12 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

by Tasha Mayberry


You’re so excited to meet your baby that you can barely stand it. You feel like jumping up and down in joy, but know this is not the time for such behavior as there are many things still left undone before meeting their new little one! The closer we get to the delivery day, the more anxious I become- especially with our last few weeks being full of Braxton Hicks contractions, ̶and now my belly feels tight too; all ready for them finally coming home soon.

Medical Inductions

Induction is such a tempting time for parents because you get to meet your baby sooner rather than later. This makes it seem like “the seduction of induction,” but we’ve seen that unnecessary interventions can pose risks too high even if they are done on purpose or not!


At one time, inductions were a necessary part of pregnancy. But nowadays, many are elective and scheduled just after 41 weeks if you’re planning on having your baby at the hospital – this way, they can monitor things for safety during labor without necessarily bringing along their mother too long into delivery!

When it comes down to how much each woman wants in control versus accepting help from medical professionals who know best–I’m sure there will always be some tension between those two positions no matter what side anyone takes

Research shows that babies are healthiest when they stay in the womb until at least 39 weeks, so I don’t recommend trying these natural induction methods until you reach full term or are past your due date.

Here are 12 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

1. Exercise/ Cardio/ Stair Climbing / Squats

The more you move, the better! Get up and start walking. Physical activity helps lower your baby’s head in utero so that they can put pressure on the cervix to help it dilate – which is exactly what we want them doing while they’re growing inside of us!!! Plus, getting some fresh air has been shown time after again as an excellent way for moms to give themselves something good too: bonding with their new little person by simply being active together. Stairs?


You may have heard that exercise can induce labor, but the answer is unclear. A recent study found no association between increased physical activity and going into delivery; however, it’s worth trying out for yourself!

2. Nipple Stimulation

The most reliable way to induce labor at home is through nipple stimulation. Nipple covers have been found effective in releasing oxytocin, which causes uterus contractions and ultimately results in delivery! You should wait until you’re past your due date before trying this technique, as it may not work properly on someone closer than that mark since they already contain some minerals/vitamins necessary for induction purposes (but don’t worry– there are other ways!).

  1. The best way to get your baby blues out is by stimulating both breasts at once. You can do this with fingers, beads, or even cucumbers! The more alike they feel, the better because it will mimic how mom’s milk worked when YOU were nursing them – which means lots of suctioning back and forth between those two beautiful little holes in our chests called nipples (yes, I know what you’re thinking…but don’t worry about that yet). So go ahead: roll around on these babies like someone who has never seen anything strange before might do after drinking too much alcohol for their own good–it’ll make everything else seem worth living through again.


  1. Your partner can orally massage your nipples while you are breastfeeding. This goes well with option number 2, so use the same time restraints as before!


  1. If you’re breastfeeding, then using your breast pump will be more effective than what most people do. The act of pumping can sometimes cause women to pain in their arms and shoulders from contracting muscles rapidly while they try to extract milk for hungry babies!

3. Labor Inducing Foods

Fighting with another player is an interactive and laid-back game. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes because this experience should be fun! Just fight like in your favorite anime, but remember that whoever wins should show gratitude towards the person who took them on as a challenge instead of being irritated by it as most people would expect from such events 

in real life or video games where there are no consequences for losing other than feeling bad about themselves afterward (unless you choose not to do engage).

4. Sex

When you’re pregnant, the last thing on your mind may be sexy. But there’s one way for him to make things extra hot and heavy in bed: prostaglandins! These chemicals are released during sex or an orgasm which helps give contraction strength – so he needs both of those services if his goal is labor-inducing action by morning…

When I tell women about this, they let out a groan and say that they feel pretty uncomfortable at this point. But then it turns out having an orgasm can stimulate prostaglandins too! So if you don’t want to have sex but still need some help starting labor–then try doing something on your own for once instead of waiting around until your partner is ready with their hands wrapped tightly around yours (or not).

5. Raspberry Leaf Tea

Regularly drinking raspberry leaf tea can strengthen and tone your uterus, making it easier for those muscles in there to start contracting. You’ll find that iced or hot – whatever you prefer! It’s also great for post-partum maintenance because this milder caffeine alternative helps get rid of any cramping sensations while giving uterine toning benefits too so bottoms up!

6. Evening Primrose Oil

Some women swear that they went into labor after one or two nights of inserting capsules near their cervical opening. This might be partly due to the chemical found within Evening Primrose Oil, which is converted into prostaglandins and can help soften the cervix for better birth outcomes!

To use EPO, you can either break off the capsule and rub it on your cervix at night or insert them vaginally before bed. The moisture of a vagina will melt these capsules apart, so they’re dispersed throughout all areas inside our bodies–even those pesky sides! Wear pads while sleeping since there is a risk for leakage if not careful enough; alternatively, take this orally instead (though I’d recommend letting nature take its course).

NOTE: Before trying this option, speak with your healthcare provider.

7. Acupuncture & Acupressure

Acupuncture and acupressure are natural ways to induce labor. With acupuncture, a practitioner places fine needles at various points along the body to achieve the balance of energy flow throughout your system, which may help cause contractions by relieving pressure on specific areas like where you’ll find these two spots mentioned above!

8. Warm Baths

Labor can be hard work, but there are ways to make it easier. Soaking in a warm bath may help get labor going by relaxing you and relieving stress that’s preventing the contractions from happening on schedule!

9. Labor Induction Massages

What’s better than a massage to help you go into labor? Get one from your favorite licensed therapist who has given many of these and had an approximately 60-70% success rate in getting clients’ contractions going within 24 hours! As women often wonder if they can achieve this goal by returning before 48 hours elapse, I tell them that it should happen much sooner. If nothing happens after two sessions–come back for another round because there is no harm done; all right?!

10. Herbs & Tinctures

For many women, the thought of herbs to Induce Labor is unpalatable. However, it’s important that you consult your doctor or midwife before considering them because they may not be regulated by FDA like other medications and could cause serious side effects in some people! It also helps if we work together with an experienced herbalist who will provide instructions on when & how these plants should best assist us during labor.

11. Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used as an induction option for many years. One of the reasons it’s controversial is because castor contains ricinoleic acid, which can cause intense intestinal cramping and vomiting when ingested by humans. 

Some people believe that this high-inducing ingredient acts like a strong laxative during labor; however other midwives recommend against using it while pregnant due to possible side effects such bad cases diarrhea or constipation. If you are desperate and spoke to your health care provider and got their approval, here’s how you can take it rather than just by taking a shot:

Watch out! You might not be able to drink the castor oil slowly. It’s best if you mix it with something like ice cream or juice so that your body has more time to think about taking in this big ol’ scoop of fats (and taste).

12. Membrane Sweeping/Stripping

This is an uncomfortable form of induction that’s not proven to be one the most effective forms, but it can happen at your prenatal visit. Your doctor or midwife might do a vaginal exam and try feeling around inside for signs you’re ready with their fingers while running them gently along outside edges where there are no hairs – this will signal everywhere if successful because prostaglandins release from separation during labor which may jumpstart its onset in some women!

12 Ways to Induce Labor – and it’s always best if you eat right, exercise regularly (even just movements), and rest well- so enjoy those last few days of pregnancy as much as possible!

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