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Kevin Hart's Four Kids: Everything You Need to Know About Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori

by Tasha Mayberry


Kevin Hart is not just a charismatic force in the realms of comedy and cinema; he’s also a devoted family man at heart. Behind the scenes of his blockbuster tours and films, the “Ride Along” actor is deeply engaged in family life with his wife and four kids. Kevin’s family includes two older children, Heaven, 19, and Hendrix, 16, whom he shares with his ex-wife Torrei Hart. After his divorce from Torrei in 2011, Kevin married Eniko Hart, with whom he has two younger children, Kenzo, 6, and Kaori, 3.

Navigating a bustling household with four kids and a few family pets, Kevin finds joy in the controlled chaos, fully embracing his role as a father. Parenting is an absolute joy for us. The blend of having teenagers and toddlers simultaneously brings a unique charm to our home,” Kevin revealed in a heartfelt conversation with Entertainment Tonight. “Our home is every bit as vibrant and delightful as you would imagine, with even more laughter and love sprinkled in. While Kevin’s thriving career often meant time away from home, the unexpected downtime brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to reconnect and delve deeper into his fatherly duties.

“Being home for this long stretch was truly unprecedented for me. It’s been enlightening—enjoying family dinners and engaging in meaningful conversations has been transformative,” he shared with in January 2021. “This time has allowed me to appreciate and prioritize previously neglected aspects of my personal life. The impact of a severe car accident in 2019 further shifted Kevin’s priorities towards cherishing family time.

“Since the accident, I’ve grown to appreciate the small, everyday moments even more. We’ve instituted new traditions like Taco Tuesdays and movie nights, which have brought us closer together,” Kevin discussed with Men’s Health, emphasizing how these experiences reshaped his approach to life. In March 2024, upon receiving the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, Kevin took a moment to highlight the importance of his family in his life and career.

“My career, my entire existence hinges on the support and love of my family. To my children, you are the essence of my being, the reason for everything,” he emotionally stated during his acceptance speech. Explore more about Kevin Hart’s children: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori, who each bring their own unique light to the Hart household.

Heaven Leigh Hart, 19

Born to Kevin and Torrei on March 22, 2005, Heaven has not only inherited her father’s sense of humor but is also eager to make her own mark in the entertainment world. I held off on letting her enter show business until she turned 18. Now, she’s all set to pursue her aspirations,” Kevin mentioned in 2016. By 2021, Heaven was actively honing her comedic skills, frequently bringing a smile to her father’s face. “She never misses a chance to tease me, calling me ‘Old raggedy back Jack’—it’s hilarious,” he told.

Heaven’s journey reached a new chapter with her high school graduation in 2023, setting the stage for her college adventures, which Kevin captured in heartfelt Instagram posts as he grappled with the mixed emotions of seeing his daughter grow up.

Hendrix Hart, 16

Born on November 8, 2007, Hendrix has consistently been featured in Kevin’s stand-up routines, providing both humor and heart. Known as Kevin’s “best friend,” Hendrix notably served as the best man at Kevin’s wedding to Eniko in 2016. Celebrating Hendrix’s journey through adolescence, Kevin proudly shared updates on his son’s milestones, such as graduating from eighth grade, with an online message praising him: “You’re the coolest, most amazing kid I know, making your father proud every single day!”

Kenzo Kash Hart, 6

Welcomed into the world on November 21, 2017, by Kevin and Eniko, Kenzo’s arrival was greeted with messages of joy and gratitude. Known affectionately by his family nicknames, Kenzo’s personality shines through his love for the Philadelphia Eagles, a passion he shares enthusiastically with his father.

Kaori Mai Hart, 3

Kaori made her grand entrance on September 29, 2020, quickly becoming the light of the Hart family. Her early attempts at communication, particularly mishaps during FaceTime calls with her dad, have become a source of daily amusement.

“Watching her try to show me things over the phone, even though she hasn’t quite figured out how to use it properly, is absolutely endearing,” Kevin recounted to filled with laughter at his youngest’s charming antics.

Everything You Need to Know About Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart's Beloved Wife

Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart’s Journey Together: Triumphs and Trials.Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart have navigated a complex tapestry of life’s highs and lows together since their paths first crossed. The duo initiated their relationship in 2009 and embarked on a nearly seven-year courtship before exchanging vows in 2016. Their union has since been blessed with the arrival of two children: their son Kenzo and daughter Kaori. Eniko, originally Eniko Parrish, also plays a pivotal role as a stepmother to Kevin’s two children from his previous marriage, Hendrix and Heaven.

Throughout their time together, Kevin and Eniko have celebrated numerous significant achievements and joyous occasions, yet they’ve also encountered considerable challenges. One such ordeal emerged in 2017, when an attempt was made to extort Kevin using a sexually suggestive video involving another woman. Despite the tumult and trials, the couple has demonstrated remarkable resilience and solidarity. In August 2023, they marked their seventh wedding anniversary, an occasion that Kevin enthusiastically commemorated with a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

“Shouting from the rooftops, Happy Anniversary to this stunningly beautiful wife of mine. Love you until the end of time,” Kevin declared on social media. So, who is the woman by Kevin Hart’s side? Here’s a deeper look at everything you need to know about Eniko Hart.