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Everything You Need to Know About Tyra Banks' Son, York Banks Asla

by Tasha Mayberry


Tyra Banks maintains a bustling schedule, balancing her dynamic roles as a producer, TV host, and supermodel, all while raising her son. The former “Dancing with the Stars” host shares her son, York Banks Asla, age 8, with her ex-boyfriend Erik Asla. Despite the challenges of being a working mom, Tyra finds immense fulfillment in motherhood. “Coming home to him makes it all worth it,” Banks shared with in 2020, mentioning that no matter how late, she enjoys cuddling with him in bed.While she’s cautious about keeping York out of the public eye, Tyra has occasionally shared sweet photos and stories about him, including his birth story, his impressive language abilities, and his natural talent for “smizing.”

More About York Banks Asla

York joined Tyra and Erik’s life in January 2016, born through surrogacy. Reflecting on the experience, Tyra told “As I gaze into the beautiful eyes of my son, I think about all the who struggle with fertility or carrying a child and continue to pray for them every day.” She celebrated this joyous arrival on Instagram, noting York’s resemblance to both of his parents and expressing gratitude towards the surrogate.

Challenging Fertility Journey

Tyra’s path to motherhood was fraught with obstacles. In 2018, she revealed her struggles with in vitro fertilization, which were unsuccessful despite numerous attempts. Her mother, Carolyn London, recounted to the emotional pain of watching her daughter prepare for a child that didn’t come after the IVF failures. Eventually, Tyra and Erik chose to proceed with a surrogate, a nerve-wracking process filled with anxious anticipation until York’s birth.

A Natural at "Smizing"

York seems to have inherited his mother’s modeling chops, as evidenced by a viral Instagram photo of him “smizing,” a term Tyra coined to mean smiling with one’s eyes. Despite his potential, Tyra joked on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that she hopes he doesn’t pursue modeling, although she admits he has the knack for it.

Privacy Concerns

Tyra is deliberate about York’s exposure to the media. She recounted an incident where she preemptively shared a photo of York on social media to outpace the paparazzi who had spotted them at the beach, aiming to control the narrative and protect her son from unwanted public attention.

Multilingual and Bright

At just two years old, York was already trilingual, speaking Spanish, Norwegian, and English. Tyra has praised his intelligence and his extraordinary ability to recognize and articulate colors and numbers beyond his age.

Future Aspirations

While Tyra supports whatever path York chooses, she admits she hopes he opts out of modeling. Nonetheless, if he decides to follow in her footsteps, she’s ready to teach him all the tricks of the trade, including how to perfect a smize.

Tyra Banks treasures her role as a mother amidst her busy career, providing a nurturing environment for York while respecting his privacy and fostering his burgeoning talents.