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10 Best Moses Baskets in 2020

Updated 26/05/2020

10 Best Moses Basket UK

A cot? A co-sleeper? Or a Moses basket? These are some of the many questions expectant mums are faced with when completing their baby buying lists. While these three have different advantages, Moses baskets take the lead when it comes to portability and space-saving features.

You can take Moses baskets with you virtually anywhere – you can rest them on the floor or stands or rockers usually sold separately. Compared to cots, these baskets provide a cosier and snug sleeping space for your baby, giving them (and yourself) a sense of security. 

Perhaps the only downside of having a Moses basket is it’s only good for newborns up until the time they get tall or heavy enough to outgrow the basket (around about the 3-4 months or 9 kg mark), and then it’s time to move on to a cot. When the time comes, you can consider buying the best cot bed.

If you’ve decided on a Moses basket, here are some of the things that you should look out for, followed by our list of the ten best Moses baskets in the UK for 2020:

  • Check that they are compliant with BS EN 1466:2014, or the British standards for carrycots and stands.
  • Pay attention to the handle details. They should be sturdy and long enough that they meet in the middle so you can carry the basket safely. Also, for your baby’s safety, check that the handles fold out and not onto your baby.
  • Ensure they have well-fitting mattresses – you don’t want to have any gaps in between. You should also check that the mattress material is supportive and breathable.
Key features:
  • Poly-cotton bedding.
  • Water-resistant, breathable mattress.
  • Adjustable hood.
  • Natural palm woven handles.
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 86 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Suitability: Up to 9 kg

Best Pick

Kinder Valley is an independent British company specialising in pregnancy and baby-related UK designed products. All their products conform to British Standards, and they pride themselves in producing the highest quality products for the best prices. 

The Kinder Valley Tiny Ted is a handmade palm basket with adorable teddy-designed beddings. Ensuring a clean and dry sleeping environment for your new bub is made easy by the water-resistant yet washable and breathable mattress that comes with the basket. Maintain your baby’s comfort at rest by moving the adjustable hood to cover from bright light or folding it down for an airier space.

The perfect balance of functionality, style, and value, the Tiny Ted from Kinder Valley easily takes the top spot on our Moses basket list. For more useful baby products see our guide on the best breast pumps.

Key features:
  • 3D mesh covers.
  • Ventilated hypoallergenic base.
  • Standing and rocking positions.
  • Larger compared to standard baskets.
Dimensions: 88 x 45 x 61 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Suitability: Up to 6 months

Premium Pick

Shnuggle is a UK company founded by parents for parents. The company specialises in baby products intending to make life easier for the parents and safer for the babies.

The Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket is a tangible testament to this goal. Enjoy worry-free nights and days with the versatile design of this basket and stand combo. The stand can be stood upright to convert the basket into a bedside crib for easy feeding and night-time monitoring. It also converts into a low-level rocking base, where you can rest the Moses basket close to you while you do your daytime mummy routines.

The breathable dressing and well-ventilated basket ensure that your baby receives excellent airflow. Finally, you can buy yourself more time before transitioning to a cot thanks to the Dreami’s size, which is larger than most traditional Moses baskets, allowing you to use it a tiny bit longer.

Key features:
  • Natural palm basket.
  • Feet to foot hypoallergenic mattress.
  • Curved rocking stand.
  • Handmade.
Dimensions: 84 x 40 x 30 cm
Weight: 5.38 kg
Suitability: Unspecified.

Value Pick

MCC is a UK-based family-run business venturing in a wide range of competitively-priced products from baby and toddler essentials, pet supplies, through to sports and leisure equipment. All their Moses baskets are manufactured in the UK and comply with British standards.

If you’re looking for something affordable, the MCC full set Moses basket is your best option. The set comes with a hand-woven natural palm basket with internal padding and a sturdy rocking stand.

The hypoallergenic feet-to-foot mattress ensures that your precious one’s skin is protected and comfortable while resting in this adorable cosy basket.

Key features:
  • 100% cotton waffle fabric.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Water-resistant, breathable mattress.
  • Eco-friendly pad.
Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 45 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Suitability: Up to 9 kg

Best rocking stand.

Elegant Baby is an online retailer of high quality and affordable Moses baskets, stands, cots, infant mattresses, and beddings. Their wicker baskets are handmade across the globe and assembled and quality assured in the UK.

Enjoy the benefits of your baby’s uninterrupted sleep with the unique design of the Elegant Baby Noah pod that ensures your baby has adequate protection from bright light hitting their eyes or their sensitive skin. The pod also comes with an adjustable rocking stand with a front-to-back motion, creating a soothing sleep environment for your baby.

Worry less about moist and discomfort as your baby will enjoy a comfortable sleep time with the Noah basket’s hypoallergenic material combined with its cotton waffle fabric and water-resistant mattress. The breathable mattress also enhances airflow to your little one’s snug sleeping space.

Key features:
  • Organic knitted basket.
  • Chemical-free mattress.
  • Organic cotton liner.
  • Natural palm leaf.
Dimensions: 76 x 30 x 24 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Suitability: Up to 3-4 months

Best all-natural product.

The Little Green Sheep is the first-ever UK company to design and manufacture certified organic baby mattresses. The company’s advocacy is around producing beautiful long-lasting and chemical-free nursery gear.

Silver winner of the Made for Mums 2019 awards, The Little Green Sheep Natural Knitted Moses Basket comes with an organic knitted liner and chemical-free mattress enclosed in an excellent quality basket made of palm leaves. This means that your Moses basket is light enough so you can move it around at home, sufficiently breathable to maintain adequate airflow, and comfortable enough to allow your baby to sleep soundly. Ease your worries about exposing your baby to harmful chemicals with the all-natural, organic features of the Little Green Sheep range.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Leather handles.
  • PEVA mattress.
  • 100% cotton beddings.
Dimensions: 85 x 50 x 25 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Suitability: Up to 6 months

Best for little boys.

Izziwotnot is another UK online retailer of baby and children equipment.

The beautiful wicker Izziwotnot Moses basket in gift blue shade is perfect someone expecting a little man on the way. 

Worry not about how your baby is doing by keeping them close to you at all times, thanks to the lightweight material of this basket and sturdy leather handles, allowing you to carry it with you easily and have your baby near you, wherever you go and whatever you do.

Let your little one experience a restful sleep with the 100% cotton bedding material included on this stylish Moses basket.

Key features:
  • Colourful character design.
  • 100% cotton fabric.
  • Hood and padded liner included.
  • Wicker basket.
Dimensions: 68 x 30 x 27 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Suitability: Up to 9 kg

Best unisex design.

Clair De Lune is a UK-owned company with an impressive experience in designing and manufacturing products in the baby bedding and accessory market since 1943.

Unsure of the baby’s gender? The colourful and cute gender-neutral design of the Clair de Lune Dudes Moses basket may be a perfect choice! It features adorable, vibrant characters and a combination of polka dot and colourful star patterns, your little one will surely have an exciting visual sensory play while on this cosy wee basket.

Not only does it look adorably striking, but it also puts you at ease. You will be glad to find your baby enjoying a peaceful slumber on the comfortable mattress, padded liner, and 100% cotton beddings.

Key features:
  • Modern design.
  • 100% cotton liner.
  • Recyclable materials used.
  • Strong integrated handles.
Dimensions: 84 x 42 x 42 cm
Weight: 2.19 kg
Suitability: Up to 6 months

Best handle strength.

Tommee Tippee is an American company offering a massive range of baby products from feeding accessories to sleeping necessities. 

The Sleepee Baby Moses Basket is Tommee Tippee’s modern take on the traditional wicker basket and is the gold winner of the Made for Mums Awards for 2020. Made of fully recyclable plastic with a mattress composed of 50% recyclable material, the Sleepee benefits the environment while creating a comfortable sleeping space for your baby.

The strong and large handles make moving around easy for you and your baby, and thanks to the integrated handles that stand upright, you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling onto your baby.

Your baby is sure to be comfortable in all types of climates as the basket has more than 300 airholes on its sides and base along with a mattress made of an air-permeable filling. Both features assist in breathability and regulating your baby’s temperature.

Key features:
  • Double detailed French embroidery
  • Adjustable hood.
  • 100% cotton dressing.
  • Quality palm leaf.
Dimensions: 90 x 49 x 41 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Suitability: Up to 6 months

Best padding.

Isabella Alicia brands itself as a UK company manufacturing and distributing designer boutique nursery beddings.

The Isabella Alicia Milano Moses Basket is true to this brand voice, with the stylish design of its quality palm leaf basket and double-detailed French embroidery beddings. 

Your baby will sleep in style and comfort thanks to the padded liner and 100% cotton dressings. The hood is also adjustable, so you’re free to prop it up to ensure the protection of your baby’s eyes and skin from too much light. Alternatively, you may also want to pull the hood down to expose your newborn to that much-needed sunlight for some vitamin D.

Key features:
  • 100% waffle cotton fabric.
  • 6-piece set.
  • UK designed and manufactured.
  • Padded foam mattress.
Dimensions: 84 x 52 x 25 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Suitability: Up to 9 kg

Best complete starter set.

The last, but definitely not the least, Moses basket on our list is another piece from Clair de Lune – or pieces, that is. This Moses Basket Starter set comes in six components: a Moses basket, a rocking stand, a cotton drape and rod, waffle dressings, and a foam-padded mattress. This starter set absolutely ticks all the boxes on an expectant mum’s bedding list and will indeed look stunning in any nursery.

Functionality is not compromised in this beautiful sleep set. The basket itself has two long handles for easy portability around the home. You’ll be put at ease knowing your baby is enjoying a safe and comfortable sleep on the breathable materials of the mattress and dressings. Cleaning is also a breeze as the dressings are removable and suitable for machine wash at 40 degrees.

The solid wood stand that comes with the set has a side-to-side gentle rocking motion that eases your baby into sleep. It’s the perfect feature to give your arms that much-needed rest from having to rock your precious one manually.

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