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Dwyane Wade's Children: A Complete Guide

by Tasha Mayberry

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Dwyane Wade is renowned for his prowess on the basketball court, but beyond the game, the three-time NBA champion excels as a father. Wade has two children with his former wife Siovaughn Funches: Zaire, 22, and Zaya, 16. He also has a son, Xavier, 10, with Aja Metoyer. In 2018, Wade and his current wife, actress Gabrielle Union, celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Kaavia James, now 5. Additionally, Wade is the legal guardian of his nephew, Dahveon Morris, 21. Both Wade and Union are vocal about their experiences raising a blended family. In 2017, Union shared how Wade and his children profoundly influenced her vision of the future. “I never wanted kids,” she confessed.

Then I became a stepmom, and there was no place I’d rather be than with them.” Following the birth of Kaavia, Union authored her inaugural children’s book, which she characterizes as a “love letter to every non-traditional family, blended families, affirming that no matter how you come together, it is beautiful and real.” Regarding their approach to parenting, Wade emphasized in a 2021 interview with the importance of understanding his children. “I really try to ‘get to know’ my kids. I try to meet them where they’re at, and I don’t try to always bring them to where I want them to be,” he stated.

Dahveon Morris, 21

In 2011, Dwyane Wade was granted full custody of his nephew, Dahveon Morris. Dahveon shares a close relationship with his cousin Zaire, and the two even played basketball together at Sierra Canyon School. In April 2019, Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, celebrated Dahveon’s prom night in grand fashion. Union marked the occasion on Instagram with a post exclaiming, “PROM!!!!!” accompanied by a family photo.

Zaire Wade, 22

Zaire Wade, born on February 4, 2002, is Wade’s first child with his high school sweetheart and then-wife, Siovaughn Funches. At just 20, Wade embraced fatherhood. Like his father, Zaire has pursued a basketball career with aspirations of joining the NBA. He played alongside LeBron James’ son, Bronny, at Sierra Canyon School, a notable institution in the Los Angeles area known for its basketball prowess. Carrying the Wade surname has brought Zaire not only advantages due to his athleticism but also significant pressure and expectations. Wade has supported his son while stating, “He’s in the driver’s seat,” in a 2020 interview with adding, “If basketball is the ultimate goal, I’m just here to help him navigate through the expectations set by the world and himself because of his last name.

Zaya Wade, 16

Zaya Wade was born on May 29, 2007, to Wade and Funches, who separated the same year. In 2011, Wade secured full custody of Zaire and Zaya. Wade later discussed the challenging decision to seek custody on Showtime’s All the Smoke podcast, citing a lack of examples and support during the process. In February 2020, Zaya came out as transgender, a moment Wade shared with Ellen DeGeneres, describing it as a “landmark moment” and expressing immense family support for Zaya’s journey to live her truth.

Xavier Wade, 10

Wade and Union faced a brief separation in early 2013 due to scheduling conflicts, reuniting and engaging by year’s end. However, during their separation, Wade fathered a child, Xavier Zechariah Wade, born November 10, 2013, with Basketball Wives star Aja Metoyer. Union was informed about Xavier prior to accepting Wade’s proposal, and they resolved the matter privately. Wade has openly discussed the challenges of co-parenting and ensuring that Xavier feels loved despite the physical distance, emphasizing his commitment to being a dependable father figure.

Kaavia Wade, 5

Kaavia James Wade was born on November 7, 2018, via surrogate. Before Kaavia’s arrival, Union shared her painful struggle with infertility and multiple miscarriages in her memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine. Union initially resisted surrogacy, desiring the experience of pregnancy herself, but was persuaded by Wade’s reassurances of prioritizing her well-being over their desire for a child. In a 2021 essay for Time, Union further elaborated on their decision to embrace surrogacy, highlighting their enduring love and commitment to meeting their child, no matter the path.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Love Story: Key Moments

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have always been open about the dynamics of their relationship. They first met in February 2007, but it took two years before they began dating. At the time of their initial meeting, Union had just ended her marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard, while Wade was still married to his then-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, with whom he has two children, Zaya and Zaire. Union and Wade made their relationship public in 2010 and exchanged vows in 2014. Union embraced her role as a stepmother to Wade’s children with Funches and his son Xavier. Wade also became the legal guardian of his nephew, Dahveon Morris. In November 2018, the couple expanded their family by welcoming their first child together, daughter Kaavia James. From managing a blended family to collaborating on a children’s book, here is everything you need to know about Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s relationship journey.