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Jerry Seinfeld's 3 Children: Meet Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd

by Tasha Mayberry


While Jerry Seinfeld might not have any children in the semi-fictional universe of his sitcom “Seinfeld,” off-screen, he is a devoted husband to Jessica Seinfeld and father to three successful children: Sascha, 23, Julian, 21, and Shepherd, 18. Initially, Jerry wasn’t a “natural” at fatherhood. “He wasn’t immediately pushing strollers and carrying babies,” Jessica shared with Parents magazine in 2020. “He jokes that it took him a good 10 years to warm up. He often travels, especially over weekends, leaving much of the early parenting duties to me,” she added.

However, as the children entered their teenage years, Jerry found his rhythm as a father and role model. “Jerry’s strength is now, with our three teenagers,” Jessica observed. “He’s patient with them. Where I am weaker, he is stronger, and we complement each other well. I wouldn’t change a thing.” The entire family supported Jerry at the premiere of his new Netflix movie, “Unfrosted,” in April 2024, where they posed together on the red carpet.

Sascha Betty Seinfeld, 23

Born in New York on November 7, 2000, Sascha Betty is the eldest child of Jerry and Jessica. “Both parents and baby are doing great,” the Seinfeld representative told the Associated Press at her birth. Sascha celebrated her bat mitzvah two weeks after her 13th birthday, an event reported by E! News that saw many of her parents’ celebrity friends in attendance, including George Stephanopoulos and Andy Cohen. At 15, Jerry taught Sascha how to drive a stick shift. “I taught my daughter to drive a stick,” he told PEOPLE in April 2016. She learned on “an old beat-up Land Rover with a stick shift,” and Jerry was immensely proud, especially because of his love for cars.

Julian Kal Seinfeld, 21

Three years after Sascha’s birth, the Seinfelds welcomed their first son, Julian Kal, on March 1, 2003. Just before teaching Sascha to drive, the family celebrated Julian’s bar mitzvah, which Jessica humorously dubbed “Jew-Chella,” involving a weekend full of festivities. “We had a raging party in New York City,” Jessica recounted to PEOPLE. “People from age 70 down to 5 were on the dance floor for five hours straight. It was a blast!” Julian graduated from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in May 2021, as per his LinkedIn profile.

Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld, 18

The youngest of the Seinfeld children, Shepherd Kellen, was born on August 22, 2005. The Seinfelds have mostly kept Shepherd out of the public eye, but Jerry and Jessica have shared glimpses into their family life. “I love having a family and kids and all the madness,” Jerry told Parade in 2010. “There is no aspect of it I don’t like. Even when it’s horrible, I love it. I was tired of single life and ready for married life.” Shepherd has appeared at significant events, such as the annual gala for Jessica’s charity, the GOOD+ Foundation. He met President Joe Biden in 2016 with his family and recently vacationed in Italy with them, as Jessica posted rare photos on Instagram, noting, “We are all reunited after too many months apart.” Shepherd is set to attend Duke University in the fall of 2024.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld's Relationship Timeline

Jerry Seinfeld met his future wife, Jessica Seinfeld (née Sklar), at a gym in New York City in 1998, and they married shortly over a year later. Since then, they’ve raised three children together. The couple shares a mutual love for cats, supports each other’s careers, and frequently features on each other’s social media in often humorous posts. They also share a passion for philanthropy, collaborating on various projects.