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Steven Spielberg's 7 Children: All About His Sons and Daughters

by Tasha Mayberry


Steven Spielberg first embraced fatherhood with the birth of his son Max, 39, with ex-wife Amy Irving. Upon marrying actress Kate Capshaw in 1991, Spielberg welcomed her daughter Jessica, 47, and son Theo, 35, into his life. The couple then had four children together: Sasha, 34, Sawyer, 32, Mikaela, 28, and Destry, 27. Though Spielberg is now a proud father of seven, his initial outlook on parenthood was different. Working on E.T. shifted his perspective.

“I didn’t want to have kids because it was not a kind of equation that made sense for me as I went from movie to movie,” Spielberg told Variety at a celebration for E.T.’s 40th anniversary. “Halfway through E.T., I started feeling very protective of my cast, especially Drew [Barrymore], who was only 6. I began to think, ‘Maybe this could be my real life someday.’ It was the first time it occurred to me that maybe I could be a dad. In a way, a director is a dad or a mom. That would be my big production.” He added, “I have seven kids and six grandchildren, so E.T. worked for me very well.”

Some of Spielberg’s children have ventured into the film industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Read on to learn more about Steven Spielberg’s seven children.

Jessica Capshaw, 47

Jessica Capshaw is Capshaw’s daughter from her first marriage to Robert “Bob” Capshaw. Born in Columbia, Missouri, on August 9, 1976, Jessica moved to New York City at age 3. After her parents’ divorce, she relocated to Los Angeles with her mother, graduating from Harvard-Westlake High School. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Jessica pursued acting. She appeared in several plays at Brown University and attended London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts during summer breaks. Jessica made her screen debut in The Locusts alongside her mother in 1997, graduated from Brown with a B.A. in English in 1998, and starred in the indie drama Denial the same year.

Max Spielberg, 39

Max Spielberg, Spielberg’s first son with Amy Irving, was born on June 13, 1985, in Santa Monica, California. After Spielberg and Irving’s amicable divorce in 1989, they shared custody of Max. Max works in the film industry, focusing on graphic design and the art department of video games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. He also wrote, edited, directed, and produced the short film Snap Shot, released in 2012.

Theo Spielberg, 35

Theo Spielberg was born on August 21, 1988. Capshaw adopted Theo before her marriage to Spielberg in 1991, who also adopted him. Theo and his sister Sasha often reenacted The Lion King with stuffed animals as children. He attended Yale University and pursued a career in music. Theo and Sasha formed the band Wardell and released their debut single “Opossum” in 2011. They were signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in 2013. Theo plays multiple instruments in the band, while Sasha is the vocalist. Their band has toured with Ryan Adams and opened for Vampire Weekend, Grimes, and Haim.

Sasha Spielberg, 34

Born on May 14, 1990, in L.A., Sasha Spielberg shares her sister Jessica’s passion for acting and graduated from Brown University. She had small roles in films like The Post and Munich, often auditioning for larger roles but ultimately being cast in minor parts. Sasha described these experiences as endearing father-daughter bonding moments. She also collaborates with Theo in their band, Wardell.

Sawyer Spielberg, 32

Sawyer Spielberg, born on March 10, 1992, in L.A., is also pursuing acting. He revealed on The Drew Barrymore Show that Spielberg used his directing skills to keep him disciplined as a teenager. Sawyer made his acting debut in the 2021 horror film Honeydew. Despite initially intending to study engineering or open a restaurant, Sawyer found his calling in theater at age 17.

Mikaela Spielberg, 28

Mikaela Spielberg, born on February 28, 1996, was adopted by Spielberg and Capshaw. In 2020, she announced her career in adult entertainment as a dancer. Mikaela has been open about her struggles with mental health issues and her experiences with grooming and abuse, which were not connected to her family. Despite her challenges, Mikaela found sobriety in her early 20s and received support from her parents regarding her career choices.

Destry Allyn Spielberg, 27

Destry Allyn Spielberg, born on December 1, 1996, in L.A., is an accomplished equestrian and model. She signed a modeling contract with DT Model Management at 19 and got engaged to actor Genc Legrand in 2020. Destry stirred discussions about nepotism in Hollywood when news broke about her directing a film with notable connections. Despite the controversy, Destry continues to forge her path in the industry.

Who Is Steven Spielberg's Wife? All About Kate Capshaw

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw’s enduring relationship began in the early ’80s when Capshaw was cast in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The couple blended their families and welcomed five children together. Capshaw has largely stepped back from the spotlight to focus on their family. She told The Spokesman-Review in 1995, “Steven and I are partners, and our life together is our production. If I want to do something that affects that production, I want to have his support. If he doesn’t understand the piece, I help explain it. Sometimes, I realize I don’t understand it, and everybody’s saved a lot of work.” The couple has been together for over three decades, showcasing a strong partnership both in life and in raising their family.