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Best Unisex Toys in 2021

Updated 28-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

Gone are the days when little girls were allowed to play only with dolls and other “girly” toys, and little boys to stick to constructions toys, cars, and the like. Today, parents themselves are encouraging kids to explore toys in different categories, thanks to the increased level of understanding that getting boys a kitchen playset and girls an RC excavator toy has nothing to do with their gender, as long as they show interest in those particular toys.

Owing to this changing mindset of parents, toys are becoming less gender-specific and more unisex, which happens to be a trend that many industry experts expect to continue – good for all! In fact, unisex toys are known to be highly beneficial for kids in several ways, some of which are:


Early STEM/STEAM Learning

One of the major benefits of introducing your kids to unisex toys is that they help engage them in early STEM/STEAM learning. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and STEAM – ‘A’ stands for Art, are toys that were initially marketed mainly towards boys, but it is no longer the case. The nature of these toys is that they engage both sides of a kid’s brain – their logical and artistic side, which is something that all kids need for their development, and this makes STEM/STEAM toys unisex.

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Eliminate Gender Stereotyping

Let’s face it, your child doesn’t know that a specific toy is for boys or girls unless you tell them so. They look at all toys as just toys and how much fun they would have with them. And categorising specific toys to a particular gender could be the point when kids start learning about gender stereotyping, which is a knowledge they don’t need or a habit they shouldn’t cultivate. For instance, when little girls are given baby dolls to take care of, and they watch their younger or older brother playing with robots, video games, and whatnot, they subconsciously grow a thought that girls are meant to take care of the family/babies, and not boys. Now, that’s not how you want your girl to be raised. Investing in unisex toys and encouraging your son and daughter to play with the same together is an excellent way to eliminate gender stereotyping at an early age.



Unisex toys are empowering to children, as they allow them to do what they love and follow their interests, regardless of their gender. Many of these toys help develop their confidence, various life skills and also teach them to set goals and achieve the same, overcoming hurdles along the way.

ProductBest forRatings
TOMY Games T7208 Pop Up Pirate
TOMY Games T7208 Pop Up Pirate
Best Unisex Toy9.9
LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House
LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House
Best Premium Unisex Toy9.8
Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Grab & Go Game
Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Grab & Go Game
Best Value for Money Unisex Toy9.7
TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Trees
TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Trees
Best Interesting Unisex Toy9.6
Original Stationery Ultimate Slime Kit
Original Stationery Ultimate Slime Kit
Best DIY Unisex Toy9.5
Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set
Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set
Best Creative Unisex Toy9.4
Quokka 3-Pack Puzzle Games
Quokka 3-Pack Puzzle Games
Best Unisex Toy for Toddlers9.3
Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
Best Fun Unisex Toy9.2
Swingball 7101 Classic
Swingball 7101 Classic
Best Classic Unisex Toy9.1
Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks
Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks
Best Unisex Toy for Skills Development9
Clementoni 39411 Impossible Puzzle - Marvel
Clementoni 39411 Impossible Puzzle - Marvel
Best Challenging Unisex Toy8.9
Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set
Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set
Best Unisex Toy for Gift-Giving8.8
CRAYOLA Inspiration Art Case
CRAYOLA Inspiration Art Case
Best Unisex Art Kit8.7
Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro
Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro
Best Smart Unisex Toy8.6
Hiveseen Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Guns
Hiveseen Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Guns
Best Electronic Unisex Toy8.5

TOMY Games T7208 Pop Up Pirate

1 TOMY Games T7208 Pop Up Pirate

Best Unisex Toy

TOMY Games is part of the TAKARA TOMY Corporation, which has operating bases in several parts of the world including North America, Europe, the UK, Oceania, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. In the UK, the company is focused on selling premium quality, safe, and innovative toys, nursery, baby care products, etc. to its customers. TOMY Games is also known for offering a lot of toys suitable for all the members of a family. The Pop Up Pirate TOMY T7208 is one of its classic and top-selling toys in the unisex category. Toys from this brand are known for supporting and improving family bonding, relationship, and communication.

The Pop Up Pirate action toy is designed specifically for kids aged 4 and over. This is a multiplayer game, and at once, 2 to 4 players can play the game. It is one of the classic games that has been played by millions of kids worldwide for decades now. The Pop Up Pirate toy comes in a wood choc brown color and its build quality is excellent. The toy includes a barrel, Pirate Pete, and 24 swords (6 swords each in 4 different colors).

The rules of this classic action game are quite simple; the players should take turns sliding the sword through any of the holes in the barrel, and the sword of the player that pops up the pirate would be eliminated first. The game should continue with the remaining players by popping the pirate back in. The most unique aspect of this game is that the pirate will not pop in the same hole every time. This guarantees a great level of surprise and fun for kids playing this game. The last player standing with the pirate still in the barrel wins the game.

With this unisex toy, kids also get stickers to decorate the barrel. The toy helps improve kids’ problem-solving skills and also enhances their speech development. Its premium quality plastic material construction makes the toy last longer and it can take a beating. The toy is intended for playing only in a domestic environment and adult supervision is mandatory.

LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House

2 LEGO 71006 The Simpsons House

Best Premium Unisex Toy

LEGO is a pioneer in the toy manufacturing business. They are widely known as a premium brand, thanks to the sheer quality of the materials used across all of their products. The Simpsons House LEGO construction set is also one of those premium unisex toys. Ever since the brand started its operations in 1932, the major focus has been to deliver the most reliable, only the very best, and premium toys for kids. The Simpsons is one of the most popular and world-famous American animation sitcoms, which at the moment is in its 32nd season and still going strong. For kids who love this animation series and the characters in it, this toy should be a treat.

The Simpsons House LEGO toy bricks construction toy will allow your kid to develop a real-life model of the house that they love watching in the animated sitcom. A full-size house with all the characters and accessories required to complete the build is what comes in this unisex toy. The Simpsons car, in pink colour, is also a part of the toy, and it does look stunning and refreshing even with a dent on it. The car also has its very own garage, accompanying the house.

The Simpsons House can also be opened up to showcase all the different rooms and characters placed in them. Kids get to enact a scene or episode of the show in them along with their friends and have complete fun. The multicolored bricks align beautifully and end up in an amazing house. The roof can be detached, the iconic couch, 6 mini-figures, and many more accessories are also part of the toy. The mini-figures of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Ned Flanders, and Maggie add to the realistic nature of the toy.

Once your little Simpsons fan finishes assembling all the different LEGO bricks, they will end up with an amazing Simpsons House, pulled right out of Springfield, and the satisfaction, self-confidence, and accomplished feeling that they get at the end of the assembly is well-rewarding. The roof can be detached for accessing Maggie’s crib, the family bedroom, Bart’s room, Lisa’s room, bathroom, and all the associated fun elements. By detaching the top floor, you could access the amazing kitchen, dining, tiled flooring, chairs, and many more accessories.

The living room has a purple piano, detachable garage setup, toolbox, vacuum cleaner, and an extensive array of accessories all contribute to the fun and entertainment. The accessories on the outside include a grill, air conditioning, sausages, two lounges, shovel, roof antenna, and many more. High-quality LEGO plastic bricks are used in this set as well, just like those you’d find in any LEGO store toy house, construction toys, and sets.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Grab & Go Game

3 Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Grab & Go Game

Best Value for Money Unisex Toy

Hasbro, Inc. is one of the world leaders in toy manufacturing. They started in 1923, and over these years, they have developed some of the best toys, board games, sports goods, electronic equipment, puzzles, and many more. Some of the leading toy brands that come under this conglomerate are Marvel, Play-Doh, NERF, Transformers, Monopoly, and 7 more widely renowned brands. Hasbro is offering toys for different age groups and in different categories. The product we are reviewing here is the Grab & Go Monopoly board game.

The Grab & Go version of the famous Monopoly game is a great value-for-money board game, suitable for kids above age 8 years of age and adults. As you all know, this is a multiplayer game, and 2 to 4 players can play the game at one time. The product is available in different languages, like English, German, Spanish, Italian, etc., and different gaming versions, like Frozen, Classic, Electronic Banking, Junior, etc. The Grab & Go version of this game is a handy mobile version, and it should be the best companion for you and your kids during travel.

This unisex board game might be compact in dimensions but it includes all the classic components that you’d find in the traditional Monopoly. The board game also comes with a storage space, which can be used for storing some of the game components. All the gaming accessories included in the package are title deeds, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 4 tokens, 3 dice, 4 get-out-of-jail cards, along with the chance and community chest cards.

A game guide comes with all the instructions necessary to play the game fairly and legally. High-quality plastic is used in its construction, so you can expect it to last longer. As with any board game, even this one has small parts, which naturally makes it a choking hazard, and the game is not intended for kids under 36 months of age.

TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Trees

4 TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat & Trees

Best Interesting Unisex Toy

TEMI is a brand known for its innovative, intellectual, and technology-oriented toys in the robot space and other educational, pretend play, and intelligent toys and games. TEMI, as the company terms it, corresponds to Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Imagination. The company is focused on providing the best interactive and premium quality toys to kids, and the Dinosaur Toy Figure with Activity Play Mat and Trees is one such interesting and educational toy that will provide kids a sneak peek into the dinosaur world, which they will find fascinating and fun.

This dinosaur toy and play mat is of premium quality and provides the ultimate adventure learning experience for your kid. The play mat, dinosaur toys, trees, and the carry case are all made from the best quality polyvinyl chloride material. This educational toy set comes with 9 handcrafted models of velociraptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, therizinosaurus, T-rex, tyrannosaurus, dimetrodon, brachiosaurus, and giganotosaurus; they look so real and natural, thanks to the craftsmanship and detail.

The play mat measures 80 x 70 cm and acts as an excellent platform for kids to play with the dinosaur toy figures. The material used to make the play mat is soft-touch non-woven fabric, which is completely against the industry standards of PVC mats, which you’d find in most other toys. The size of the mat also allows up to 4 players to move freely and enjoy the dinosaur adventure. 5 natural-looking tree figures are also included in the bundle, which enhance the overall feel of the park.

This dinosaur world will keep your kid glued to it rather than the screen world, which is a constant struggle in many households with kids. By playing as a group, kids get to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills, co-ordination, imagination, creativity, and more. The carrying case is sturdy and comes with a handle, so carrying them all safely in one box when traveling should not be a problem.

The dinosaur toys and other toy components are made of premium quality PVC, which is child-safe. Larger figures mean there is no choking hazard, but still, this toy is intended for kids over 3 years of age. The paints used on the toys are handmade too, and from non-toxic materials, so safety is ensured. If your kiddo is a dinosaur lover, then this toy is probably the most entertaining and interesting toy you could ever buy him or her.

Original Stationery Ultimate Slime Kit

5 Original Stationery Ultimate Slime Kit

Best DIY Unisex Toy

Original Stationery is another British family-run business, operating from Gloucestershire. The main ideology of the brand is to bring colour, creativity, and imagination. The DIY slime kit is one of their bestselling products and the slime kit here is the ultimate DIY unisex toy from the brand. The company employs some of the best minds in the designing field so the quality of their products in the art and creative space is exceptional.

If you are looking for the best DIY toy kit for your kid, this Ultimate Slime Kit from Original Stationery is the best choice for multiple reasons and we shall discuss them all. Using this kit, kids could develop hundreds of combinations and create several unique pieces. You get everything you could think of when looking for tools for DIY slime. You get a fruit container, glow powder, white glue, fishbowl beads, clay, inks, snow powder, chocolate paint, borax activator, scents, glitter, cloud, unicorn, and tool knife set. The clear instructions and all the necessary tools make this DIY slime kit usable straight out of the box. The container that this kit comes with can be used as a storage box too.

Slime kits like this one are known for enhancing the social and sensory skills of kids, as they improve communication, creativity, and learning. The color choices on offer unlock the imaginative minds of kids, which results in new ideas and art forms. All the tools and accessories put together help your child create the perfect slime that has the right consistency. Fancy glows, foams and other slime effects can also be added using the accessories in this kit. Not to forget, the glow-in-the-dark nature of this slime is sure to excite kids. Video tutorials are also available, which will ease the DIY process for kids, help them learn new tricks, and have fun with their friends and family.

There are a lot of small parts in the kit, including balls, colours, pens, etc., causing a choking hazard for kids under 3 years of age. This DIY slime kit is designed specifically for kids above 7 years of age. Adult supervision is advisable for the better safety of kids. The kit is safety-tested and the brand guarantees zero slime fails.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set

6 Play-Doh Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set

Best Creative Unisex Toy

Play-Doh, as we all know, is one of the leading brands that come under the Hasbro, Inc. conglomerate of toys and games. The non-toxic colored modelling compound, which is what Play-Doh is all about, is one of the most-loved creative toys by boys and girls around the world. The creativity and imagination that can be developed using this compound make it the best companion for your kid. Play-Doh offers different kinds of compounds, playsets, and tools, etc. for kids to get creative and go with the flow of their minds.

The Doctor Drill-n-Fill Set is a special playset for those kids who are more inclined towards role-playing in general and also have a specific interest in doctors and dentists. The playset is also a great tool for parents to encourage their kids to learn more about dentistry, which in turn will make them want to do their regular dental visits without any fear. This playset comes with all the essential dentist’s tools and accessories for role-playing; there is a giant doll head, toothbrush, tweezers, tooth mould, stamping roller, 5 x Play-Doh compound in cans, accessory, and an instruction manual.

The drill is electric and it requires 2 x AA batteries, which should be purchased separately for performing the electric drilling duties. A complete dentist’s experience, involving teeth shaping, drilling, cavity buzzing, and many more can be experienced with this kit. The fun element of developing the teeth using Play-Doh is the unique aspect of the toy. The stamp roller is used for rolling the braces on the teeth and is one of the fun and most-liked elements of the kit.

Play-Doh is made from child-safe compound materials, so you are ensured the complete safety of your little dentist; however, do remember that the compound contains wheat and shouldn’t be consumed. The toy is designed only for kids over 3 years of age and adult supervision is mandatory for all.

Quokka 3-Pack Puzzle Games

7 Quokka 3-Pack Puzzle Games

Best Unisex Toy for Toddlers

Quokka is a part of Adducate Inc, an American company with its R&D and production facilities stationed in Ukraine. Organic wooden toy manufacturing is their specialty and they do have a wide range of collections suitable for kids in different age brackets as well as adults. Quokka is striving hard to deliver the most interesting, fun, and educational wooden toys in this modern era, by taking inputs from teachers and top minds in the industry.

The 3-Pack Quokka Puzzle Game includes 3 puzzles of numbers, shapes, and animals. The wooden puzzle boards are given a bright multicolour natural paint treatment, which looks stunning and is durable at the same time. Existing customer reviews have stated that the paints do not lose their shining property even after years of use, which is great. All the 3 puzzle boards put together account for 27 puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are both scratch- and water-resistant, two of the most crucial factors that a toddler puzzle game should possess. You get big puzzle pieces, which are easy to handle by little hands and fingers, and likewise, the polished wood finish ensures that the board stays soft and gentle to touch for a toddler. Even the words and images beneath the puzzle pieces are colorful and attractive.

Toddlers will love the vibrant colors, shapes, and quality of the images on these puzzle boards more than anything. The gentle touch and highly attractive and detailed puzzles support the early growth and development of a preschooler. Essential skills, such as hand-eye coordination, motor, memory, and problem-solving skills can be improved with the use of this toy. European wood is used in the manual polishing process towards making this toy, hence the boards are going to be sturdy and should last longer than other puzzle boards.

All the Quokka wooden toys and puzzles are designed with safety as the core objective. The brand has used direct wooden boards and puzzle paintings rather than stickers, thus meeting the highest safety standards. These puzzle boards do not use knobs or pegs, but grooves, which are precision laser cut. Since all the toys are designed and manufactured in Europe, only the approved premium quality toys get shipped out of the facility. The puzzle here meets all the safety standards set by the US, EU, and other organisations of the world.

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set

8 Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set

Best Fun Unisex Toy

The Kinetic Sand brand belongs to the family of Spin Master, a company started by two friends in the year 1994 in Canada. What started as a single toy has now become a diverse collection of toys and games. Kinetic Sand is part of the elite and evergreen lineup of properties, which also include products like PAW Patrol, Hatchimals, Air Hogs, and many more. Kinetic Sand is a trademark product of Spin Master, and it is the authentic squeezable sand, the composition of which includes 98% sand and 2% of magic (secret patented ingredient). The possibilities of using Kinetic Sand to develop sand art forms are endless.

Sandisfying set is one of the most popular Kinetic Sand products from the brand, mainly because of the endless fun and entertainment it guarantees. The set comes with 10 tools and moulds, all totally different from one another. Kinetic Sand, in two colours of red and blue, accounts for about 906g, which is more than adequate for kids to create unique and creative sand art of their own. The fact that the sand never dries out, does not stick to hands, and the effect of falling through the fingers is magic to the eyes.

A backdrop for shooting Kinetic Sand art videos is also included with this set. Accessories such as a shaper, slicer, scooper, crinkle, and squishy tool, all enable kids to perform different actions using the kit. The twister, in particular, is a special accessory, as filling it with the Kinetic Sand and attaching a grater or ribbon on it delivers mesmerising outcomes.

Fun and entertainment possibilities using this set are endless and kids will thoroughly enjoy playing with it. As a parent, you are buying an experience for your kid, as the Sandisfying kit is designed to kindle creativity and imagination in kids’ minds. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of creating a sand art is going to push the kid towards developing new arts.

Swingball 7101 Classic

9 Swingball 7101 Classic

Best Classic Unisex Toy

What started as a backyard and outdoor sporting adventure became a routine for families worldwide to spend some valuable time with their kids. Swingball was invented in South Africa in the year 1967, and ever since, BBQ parties have never been complete without this sporting adventure. It came into practice in the UK in the year 1973, and now in 2021, the company has made drastic changes, with innovative design and developments to make this an exciting choice for young kids and adults alike. The latest reflex tennis trainer model launched this year has seen tremendous traction and following amongst budding tennis players and athletes.

The Classic 7101 model of tennis trainer is a much-improved version of the brand’s existing model. They have made a lot of improvements to their classic range of outdoor Swingball toys, resulting in improved sales figures. This is the original classic Swingball product and the toy includes a ground spike, a pair of championship checker bats, a championship spiral top, and a real tennis ball. The Checkerbats weigh only 265 grams, which makes them the best training bat for both amateurs and pro players. The pole spikes can be adjusted to up to a height of 1.6 meters and can be pushed to the ground depending on the surface where they will be positioned.

The tether attached to the pole is responsible for generating a varied ball trajectory. This pole can be split up into 3 different sections, which is a valuable design for storage and transport. The single and two-player compatibility of the game provides versatility. A recyclable storage box is also included with the box and can be used during travel. The quality of the materials is very good and should make the toy last longer. Some of the benefits kids and adults enjoy with this unisex toy include an active lifestyle, hand-eye coordination, reflex, agility, strength, body balance, and mental relaxation.

All the materials used in the toy construction are weather-resistant, which makes it a perfect toy for the outdoors. You can place it in your backyard and forget about it. It is also one of the best play toys to carry on your summer trip and also when you hit the beach.

Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks

10 Desire Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks

Best Unisex Toy for Skills Development

Desire Deluxe is a UK toy brand operating from Sittingbourne, United Kingdom. The company is offering toys and games under different categories, like construction, outdoor, electronic, and many more. Educational toys, emoji, resistance bands, and collectibles are also part of their deal. The Magnetic Building Blocks set from Desire Deluxe we are reviewing here is the best toy for skills development indeed.

Desire Deluxe has used 94 pieces in this magnetic building blocks set. You have 30 square pieces, 12 triangles, 2 screws, 2 each of colour and clear hexagon pieces, one piece each of rack, base, and connecting rod. The non-magnetic pieces of this set are the 26 alphabet cards, 16 number and mat, along with one retail box. The toy is designed to enable excellent skill development for kids across all elements, such as coordination, problem-solving, spatial thinking, creativity, communication, relationship, and more.

Kids will be able to create a lot of shapes, creatures, structures, etc. using the magnetic blocks. Brain development, motor skills, and overall stimulation of body and mind can improve drastically with this unisex toy, and it also encourages kids to be more active. The wide range of shapes and styles that kids could develop using these magnetic blocks will keep them entertained for hours. Creative thinking and logical reasoning are some hard skills to develop in a kid, but this toy helps with the same.

Magnetic blocks are made from top quality non-toxic and durable ABS plastic material, which gives them stability and durability. The same material is also food-grade, meaning the structural integrity of the blocks once constructed will be solid. The blocks have rounded edges as a safety precaution and natural magnets are used, as they are found to be powerful and durable for a long period.

Clementoni 39411 Impossible Puzzle - Marvel

11 Clementoni 39411 Impossible Puzzle – Marvel

Best Challenging Unisex Toy

Clementoni is one of those brands known for creating innovative and fun games and puzzles that are designed for kids to have fun and learn important life skills at the same time. A lot of top toy brands are operating under this toy company. Parents and kids could find a wide range of toys across different toy categories, some of the prominent and fan favourites include character toys and puzzles. Here we are discussing the popular choice of Marvel branded Impossible Puzzle 39411 from Clementoni. The Impossible lineup of puzzles is known for its detailed craftsmanship and precision.

This Marvel puzzle board game consists of 1000 puzzle pieces, which make the game more thrilling and interesting to solve. Its cardboard material construction is rigid and solid to touch and play with. Every single puzzle piece measures 69 x 50 cm, and the challenge this puzzle poses keeps kids playing the game always at the edge of their seats. One of the most interesting aspects of this product is the strong after-sales service network. In the event of losing one or many puzzle pieces, you can contact the after-sales service network of Clementoni and obtain replacement puzzle pieces for the same, which we think is amazing and essential.

Clementoni has only used the best quality images, printing solutions, and precision fitment in making this unique puzzle. The company is also committed to the usage of only environment-friendly materials in their products. Using only recycled materials in the construction of this puzzle shows the ecological commitment of the brand. The product is made in Italy, meeting the highest safety and quality standards. Marvel Impossible puzzle board game is designed for kids above 14 years of age.

Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set

12 Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set

Best Unisex Toy for Gift-Giving

Melissa & Doug is one of the very few home-grown toys, games, and all things kids brands in the UK. Children could buy toys and games across different categories like arts, books, role play, pretend play, puzzles, dolls, vehicles, stuffed animals, etc. from the company. Every single one of those toys are designed to deliver the best entertainment and learning experience for both kids of different ages.

If your kid loves dinos, or if you are looking for a unique and useful unisex gift for a kid, then this stamp set should be your choice. While the version we are reviewing is the Dinosaur Stamp Set, you also have the option of choosing between 8 other styles, some of which are farm animals, vehicles, and princess. The Dinosaur Stamp Set is the perfect Christmas and special occasion gift item to present to your loved ones. The pattern also comes in 3 different styles – single, sticker pad, and rainbow stamp pad. The stamp set consists of 8 dinosaur stamps, two colour ink pads, and 5 coloured pencils.

The colourful prints of the playset provide a visual treat and experience for kids. Essential skills such as coordination, communication, creativity, etc. can be improved a lot through the game. The toy comes in a solid wooden storage box, which has adequate space for storing the complete stamp set. The wooden tray on the box has dedicated space for storing each component, so they stay safe and secure for playing over a long period. The gaming possibilities with this game are endless, so the creativity of kids is not going to be limited in any way.

Melissa & Doug has designed this Dinosaur Stamp Set for kids above 4 years of age. The brand is given the badge of maintaining GOLD standards in early childhood entertainment and experience. The materials and ink used here are non-toxic and the stamp set is washable too.

CRAYOLA Inspiration Art Case

13 CRAYOLA Inspiration Art Case

Best Unisex Art Kit

CRAYOLA is the first brand that should strike your mind the moment you think of arts-related toys and games for boys and girls. The company began its journey in the year 1885 and the first line of their iconic crayons was rolled out in the year 1903. Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania is where the company operates its HQ and manufacturing facility. The brand also has other sales and marketing centres in Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Australia, Mexico, and the Netherlands. The colorful and exciting world of premium quality crayons can be explored using their products.

The Inspiration Art Case is a complete art kit that your kid will ever need to become creative and start their journey towards innovation and imagination. The kit includes 150 assortment pieces of crayons, short coloured pencils, washable markers, and colouring pages. To be more specific, you get 64 crayons, 20 each of super tips and pip-squeaks markers, 22 short coloured pencils, and 30 paper sheets. Everything in the kit is acid-free and designed for simple and effective usage.

A colourful, sturdy, and durable carry case is also sold with this kit, suitable for carrying everything safely. The snap-fit trays or compartments inside the case help in organising the pieces with precision. The portability, compactness, and all-in-one solution provided by this crayon set are what you need for your creative exploration. The brand also recommends this art set as one of the best tools for interior arts. Whether it is for your kid’s birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, this art kit will make a perfect toy, regardless of the kid’s gender.

Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro

14 Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro

Best Smart Unisex Toy

Smart Games, as the name indicates, specializes in the field of innovatively designing and manufacturing best-in-class educational games. It is quite hard to find a single-player smart unisex toy, and this one fills the void. All the smart game toys of the brand are known for their multiple levels of logical reasoning and innovative thinking. IQ Puzzler Pro is one of the top-selling smart puzzle games for boys and girls.

IQ Puzzler Pro is a single-player puzzle toy designed for older kids. In fact, the game is so challenging and interesting that even adults will find it fascinating. There are 120 different challenges in this puzzle toy and the clear instruction booklet helps kids master the game. All of these challenges are progressive and innovative. Playing this smart innovative puzzle game helps kids develop important skills like communication, coordination, logical reasoning, problem-solving, stimulation, and many more can be developed.

The puzzle game can be played in both 2D and 3D versions. There are 3 different puzzle grids; the top section has a 2D and a 3D challenge grids, and the bottom has a 2D challenge grid. As the game includes a lot of small parts, this is not suitable for kids under 6 years of age. The portable travel case can be used for storing all the game components concisely. Every single challenge is unique and can be solved in one way only, so every puzzle is guaranteed to be interesting. All the game components are made of premium quality durable materials.

Hiveseen Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Guns

15 Hiveseen Electronic Shooting Target for Nerf Guns

Best Electronic Unisex Toy

Hiveseen is not a well-known toy manufacturing company, but this Chinese company has managed to design and manufacture the best electronic shooting target toy for kids. If your kid is familiar with or loves Nerf guns and accessories, then this target shooting Nerf gun game will make him/her excited.

The game comes with a digital scoreboard, which shows the current score of the players, and the game can be played solo or by 2 players to make it more interesting, competitive, and challenging. There are 4 targets, and as each target gets hit, it will fall off, and once all 4 targets are down, the player wins a point. The automatic rebound feature resets the targets back into position automatically after 3 seconds. The sound and light effects of this game also provide a theater-like realistic experience for kids. The display screen is a LED MOS unit and displays clear images. This electronic shooting target game can be played with water beads, elite darts, rival darts, and mega darts.

The target shooting set comes with 40 refill dart pieces and a couple of hand wrist bands. All of these accessories make it a perfect companion for your kid’s existing Nerf gun set. This toy is a perfect family gaming entertainer, as both parents and kids can enjoy playing it together, with unlimited fun and learning at the same time. Aiming, concentration, coordination, agility, shooting skills, communication, and many more skills can be strengthened with the use of this toy.

The Electronic Shooting Target from Hiveseen is made of premium quality materials, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This device does not strain or harm the eyes of kids in any way, so safety is maintained at a paramount level. Because of choking hazards, the toy is not suitable for kids 3 years and below in age. Adult supervision is mandatory throughout the gaming event.

How to Choose the Best Unisex Toys: Buyer’s Guide

With the toy aisles in stores still using specific colours, signs, and labels to market toys to specific genders, you are more likely to be drawn to one of those aisles and forced to stick to gender-specific toys. To help you get through this difficulty, here is a quick guide on how to pick the best unisex toys:


  • Firstly, instead of choosing toys based on your child’s gender, choose based on their age. This is a great place to start with because when you do a simple search online for toys in a specific age group, you will find a variety of options in multiple categories. You will get an idea about the type of toys that would be suitable for your kid and their development at this age.
  • The next best way to choose unisex toys is to go with your child’s interests or likings. For instance, you might have noticed your little girl showing more interest in outdoor activities lately; in this case, you could get her an outdoor explorer kit or an outdoor game to support her interest. On the other hand, if your little dude shows interest in cooking, you could get him a realistic play kitchen.


Following are some unisex toy types you could get your little one:

  • Magnetic building blocks set – just because kids love to build structures/buildings.
  • Pretend play toys, like food trucks, ice cream carts, cash registers, food sets, etc.
  • Skill-building toys, like STEM kits, LEGO sets, Play-Doh sets, educational card/board games, etc.
  • Learning toys, like jigsaw puzzles, science experiments, math games or toys, etc.

Fun toys, like slime-making kits, kinetic sand kits, outdoor play toys, etc.

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How can unisex toys help my child?

Unisex toys provide kids with equal opportunities to explore a wide range of interests, concepts, and skills, from which they can then find something they are passionate about to get better at with time. More importantly, they help break or eliminate gender-specific stereotypes, which are still very much present and practiced, that could limit their possibilities and force them into believing what they should or should not do based on their gender.


What message do unisex toys give parents and teachers of young children?

Gender-specific toys can go to an extent of encouraging practices and attributes that parents wouldn’t otherwise want their kids to practice. For instance, the only job of girls is not to just look pretty, or boys do not have to be aggressive, violent, or lifesavers (superheroes!). What you want are unisex toys that develop your children’s academic, cognitive, musical, artistic, and physical skills that will benefit them in the long run.


What type of unisex toy can I get as a gift for a 5-year-old girl?

You have a lot of different options, like robot building toys, coding toys, science experiment kits, building blocks, LEGO sets, outdoor explorer kits, role-play toys, pretend play toys, and board games.

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