they spend time in their walker.



As it might have come across, most best baby walkers out there come equipped with different types of toys, activities, and features to entertain little ones. Therefore, you need to make sure that the one you choose is highly durable and constructed with high-quality materials. Also, see to that that the toys and other inclusions are well-fitted and do not come off easily, to prevent your baby from putting any loose part into their mouth.



The best baby walker you choose should also be portable. Whether you want to take it along during your baby’s stay at their grandparents’ or a vacation/staycation, getting a model that is light in weight and folds down to a compact and portable size will be a lifesaving feature. Even at your house, the walker’s portable nature will make storage easy.

Best Baby Walker Buyer Guide Image


At what month can my baby start using a walker?

In general, baby walkers are designed for babies as young as 4 months old and there are models that can be used all the way up to 4 years serving different functions. However, a couple of important points to remember before starting to use a walker for your little one is that he/she should be able to hold their head up steadily and also have their feet touch the floor from inside the walker. These indicate that your baby is ready for a walker.


Are baby walkers banned in the UK?

No, baby walkers are not banned in the UK. However, the NHS advises parents not to use a baby walker for more than 20 minutes at a time, as spending too much time in them can delay walking.


What type of baby walker should I buy?

Choosing a baby walker that your little one can use for quite a long time, say until they complete their toddler years, would make your investment worth it. You will find a lot of 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 models on the market, which basically convert from one form to another to be suitable for your baby as he/she transitions from being an infant to a toddler.

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