Many mums want to lose weight after giving birth for various reasons, from prioritising health and well-being to cosmetic purposes. Research from 2021 shows that many overweight postnatal women seek post-pregnancy weight loss. Specifically, these women want support and are interested in implementing weight loss strategies. Unfortunately, many intensive weight loss programmes cannot be offered to all postnatal women. 

Today, there is a rising prevalence of obesity in women. Combined with the excess weight gain during pregnancy, there are now more obese women in the postnatal period. Studies have shown this can have adverse health outcomes for women in later life and increase health risks during subsequent pregnancies.

Fortunately, survey results indicate that the time after giving birth is generally viewed as a good opportunity to consider changes to lifestyle behaviours. Weight loss strategies like increasing physical activity are also known to improve mental health, especially for cases of postnatal depression. Meanwhile, weight loss is also associated with improved mood and body image. Still, as mentioned above, social support plays a significant role in helping lose weight post-pregnancy. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what makes post-natal weight loss so difficult and how social support helps mums overcome these hurdles: