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Reese Witherspoon's Three Kids: Everything About Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee

by Tasha Mayberry


Reese Witherspoon boasts an illustrious career, shining in a myriad of award-winning films and TV shows, while also establishing a production company and book club with a focus on women. Yet, her most cherished role is motherhood. Witherspoon co-parents Ava Phillippe, 24, and Deacon Phillippe, 20, with former husband Ryan Phillippe, and Tennessee James Toth, 11, with another ex, Jim Toth.

During an interview with Gayle King for InStyle, Witherspoon highlighted that her children are her top priority. She pondered, “If I told you how much space they occupy in my mind every day — do they even realize it, Gayle? I doubt they do.” In February 2023, alongside her Your Place or Mine co-star Ashton Kutcher, Witherspoon discussed with the modern challenges of parenting, especially the reliance of youths on texting. She advises, “At some point, you have to step away from texts. I encourage my older children to appreciate the directness of a phone call. Although, getting them to pick up can be a challenge; they react as if it’s a bother— ‘Oh no, it’s Mom calling!'”

Let’s delve into everything there is to know about Witherspoon’s three kids. In March 2023, just before their 12-year anniversary, Witherspoon and Toth announced their divorce. Their joint statement emphasized, “Our main focus remains our son and our family as we enter this new phase.” Sources indicate that they are dedicated to co-parenting effectively. Juggling a complex career with motherhood hasn’t been straightforward, yet Witherspoon affirms the efforts are profoundly rewarding. “It involves a lot of give and take… What really gets me up on a Sunday isn’t my career or the movies, it’s my children,” she shared on The Drew Barrymore Show. “Motherhood is incredibly fulfilling; it’s the largest part of my life

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, aged 24

Witherspoon and Phillippe’s eldest, Ava Elizabeth Philippe, entered the world on September 9, 1999, in Los Angeles. At the time, Witherspoon was only 23 years old. She later discussed the challenges of being a young mother on The Drew Barrymore Show. “To be completely honest, I was terrified,” Witherspoon confessed to Drew Barrymore. “I became pregnant at 22 and had no idea how to manage work and motherhood. You just do it… I was like any other parent, trying to figure it out.”

In an April 2024 conversation with , Witherspoon reminisced about taking baby Ava to the set of Friends in 2000, where she made a guest appearance. She recounted the warm reaction from Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. “Jen was incredibly sweet to me. I had just had a baby, and I remember them rushing to my dressing room asking, ‘Can we see the baby?’ ‘You have a baby?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I do, y’all. I have a baby.’ They were so eager, asking, ‘Can we hold her?'” Witherspoon recalled, adding, “I even got to place her on the couch at Central Perk, and I still have a little picture of her there.”

Now 24, Ava bears a striking resemblance to her mother—a topic Witherspoon and Ava often humorously address in interviews. “I’m so proud of her. She really handles it well. I’m sure it’s not easy looking exactly like your mother,” Witherspoon shared with InStyle.

Deacon Reese Phillippe, aged 20

Deacon Reese Phillippe was born on October 23, 2003, in Los Angeles. The now-20-year-old celebrated his high school graduation in the spring of 2022 with a backyard commencement ceremony organized by his parents. Witherspoon commemorated the event with a heartfelt Instagram post, writing, “So proud of the thoughtful, talented, kind & generous young man you have become. You light up our hearts and make us proud every day.”

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Deacon is carving out his own path in the entertainment industry. He has already begun his career as a music producer with the release of his debut single “Long Run” in 2020. Witherspoon expressed immense pride in her son’s achievements, sharing an adorable video of herself dancing to his song on Instagram with the caption, “When your kid has his first single… you gotta dance!”

In an interview with Interview magazine, Deacon opened up about his passion for music production. He recounted, “When I was listening to the radio in the car with my dad, something just clicked. I realized there’s more to making music than just being a vocalist, and that a lot of times it’s the production that makes me feel something.” He added, “I asked my dad about how it works, and he taught me all the stuff he knew, and then I started watching YouTube videos to learn even more.

Tennessee James Toth, aged 11

Witherspoon and Toth welcomed their only child together, Tennessee Toth, on September 27, 2012, in L.A. While Witherspoon tends to keep him out of the public spotlight, she has occasionally shared glimpses of her youngest on social media, including several birthday tributes. Tennessee is also dearly loved by his older siblings. Ava posted a heartfelt birthday message for him, stating, “Happy happy birthday to this bold, sensitive, smart, & energetic boy. Sure, I was a big sister before him, but he made me an even better one! I love you, Tenn.” During a family vacation, Deacon shared photos of himself and Tennessee playfully interacting. “Bean down,” Deacon captioned the images, capturing Tennessee clinging to his older brother’s back before both collapsed in laughter.

Following Witherspoon and Toth’s divorce announcement in March 2023, sources close to the family shared with that both parents are committed to prioritizing their family’s well-being. They emphasized that Tennessee remains their focal point. “The move from Los Angeles to Nashville was significant for him,” the insider noted. “They don’t want the divorce to impact him negatively and are dedicated to co-parenting amicably, without any drama

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth's Relationship Chronology

Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth are parting ways after 12 years of marriage. The actress and the talent agent shared the news on Instagram with a joint statement on March 24, stating they made the “difficult decision to divorce” with “a great deal of care and consideration.” They emphasized their focus on their family, including their 10-year-old son Tennessee James, during this transition and requested privacy. A source informed that the breakup is “very amicable, as they really are the best of friends and are committed to co-parenting together. They are dedicated to their entire family and ensuring this process is as smooth as possible for everyone.” In August, the couple finalized their divorce and arranged a parenting plan for their son.

Witherspoon and Toth first caught the public eye as a couple in February 2010 after being seen dining together in Santa Monica. By December of that year, they were engaged. The pair tied the knot in March 2011 at a relaxed wedding on Witherspoon’s ranch in Ojai, California. Toth quickly formed a close bond with Witherspoon’s two children, Deacon and Ava Phillippe, from her previous marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe, and together, the couple welcomed their son, Tennessee James, in September 2012. Here’s a detailed timeline of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s relationship.