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Gal Gadot's 4 Children: All About Alma, Maya, Daniella, and Ori

by Tasha Mayberry


Gal Gadot isn’t just Wonder Woman — she’s also a super mom. The actress and her husband, Jaron Varsano, married in 2008 and have since welcomed four daughters: Alma in 2011, Maya in 2017, Daniella in 2021, and Ori in 2024. Although Gadot has played an Amazonian warrior princess in the Wonder Woman films, becoming a mother is what made her feel the most powerful.

When you deliver, you feel like you’re a god. Like, ‘Oh my God, I made this!'” Gadot shared with in May 2017. “The best thing is to become a mother and to give life. Gadot elaborated further on her love for childbirth and motherhood in 2022.

“I love giving birth. I would do it once a week if I could. It’s so magical,” Gadot told InStyle. “And I always take epidurals, to be fair, so it’s not so painful. Just the moment you feel like you’re creating life, it’s incredible. She added: “That is the badass thing I do: the juggling between my family life and my acting career. Here’s everything to know about Gal Gadot’s four daughters: Alma, Maya, Daniella, and Ori.

Alma Varsano, 12

Gadot and Varsano’s first daughter, Alma, was born on Nov. 5, 2011 — “a good few [weeks] before my due date,” Gadot later revealed on Instagram. “Alma decided she had enough,” the actress wrote about Alma’s early arrival. And though Alma’s birth may have caught Gadot by surprise, it was still a day that changed her life “forever. She has brought so much love and light into our home. So much laughter with cheeky funny moments, so much curiosity, both daring and naïveté,” Gadot wrote on Instagram on Alma’s 8th birthday in 2019.

She continued, “I’m so lucky to be your mother. Thank you for teaching me so much about life without even knowing you are and for giving me the most precious title I could ever ask for. I promise I’ll do anything for you, love and protect you forever. Becoming the mother of a daughter also helped inspire Gadot to provide a strong female example as Wonder Woman to young girls (and boys) everywhere.

“I have a 4-year-old daughter, and she adores princesses. At the same time, she will tell me the princess is so weak; she falls asleep, and the prince will come and kiss her and save her, and he is the hero,” Gadot shared about Alma in 2016. “So I am so happy to be the one who is going to tell the Wonder Woman story… It is so important for girls and boys to have a female, strong superhero to look up to.”

Alma isn’t just able to watch her mom in the Wonder Woman films — she makes her own cameo appearance in one too. In Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the 2017 original film, Alma, her sister Maya, and Varsano appear in a Christmas scene near the end of the movie. It meant a lot and especially in that very special scene,” Gadot said about the family cameo. “I couldn’t have done my movie without the support of my amazing family, and to have them captured in the film with me meant a lot. An amazing, amazing souvenir that we will cherish forever.”

Maya Varsano, 7

Gadot became a mother of two when her second daughter, Maya, was born on March 20, 2017. And then we were four… She is here, Maya. I feel so complete, blessed, and thankful for all the Wonders in my life #family #newborn #grateful,” Gadot captioned an image of the foursome leaving the hospital on Instagram. Gadot famously filmed Justice League and reshoots for Wonder Woman while pregnant with Maya — even using a green screen around her bump to camouflage the pregnancy. We cut open the costume and had this green screen on my stomach. It was funny as hell – Wonder Woman with a bump,” Gadot told Rolling Stone in 2017.

She elaborated more about filming while pregnant: “The default should be that women get the job done, but there’s a long way to go and a lot of reprogramming that needs to be done for both genders. Since Maya has already made appearances in both Wonder Woman (via Gadot’s baby bump) and Wonder Woman 1984 (alongside big sis Alma), Gadot has hinted at plans to keep the tradition going in Wonder Woman 3. Well, we might,” she told Entertainment Tonight about a potential third cameo. “They can get used to it. It’s a nice souvenir in each movie; they’re going to be older and older.”

Daniella Varsano, 2

Gadot revealed in March 2021 that she and Varsano were expecting baby number three — and later shared it was another daughter joining their crew. “We’re sticking to what we know,” Gadot joked in an April 2021 appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan. On June 29, 2021, Gadot announced the arrival of their third girl, Daniella, with a rare family selfie on Instagram. My sweet family 🖐🏼 I couldn’t be more grateful and happy (and tired 🤪). We are all so excited to welcome Daniella into our family. I’m sending all of you love and health. GG ♥️🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼,” Gadot captioned the photo.

One of Gadot’s biggest parenting priorities with baby Daniella is making sure “she loves and enjoys sleep” — and she’s got plenty of moves up her sleeve to make that happen. Gadot showcased her “signature ‘please go to sleep’ dance” in a video of her and three-month-old Daniella on her Instagram in September 2021. I feel like this is the hardest part of parenthood: the lack of sleep and being tired all the time,” Gadot shared on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “That was the hardest thing for me. In August 2023, Gadot spoke about being a working mother during an interview with Flaunt magazine. Having three children is messy and chaotic in the best way possible,” she said, adding, “If you’re at work, you want to be home. Then, when you’re at home with the kids, you worry you’re not working enough. It can be a vicious cycle — but you have to mute those feelings.”

The actress explained that accepting she can’t be a perfectionist has helped her find balance. I told myself that I can only do my best and that I’m being the best mother I can be,” she said.


Ori Varsano

Gadot and Varsano announced the arrival of their fourth daughter, Ori, in March 2024. Her birth came as a complete surprise to fans who were unaware that the Heart of Stone actress had been pregnant. My sweet girl, welcome. The pregnancy was not easy, but we made it through,” Gadot wrote on Instagram alongside a sweet hospital image. “You have brought so much light into our lives, living up to your name, Ori, which means ‘my light’ in Hebrew. Our hearts are full of gratitude. She added: “Welcome to the house of girls…daddy is pretty cool too.”

Who Is Gal Gadot's Husband? All About Jaron Varsano

Gal Gadot had an instant connection with her husband, Jaron Varsano. The Wonder Woman star met her future husband in 2006 at a “chakra/yoga retreat type of party” in the Israeli desert, as she told Vogue in 2020. “Something happened from the first moment we started talking,” she said. “When we got home, I was like, ‘Is this too early to call you? I want to have a date.’ Varsano was equally enamored. “Both she and I were at a stage in our lives where we were thinking about what is love and what is a relationship,” he added. “We started talking at 10 p.m., and we kissed at sunrise and held hands on the drive back to Tel Aviv. At that moment, we were just glued together. It was beautiful.”

The couple began dating shortly after and went on to get married in 2008. They now share four children and a production company. These days, Varsano often appears on Gadot’s social media. In July 2023, she paid tribute to her husband on his 48th birthday. Happy birthday to my one and only @jaronvarsano. You’re my everything. I love you more than ever,” she wrote on Instagram. Here’s what to know about Gal Gadot’s husband, businessman, and producer Jaron Varsano.