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Top Baby Boy Names

Updated 09-04-2021 – Lucy Walters

Coming up with a name for your baby boy can be so much harder than you anticipated! You want to find something that you genuinely love, whilst matching your families surname, may be related to someone’s name already within your family, isn’t hard to pronounce, and doesn’t have a predisposed personality attached to it (for example, I couldn’t name my son Billie, because there was a Billie in school that put gum on my seat that one time when I was six, and I really didn’t like that kid). The popularity of names are ever-changing, and the top names of 2019 can be vastly different from the list for 2021. There can be a number of other meanings behind names that have been updated over the years, with sites and sources providing families with contradicting content and definitions. It can be overwhelming, and can take quite some time before you find something you like. There are 1,000’s and 1,000’s of names to choose from, so to make your search through the web a little easier, we have compiled a list of some of the top baby boy names right here to help you out!


Examples of popular Baby Names with English origins

Alfie – The perfect option for anyone that has a need to add a dash of magic, as Alfie means ‘elf’ or ‘magical counsel’

Carter – This cute English name is increasing in popularity for both boys and girls, and translates to ‘transporter of goods by cart’

Cooper – Another of many names that can be both a first name, or a surname, Cooper is increasing in popularity, and is simply ‘barrel maker’

Jasper – Jasper is a form of Casper, and means ‘treasurer’. It’s so sweet, you can see why it is always increasing in popularity.

Mason – This baby name rose to popularity in 2011, and has been sitting at the top ever since. It means ‘worker in stone’

Oliver – Derived from the old Norse name Áleifr, Oliver is now a popular English name which means ‘descendant of the ancestor’

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Examples of popular Baby Names with Hebrew origins 

Aaron – Strong and exalted (a highly ranked or powerful person or a state of extreme happiness), Aaron is name that has always loitered around the top of the baby names list 

Benjamin – Son of the right hand, son of the South, son of my old age, Benjamin is a strong name with a popularity that rises and falls. 

Elijah – ‘Yahweh is God’, or ‘The Lord is my God’, Elijah is a good option for a child who will have a wonderful and righteous experience throughout their life

Ethan – You can’t blame this for its popularity, as it means ‘firm, enduring, strong and long-lived’

Noah – The man who built the ark and has sempiternal popularity, Noah translates to ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’

Samuel – A popular and beloved baby name that has consistent popularity, Samuel translates to ‘told by God’


Examples of baby names with Irish origins 

Brendan – At least seventeen Saints bore this name, with the most famous in that number being St Brendan the Navigator. Any parent would be happy to use this name, as it simply translates to ‘Prince’

Liam – A shortened version of the Irish Uilliam, or the German William, Liam was one of the most popular names of 2019 in the U.S with 20,502 baby’s registered with this name

Patrick – Named for the Patron Saint of Ireland, Patrick (or Padraig) means ‘nobly born’, and has a number of cute nicknames that go with it, inc Paddy, Pat, or Patty

Ryan – The popularity of this Irish name is understandable, and should be first on the list, as it has the sweetest translation of ‘Little King’

Shay – Sources tell us that this very cute name has a clear translation of ‘hawk like’ and ‘noble’


Examples of baby names with Scottish origins 

Alastair – The popularity of this name seems to be making a comeback, and is the Scottish version of Alexander, translating to ‘defender of mankind’

Cameron – This Scottish name has a strange translation, that somehow doesn’t seem to stunt its popularity. If you search the name Cameron, you might be surprised to learn that it translates to ‘crooked nose’

Dallas – Also the name of a town in Scotland, Dallas has increased in popularity year after year, and sweetly means ‘valley of the water, resting place’

Kampbell – For the parent with a sense of humour, Kampbell translates to ‘crooked mouth’, and my personal view on this is that cute, crooked smile that new babies have!

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Examples of baby names with Latin origins 

Adrian – Experiencing international popularity, Adrian means ‘man of Adria’, which are ties to two old towns in Italy

Anthony – Ever unwavering in popularity, Anthony has a translation that just may make you smile, as it means ‘priceless one’

Dominic – The popularity of this name is huge within the Roman-Catholic community, and means ‘belonging to the Lord’. You may also use ‘Dom’ as a nickname for this one, and that’s sure to suit any little baby boy!

Felix – Too cute not to share, Felix has increased in popularity over the years, and has the sweetest translation of ‘happy, fortunate’, which could just be the omen you need for 2021!

Lucas – A form of Lucius or Luke, this Latin name means ‘light-giving’ or ‘illumination’, perfect for the new light of your life, so you can see how the popularity of this one keeps on climbing!

Sebastian – Sebastian has a substantial history, derived from the Greek Sebastianos, simply meaning ‘from Sebastia’


Examples of baby names with Pop-Culture references

Archie – This fun name is a nod to Archie and the gang in Riverdale, and means ‘truly brave’. It’s also probably not okay to call your baby boy ‘Jughead’, so this is a safer option! 

Axel – Axel, or Axl, means ‘father is peace’, and the stage name for Guns n Roses lead vocalist and lyricist Axl Rose

Dean – This name increased in popularity when Supernatural hit our screens, and fans of the show will understand the irony of the name translating to ‘church official’

Khal – This name has been increasing in popularity since Game of Thrones blessed our screens, and it’s meaning is simply ‘leader’ or ‘King’

Luke – Even in the year 2021, you hear ‘Luke’, and you think ‘Skywalker’. This name will please your inner Star Wars fan, and it’s meaning is ‘light giving’

Tobias – This loveable character from Arrested Development made millions of us follow the sitcom with a goofy grin on our face. The name means ‘Gods goodness’, and ‘Toby’ is a great example of a perfect nickname

Vito – Related to Marlon Brando’s classic ‘The Godfather’, Vito has a Latin origin, and means ‘life-giving’

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Examples of baby names within the Royal family 

Charles – Although it has dropped in popularity over time, Charles is still used often, and is derived from French and German origins. It translates to ‘man’ or ‘free man’ 

George – Increasing in popularity around the time Prince George was born, this sweet royal name has a Greek origin, and means ‘farmer’

Harry – Pushed up in popularity thanks to the adorable Prince and Harry Potter alike, this name has an old German origin, and means ‘home ruler’

Henry – This German name doesn’t seem to drop in popularity, and means ‘ruler of the home’

Louis – Eighteen French Kings have shared this family name over the years, and it’s noble translation is ‘famous warrior’

William – Translating to ‘resolute protection’, William is the most popular boys name starting with a ‘W’ in the history of time


Examples of baby names from historical figures

Abraham – Widely considered to be one of the greatest presidents of the U.S in the history of time, the name Abraham also has strong biblical ties, and means ‘father of many’

Alexander -The adventures of Alexander the Great have been passed down along the years, and it’s no surprise to learn that this Greek name means ‘defender of the people’

Leonardo – Whether you want to acknowledge da Vinci or Decaprio, Leonardo is forever increasing in popularity, and it sweetly translates to ‘brave lion’

Lincoln – Another nod to the historical president, Lincoln has an English origin, and means ‘town by the pool’

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