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Mark Cuban's Three Kids: Everything to Know About Alexis, Alyssa, and Jake

by Tasha Mayberry


The Shark Tank star and his wife, Tiffany Stewart, have three children: daughters Alexis and Alyssa, and son Jake. The couple tied the knot on September 21, 2002, in an intimate ceremony in Barbados, and welcomed their first child, Alexis, a year later. Alyssa followed in 2006, and Jake in 2010.

Despite his demanding business and television career, Mark prioritizes spending time with his kids. During his 2007 stint on Dancing with the Stars, Mark brought his two girls to rehearsals. “She [Alexis] and her sister [Alyssa] got to dance to our song and twirl and twirl and run around,” he wrote on Blog Maverick. “By the time we got home, I was her [Alexis’] hero again … My kids definitely keep me young.” Now, Mark’s children are all grown up, with his oldest starting college in 2022.

“My daughter’s in college now … when they were all in high school, all their schedules aligned. And so it was really easy to do the show,” he told that year. “But now, you know, family first, always. And so I wanted to try to make sure I spent as much time with my daughter as I can, and my family as I can.” In July 2023, Mark shared his wishes for his kids with actor Kevin Hart. “My son, Jake, he’s hustling and selling stuff all the time,” Mark said on the show Hart to Heart. “My middle daughter, Alyssa, is 16, and she’s kind of the artist. Then my oldest, Alexis, is kind of — she’s got the world in front of her, wherever she decides to go. She’s a freshman in college. I just want them healthy and happy.

Alexis Sofia Cuban

Mark and Tiffany welcomed their firstborn daughter, Alexis, in 2003. She grew up in Dallas and graduated from the Hockaday School in 2022. “Can’t believe you are graduating. 😍😍😍,” Mark captioned a video montage of his daughter over the years to celebrate her high school graduation in May 2022.

Many years earlier, when Alexis was a toddler, Mark shared how working a lot made him realize the importance of family. “Alexis, who’s 4, has been rubbing the TV screen [when I’m on],” Mark told AOL Television of his time on Dancing with the Stars season 5. “As fun as this [being on the show] has been, you learn real quickly that [family] is the most important thing.” Mark gave an update on Alexis seven years later at Austin’s South by Southwest festival.

“I want them [my kids] to be like themselves. My daughter is 10. She’s just your basic drama queen. And that’s a good thing,” said the TV star, per Business Insider. “If I treat them with respect hopefully they’ll treat their peers with respect. That’s what we pay attention to more than anything else, how they treat other.” According to her LinkedIn profile, Alexis is studying human organizational development at Vanderbilt University.

Alyssa Cuban

Mark’s second child, Alyssa, was born in 2006. Although her Instagram account is private, Alyssa has joined her father at several red carpet events and award shows. In 2017, Alyssa attended the American Music Awards with her dad — and was pictured shaking Jamie Foxx’s hand. Three years later, she went to a basketball game with Mark and her siblings. Alyssa has also appeared on Mark and Alexis’ social media accounts, often dancing or taking part in trends. In May 2020, Mark posted one of Alexis’ TikToks on his Instagram, which showed both of his daughters trying to teach him some new moves. On Hart to Heart in 2023, Mark described Alyssa as the artist of the family. Beyond having fun with Alyssa and Alexis, Mark has also talked about instilling discipline in his kids.

Jake Cuban

Mark and Tiffany welcomed their youngest child, Jake, in 2010. As Mark’s only son, he has taken after his dad in more ways than one. In 2017, Mark told the Thrive Global Podcast that Jake loved watching Minecraft videos and although he agreed the game could be “intellectually stimulating,” he wanted to limit the kids’ screen time. “I’m not going to lie, I paid my son $150 to not watch those videos for two months,” Mark said. “But he could earn if he watched math videos, or did math problems for me, he could earn time to watch Minecraft videos.” Even though his dad doesn’t expect him to, it seems Jake is eager to work. On Hart to Heart in 2023, Mark called Jake his “little me” due to his interest in business.

So like two weeks ago, he shows me his spreadsheet because he’s buying candy and selling it at school, right? But he couldn’t go pick up the candy where he wanted to pick it up because his sister wouldn’t take him,” Mark said. “So he wanted to use DoorDash, and he was like, ‘Does the $16 for DoorDash count as the cost of my goods sold?'” Mark recalled being proud of this moment: “My smile got so big.

Who Is Mark Cuban's Wife? All About Tiffany Stewart

While Mark Cuban’s business endeavors frequently make headlines, the Shark Tank star is much more private when it comes to his marriage and personal life. Cuban has been married to his wife, Tiffany Stewart, since 2002, and together the pair share three children: Alexis, Alyssa, and Jake. Aside from occasionally joining her husband at events, Stewart maintains a relatively low profile. The Dallas Mavericks owner also rarely speaks about their relationship publicly. He did commend Stewart shortly after the birth of their first child, though. “She’s the best mom in the world, up all the time,” Cuban told The Washington Post. “I wouldn’t have the temperament, the patience, the willpower to do what she’s done.