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Jenelle Evans' 3 Kids: All About Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley

by Tasha Mayberry


Jenelle Evans’ parenting journey has had its ups and downs. The reality TV star first entered the spotlight in 2010 when she starred on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant as a high school senior expecting her first child, son Jace Vahn, now 14 years old. Evans then joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 in 2011, and viewers watched her first year of motherhood unfold, which included plenty of struggles as she balanced the responsibilities of parenthood with wanting to be a normal teenager. Not long after Jace’s birth, Evans signed over custody of her son, whose father was not in the picture, to her mom, Barbara.

The young mom went on to welcome two more children: son Kaiser Orion, 10, with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley Jolie, 7, with her estranged husband, David Eason, whom she legally separated from in March 2024. Evans temporarily lost custody of her two younger children in May 2019 after Eason allegedly shot and killed their family dog for biting their then-2-year-old daughter in the face. That July, the reality star confirmed to she had regained custody of Kaiser and Ensley.

Jace Vahn Evans, 14

Evans welcomed her first child, son Jace Vahn Evans, on August 2, 2009, when she was just 17 years old. At the time, Evans was filming 16 and Pregnant and still dating his father, Andrew Lewis. However, the pair split shortly after Jace’s birth and Lewis was not involved in Jace’s life. With Jace’s father out of the picture and Evans struggling with issues in her personal life, she signed over custody of Jace to her mother. Over the years, Evans has spoken openly about how not having custody of Jace has been difficult for her. “This persona that I’m just a bad mom… I do everything in my world for my kids, and I try my hardest to be the best damn mom I can be,” she said on Instagram in October 2022. After 13 years and many custody disputes with her mom, Evans regained full custody of Jace in March 2023. She posted an emotional video of her signing the papers on Instagram, explaining her mom Barbara is “completely fine” with the decision. “She’s like, ‘I’m ready to have my freedom. I’m ready to go on a cruise.’ And her and her friend have a cruise already planned,” Evans said in the video.

Kaiser Orion Griffith, 10

Evans’ second son, Kaiser Orion Griffith, was born on June 30, 2014, to Evans and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith. The former couple broke up in August 2015 and have fought over custody of Kaiser several times over the years. Currently, Evans has primary custody of Kaiser, while Griffith has his son every other weekend, according to a custody agreement settled in October 2020.

When speaking about her past pregnancies, Evans revealed that she had a hard time with Kaiser’s delivery. “One time I almost lost it during pregnancy, it was my second son, Kaiser,” Evans said. “The epidural just didn’t work and they came in and fixed it, [but] it didn’t work again. So, they just said ‘Welp, we just got to do it.’ So, I did it natural birth, and it was the worst pain in my life.” When Kaiser was little, he had some health scares which Evans opened up about on Instagram, including an infected abscess in his groin when he was 6 years old, as well as surgery to remove adenoids when he was 4 years old.

Ensley Jolie Eason, 7

Evans and her estranged husband, David Eason, whom she married in September 2017, welcomed their daughter, Ensley Jolie Eason, on January 24, 2017. A few days after her birth, Evans shared photos from a photo shoot with her newborn daughter. “We made something so beautiful,” she captioned a photo of her and Eason lying in a bed with baby Ensley. In May 2019, when Ensley was just 2 years old, the family’s dog Nugget bit her in the face, prompting Eason to shoot and kill the dog. The controversy led to Evans being fired from Teen Mom 2.

Eason had already been fired in 2018 after posting homophobic tweets. Following the incident, Evans also briefly lost custody of both Ensley and Kaiser. Reflecting on the situation on Instagram, the mom of three wrote, “It’s the little things in life. With everything that has been going on lately, I’ve come to realize a child’s love for their mother will never fade. No distance, not time, no person can change that special love.” Evans regained custody of Ensley and Kaiser in July 2019. “I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!” she said in a statement.

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Confirms Separation from David Eason: 'New Chapter Unlocked'

Jenelle Evans has filed for permanent separation from her estranged husband David Eason. The Teen Mom 2 alum confirmed on Wednesday that she is legally separated from her husband of six years. (A rep for Evans also confirmed the separation.) Evans, 32, took to TikTok to publicly announce the news with a video in which she shared, “I filed for separation,” and later posted another video explaining that she had to file for separation in the state of North Carolina before filing for divorce. The former MTV star spoke out for the first time about the dissolution of her marriage by sharing a TikTok in which she danced to “Applause” by Lady Gaga.