Photo by Kids Company’s Jasper Woolf

This week Kids Company will be featuring the story of a different young person who would like to tell you why its important to them to sign our seethechild petition. Please check back everyday for the next two weeks to see our young people’s amazing stories.



Why should people sign the campaign:

“There’s a lot of young kids in my position now – their family use drugs and they get neglected – and they’re not getting seen to but they need help.”

I was taken off my family when I was a baby and I was in care for six months. My nan went to court and won me back. My nan wanted me to be with my mum, so I went back to my family. That’s way back, hard to remember. I was then passed around my family, aunties…

Social services allowed me to go back to a family that was well known for drugs and criminal activities, and they literally just left me. When I was young I just got on with it, and I cared for my friends more than my family, they took care of me. I always wanted to stay at other people’s houses when I was younger, I never wanted to go home because they were always smoking crack and injecting in the same room as me. They’d tell me to turn my chair around.

I don’t get it, mum got arrested for selling drugs when I was about four, and was sent down for four years. And I still didn’t get put into care. I literally saw one social worker in fourteen years. He came into my front room and just asked me, “you alright Danny”. There was crack pipes and needles around me, no food in the fridge. There were 6 people living in a two bedroom house, taking drugs. “I said, yeah I’m alright”. And he just left.

I was failed for a long time, I was left to live with a bunch of crackheads.

Camila became like mother and social worker all into one. She gave me food, bed sheets and after a year I asked her to help me get a foster family because I couldn’t cope living with mum any more. So Kids Company paid for private fostering with my mate’s mum. To date my only meeting with a social worker was that one time when I was fourteen and living in my parents’ crack house.

For more information please visit: seethechild.org

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