Raising children well is extremely important. With hectic schedules, work, schools, and allied classes to take care of, keeping your child healthy every day can be a challenge. There is a lot to do in too short a time, and there isn’t enough time or energy to concentrate on everything at once. Now you may have gone through the usually quite stressful experience of a natural birth. You might have used the latest in IVF treatment from Fertility Plus to conceive. Or you could have adopted your new member of the family. Either way, we all know,the most significant concern for parents today is providing a healthy lifestyle for their children.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your children fit has a host of benefits. Some of them are preventing severe health issues, keeping their immunity high, avoiding flu and colds on a regular basis, keeping asthma and breathing issues at bay, and so on. Children tend to mirror the adults around them. If you adopt a healthy living pattern, your children will also follow suit. Setting a good example is the best way to encourage health and fitness in your kids.

Put them to sleep

Yes, that right! Put your kids to sleep at a set time each night and wake them up every morning at the same time in a comfortable cot bed or bed. This will help establish their metabolism, assist with any mood swings, irritation and tantrums, growing aches, and any stress issues they might face. Kids need minimum 8 hours of restful and undisturbed sleep daily. Many children avoid going to bed at a set time because they feel they are being pressured. The trick here would be to emphasise how sleep helps them grow bigger and better. Reasoning with children helps better than forcing them. This will promote their physical, mental, and cognitive development.

Healthy eating

It isn’t always possible to plan your meals and lunch boxes. At such times, make an educated guess about which foods will cause the least amount of harm to the body. Take your children grocery shopping with you and let them help you pick out foods by reading the ingredients and labels. If you make a game of it and involve them, the excitement to eat certain foods will remain. Let them know the advantages of eating certain foods like oranges, grains, lean meats, carbohydrates, and so on with the help of useful examples. Eating a particular diet will help with stronger bones, or shinier hair, or strength to run faster, and so on.

Exercise daily

If you want your children to get some form of exercise daily, they must see you do it too. If you plan on starting yoga, teach it to your kids and make it a daily family event. Same is the case with soccer, sports, or running. If your kids need to improve their alertness and concentration, enroll them in music, dance, or defense classes to encourage motor coordination and better focus. Regular exercise helps create stronger muscle groups, denser bones, alleviates stress, and increases immunity. This helps your children grow up to be stronger and smarter adults.

Wash hands regularly

Kids hate doing this. We hated it too. Seasonal flu, germs, diseases, dirt, grime, and dust can all reside on the hands. Dirty and unclean hands spread illnesses amongst kids faster than we can blink. Like with eating healthy food, make washing hands a game. You can make a song for your kids to sing while washing hands that speaks about all the dirt and germs going away or you can tell them it is a germ hunt or something similar to make washing their hands enjoyable. Ensure your kids wash their hands for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds with soap or antiseptic hand wash. You should buy fruity smelling soaps or containers with animated characters on them so that your children will want to use these soaps to clean their hands daily.

Teach healthy habits

Many children miss school days due to some form of illness or the other. The best way to improve child health is to inculcate daily healthy habits. One of them, as discussed earlier would be hand washing. Teach them to cough and sneeze appropriately into a handkerchief or tissue paper and how to correctly throw the tissue away. Many times, viruses spread through unhealthy contact with other children in playgrounds or running and playing. Explain to your children why they must never rub their eyes without washing their hands first. Encourage your kids to avoid sharing water bottles, cups, and spoons with friends and other children since bacteria and viruses are easily transferred through saliva.