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It is with a deep sense of shock and sadness that I write this, having just found out that there are a number of allegations made against Kids Company and that there is a police investigation.

Kids Company and its staff take the welfare of children very seriously. We have, for 19 years, built a community aimed at protecting and generating resilience in some of the most vulnerable. We rigorously honour our safeguarding duties and when we are aware of any allegations we report them to the police and they are investigated.

In the last 19 years there have been no child protection rulings that have found us falling short of safeguarding the people in our care. If we had been aware of sexual assaults taking place on our premises we would have reported these to the police and the local safeguarding board. So you can understand that I am taken aback by allegations which now present themselves, about which I knew nothing.

We are cooperating with the police fully. If these allegations are true, I am filled with horror at the thought that someone may have been harmed in our care and we were not aware of it.

For the last 8 months Kids Company has been at the receiving end of a systematic set of allegations. To date, they have all been unfounded. If it is found that we have fallen short, we will do all that is required to honour the trust of those who support us and the extraordinarily courageous children, young people and families who turn to us for care.

We work in very challenging neighbourhoods where survival presents with complexities and every day we endeavour to do our best, to make the right choices.

Kids Company has been transparent, open, inviting of scrutiny and rigorous in aiming for quality. We have a pool of some 8,000 volunteers and approximately 500 students comprising of trainee social workers and Allied Health professionals working with us annually. To date none of them have reported any child protection failings.

Kids Company will share, very openly, any information we can to bring clarity to these allegations. But until the police investigation is concluded, we cannot comment publicly. My team and I are strengthened by the fact that our supporters understand the clarity of our intentions and our resolve to stand strongly by our children and young people through this adversity.

With love


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