The 7 Best Programs to Teach Your Child to Read

by Tasha Mayberry


For many of us, this is a new and exciting way to educate our children. Regardless if you’re in the “at-home” camp or not, we always want to do everything that could be helpful for educating your kids! There are some parental tasks that may seem too complicated but don’t worry–we need all possible resources available, so please keep on reading 🙂

One of the first things we do as parents are to teach our children how to read. Reading opens up so many possibilities for a child’s future outshoots, and if you’re looking into teaching your little one reading now, then these seven programs will help get them on track!

7 Best Programs to Help You Teach Your Child to Read

1. Teach Your Monster to Read

Teaching your monster to read can be a daunting task, but with this game, you will have all the tools at hand! The Teach Your Monster To Read app takes children on an exciting adventure as they learn about reading. Alongside basic skills like matching letters together or syllable division comes more advanced tasks that are sure to make learning fun for kids of any age – even those who might feel frustrated in other settings because their dyslexia prevents them from feeling pace fast enough anymore.

2. Sing, Spell, Read, and Write

Sing, Spell, Read & Write is an excellent program for early childhood education. It teaches children the alphabetic principle of reading by using songs and interactive charts with games that focus on sound/letter correspondences and short vowel sounds so they can read single-syllable words and fully decodable storybooks by themselves at kindergarten’s end!

3. Bob Books

Bob Books are a great way for children who know the alphabet and its sounds to start reading. The short words and simple layout with large pictures make learning how easy! Learning begins by teaching kids about three-letter words, all leading up to one sentence per page which will help them become more confident readers in no time at all.

4. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online program that makes learning to read fun, interactive, and highly rewarding for young learners. The multi-award-winning early literacy resource supports your child’s reading journey with carefully designed games like hiding the egg, which is easy enough even if they’re not sure what it sounds like; self-paced activities make this game work well at any stage of development resulting in a significant way help build fluency while also having tons upon incentives keep you coming back again And again!

5. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

6. The Reading Lesson

The Reading Lesson is a program that teaches children to read using an innovative, guided approach. It was designed as a step-by-step course for parents who want their kids to learn at home, and it’s based on phonics principles that help them develop word recognition skills while developing comprehension abilities too!

7. Phonics Pathways

Phonics Pathways will help your child sound the sweetest of all sounds with its simple step-by-step lessons that teach spelling patterns. With wise proverbs as encouragement, they’ll be sure to persevere through patience and perseverance for success in life!

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