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9 Best Educational Cartoon Shows for Toddlers

by Tasha Mayberry


The first time I let my toddler watch television, it was a gamble. My mind was made up that she wouldn’t be allowed until she hit elementary school age, but then the universe laughed at me and treated this new mom like an idiot because now we can’t get enough of these educational cartoon shows! They are so entertaining for kids while still teaching them something useful–like how to count or read charts in traffic lights (something you’ll need when driving). With all those violent video games out there nowadays, too many shapes make sculpting enjoyable compared with nothing else on TV.

Have you ever felt like there was nothing to watch on TV? Or maybe your little one is tired of playing with his toys and needs something new. Well, I have found the perfect solution for both! Educational cartoons are a wonderful thing because they teach children about different things while letting moms get some time away from their babies in between naps or bedtime stories (you know how it goes). Whether it’s learning colors or recognizing shapes- these shows will keep him busy all day long!!

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is a show that follows the adventures of tiger Daniel as he grows up in his neighborhood and learns important lessons about life from friends, family members, teachers at school, etc. The song lyrics mentioned above will eventually be sung by your toddler!

2. Super Why

This show is a must-watch for every parent and child! Each episode teaches kids the alphabet and reading skills. In each story, they encounter an obstacle that needs solving. Still, along their adventure, there are new words learned as well as fun songs sung by characters in this half-hour educational preschooler series on public broadcasting stations across America.

3. Dinosaur Train

The Dinosaur Train is a PBS show that follows the Pteranodon family and their four children as they travel alongside several dinosaur species. The episodes focus on each individual family member, showing how they live in different periods throughout time with interesting facts about themselves like what period or diet option each one had! It’s very creative while being informative for little ones, too – it’s not just another “dino-rama.”

4. Word Party

If you’re looking for an educational show with short, sweet episodes geared toward helping little kids expand their vocabulary, then look no further! This Netflix original is perfect. It features diaper-wearing baby animals who are learning new words and asks the “big kid” audience (you) to help them out by knowing what these confusing phrases mean or how they can be used in everyday life situations; it’s really very cute indeed!!

5. Ask the Storybots

Who doesn’t love a good song? When you need to explain something in simple terms, these little robots have your back. Storybots teaches kids about the world around them with creativity and catchy tunes that will be stuck on repeat for days!

6. Sid the Science Kid

What is the world like for a little boy? Find out in this show where kids explore their environment and learn new concepts by asking questions! The teacher encourages them to do so because she knows that’s how we grow as adults. With short episodes lasting just five minutes each, it won’t take long before you’re hooked on discovering science right here with our protagonist Sid…and his classmates, of course!!

7. Wild Kratts

This show is all about nature and animals. Two brothers explore different continents, with their awesome sidekicks helping them out in every adventure! They transform into the various forms of moniker that they study while also being sure to highlight something interesting for kids each episode–like how one animal might be able to do two things at once (or not)! The best part? It’s educational AND fun!

8. Sesame Street

This show has been a parent-favorite for many years. With its adorable characters and catchy tunes, kids love it too! The counting song will have you up on your feet while they learn about kindness in this episode that teaches children sharing skills from other episodes of the series – perfect for watching together as well because there’s something here everyone can enjoy: even parents who don’t usually like educational programming find themselves enjoying this one sometimes due simply based off how entertainingly written each installment is with lessons learned through storytelling at hand without ever being preached or assuming any knowledge beforehand.

9. Word Girl

Word Girl is a superhero who fights against the crime of not knowing what word to use in any situation. Her sidekick, Monkey Joe, uses his wits and ingenuity for this cause – but he can’t do it alone! Word girl teaches children about vocabulary while building their confidence with language through her adventures which have been seen on national TV since 1998-99 season till today.

Have you seen this list of educational cartoons for kids? There’s something on it that will be perfect, I guarantee! Thank goodness we have Netflix and PBS.