About Us

Kidsco's Journey

Starting Over 15 Years ago as 2 newly pregnant women, we struggled to find the information we needed during our pregnancies. Reading the many maternity books and guides we realised how difficult it was to get a straight answers to our questions. 

We decided to go straight to the source and work with maternity nurses and experts alike to formulate helpful blogs and guides which can be accessed at the click of a search.

Now as we continue to expand with multiple writers and expert opinions we hope to help the future mothers in this exiting new step.

Meet Our Founder

Now mothers of 6 children combined Kristine and Allison continue to work and advise the team, while taking care of their families.

Kristine Bowman

Mum of: Charlie (15), Alfie (10) Isabella (8) and Bruno (5)

Allison Cho

Mum of: Jasmine (16) and Katie (11)