HUNGRY CHILDHOODS: Kids Company art exhibition now at the Southbank Centre

Free entry London Show:
23rd – 27th October
Location: South Bank Centre, Belvedere Road London, SE1 8XX

HUNGRY CHILDHOODS is a powerful exhibition created by children and young people experiencing chronic hunger and food insecurity, who graphically communicated their shame and despair through art.  The exhibition was created from research conducted by The University of Reading, in collaboration with Kids Company and the Ella’s Kitchen® brand, who interviewed a group of children and their parents to analyse the devastating effects of food insecurity.

The full University of Reading report can be accessed here. Visit the Hungry Childhoods homepage here.

The artwork was originally exhibited at the Kids Company Gallery and the show was such a success that The South Bank Centre is hosting it during their ‘Why? What’s happening for the young?’ festival, a series of events exploring child rights across the globe. Kids Company representatives are involved in a number of panels and discussion groups throughout the festival so please do go along and show your support! More information on the panels and discussions groups can be found here.


Hungry Childhoods moves to Bristol!
The show will be in Bristol 7th-15th November
Location: Kids Company Urban Academy, The Station, Silver St, Bristol BS1 2AG


The exhibition will then go on display in ‘The Room with a View’ in London
22nd November – 7th December
Location: Whole Foods Market, High Street Kensington.