Global poverty is a huge problem for humanity today. Challenges and issues it brings, such as hunger, health problems, no education, unemployment and similar are more than serious to make us be more aware and get involved to help in any way possible. We are an organisation dedicated to helping children globally by providing resources, support and advice. 



With a wide range of services dedicated to all children in any need, we can provide many opportunities which lead to developing skills and knowledge which will make the foundation of ensuring children and people in their surroundings.


Millions of children all around the world die because of lack of delivery complications, diseases, lack of resources and medicine and malnutrition. Our team helps these children reach a normal, reasonable standard of development and health.

Home finding

By finding prospective and competent adopters and foster carers, we can provide placement with full care and safety for children that cannot live with their parents.

Family support

There are many specific issues along the families that can negatively affect the child. This service may provide needed support for both, parents and children through various parenting issues and domestic arrangements in the home.


With over 15 years experience of working with the most vulnerable and deprived children in inner-city areas of London, Kids Company is in a position to share the knowledge and expertise derived from intervening directly with this client group.
With the practical and emotional support we give to them we can help them build and thrive needed skills for adulthood. With our programs, young people with difficult start in life have an opportunity for proper education, training, and employment as any other.


Our mission is based on believing that every child with just a little help and support can bring the very best, no matter if the issue is sexual exploitation, child poverty, violence or malnutrition.


Children and family all around the world have the opportunity to read the posts we share which makes a great way of connection and makes a great aspect of help and support.

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