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The Best Nappies for Newborns in 2022

Updated 10-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

If your due date is soon approaching, you are more likely to have completed your nesting process, with the nursery ready, along with all the important stuff for your little one, like their pram, cot, car seat, travel cot, changing table, etc. Of course, you would have made sure that you get the best product that you can afford in each category and spent a lot of time researching about the same. But, did you do the same for your baby’s nappies?

Nappies? Why? They are readily available in every convenience store around the corner and there are plenty of options I can choose from!

Well, that’s exactly the problem!

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During the initial few months after your baby is born, you will need an unending supply of nappies. As you know, babies’ skin is delicate and sensitive and needs to be cared for in the best way possible. This means that the nappy you choose shouldn’t make them feel uncomfortable or irritate their skin. While there are many products that claim to be the safest and most comfortable, you cannot take your chances. So, here is a list of the best nappies in the UK, available for different ages and weights; these are the ones that you can use knowing that your baby/kid will be safe and comfortable.

ProductBest forRatings
Pampers New Baby Nappies
Pampers New Baby Nappies
Best Nappies UK9.9
The Honest Company Club Box Diapers
The Honest Company Club Box Diapers
Best Premium Nappies9.8
Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants
uggies DryNites Pyjama Pants
Best Value for Money Nappies9.7
Eco by Naty Plant-Based Nappy
Eco by Naty Plant-Based Nappy
Best Plant-Based Nappies9.6
Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies
Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies
Best Overnight Nappies9.5
Pampers Pure Protection Nappies
Pampers Pure Protection Nappies
Best Cotton Nappies9.4
Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Reusable Nappy
Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Reusable Nappy
Best All-in-One Reusable Nappy9.2
Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy
Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy
Best Pocket Cloth Nappy9.1
Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Premium Nappies
Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Premium Nappies
Best Eco-Friendly Nappies9
Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers
Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers
Best Protective Nappies8.9

Pampers New Baby Nappies

1 Pampers New Baby Nappies

Best Nappies UK

When you think about nappies, Pampers would be the first name that comes to your mind. Having been around for so many years offering amazingly comfortable nappies for children of different ages, Pampers has a wide range of products on offer, and what has made it to the top of our list is the Pampers New Baby Nappies. As the only newborn nappy approved by the British Skin Foundation, this nappy offers the softest and most caring protection for the delicate and sensitive skin of newborn babies.

The nappy features an airy-soft topsheet, which is responsible for providing the softness that you will feel when you touch it, and it also does the job of pulling all the mess and wetness away. The wings are designed to be super-soft and stretchy, and they easily adapt to your little one’s tummy, delivering a gentle snug fit. It comes with double leg cuffs as well, which adapt around your baby’s legs, preventing leaks.

Thanks to the Quick Dry Core, the dermatologically-tested Pampers New Baby nappy absorbs liquids quickly and easily, thereby keeping babies’ skin dry and protected. For sizes 0, 1, and 2, the nappy is designed with a Naval-Friendly Shape, which offers a gentle contoured fit to protect young infants’ delicate tummy. And of course, you also get a wetness indicator that lets you know when it is time for a nappy change.

The Honest Company Club Box Diapers

2 The Honest Company Club Box Diapers

Best Premium Nappies

The Honest Company is one of the popular and trusted brands among parents, all thanks to the safety and effectiveness of their products. The Club Box Diapers from the brand is their exclusive offering to prevent parents from making frequent diaper runs because the box comes with a total of 68 nappies, and you can get the pack with higher counts as well.

Designed to be super-absorbent, the Honest Company diapers/nappies are made from naturally derived, sustainable materials, which means they are gentle and safe on your baby’s delicate skin. These disposable nappies feature the brand’s unique, multi-layer True Absorb Core technology, which quickly locks away moisture from babies’ skin. In fact, they can hold 17x their weight in fluid, thereby providing advanced leak protection, resulting in a happy baby.

The Honest Company diapers are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and contain no latex, lotions, fragrances, or chlorine processing, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin. Since the materials used in making these nappies are eco-friendly as well, you can rest assured that you are investing in a premium product that is safe for your little bub as well as the environment.

The cloudlike liner provides amazing comfort for your baby’s delicate skin while quickly absorbing any moisture, keeping their precious little bum dry and comfortable. The side panels on the nappies are also soft and stretchy, and you also get a comfy elastic waistband, sure-fit leg cuffs, and fastening tabs. Above all, the fun factor of the Honest Company nappies is that they come in fun and exciting prints, like Painted Feathers/Bunnies, Skulls & Space Travel, Rose Blossom & Strawberries, Space Travel/Breakfast, Pandas/Multi-Coloured Giraffes, and more, which kids will absolutely adore.

uggies DryNites Pyjama Pants

3 Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants

Best Value for Money Nappies

Huggies is yet another internationally popular brand that has been around for decades, producing great disposable nappies and baby wipes. They now have an extraordinary lineup of products in different categories, and the DryNites Pyjama Pants is for kids who are currently in their bedwetting phase and need overnight protection.

Bedwetting is a phase that all children have to go through, and whether you have a toddler who has just been potty-trained or a teenager that needs some help and guidance at this time, these bedtime nappies from Huggies are a great solution. Available for both boys and girls, the nappies are specifically designed to fit kids of a specific gender, and what makes kids want to wear these Pyjama Pants is that they come in different design graphics, such as Disney, Iron Man, Spiderman, and more. For slightly older children or teenagers who are not interested in all the cartoon/character prints, you can get the nappies in adult-like design graphics as well.

One of the huge benefits of the DryNites Pyjama Pants is their discreet design; since they are designed to sit below the waist, they remain discreet under your kid’s pyjamas and the use of specific materials makes these pants produce less noise as well. This gives kids more confidence and independence during nighttime, who might otherwise feel embarrassed to wear a nappy.

The Pyjama Pants have soft and stretchy sides and are breathable and soft, thereby providing your kid with a peaceful night’s sleep, without having to worry about bedwetting or leaks. With 5 layers of protection, these nappies also feature gender-specific targeted absorbency for proper nighttime protection. Known to be the UK’s #1 nighttime brand, the DryNites Pyjama Pants are great at making bedwetting less big a deal.

Eco by Naty Plant-Based Nappy

4 Eco by Naty Plant-Based Nappy

Best Plant-Based Nappies

Eco by Naty produces eco-friendly baby products, including nappies, pull-on pants, wipes, and more, all of which are eco-friendly and 100% independently certified by various organisations as vegan, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, organic, and more such categories. Their nappies are one of the best options available on the market that deliver excellent performance and reduce the risk of nasty reactions and nappy rash on the sensitive and delicate skin of your little one.

As evidence from the name, these nappies are made from mostly plant-based materials, and there will be 0% plastic touching your baby’s skin. The amazing performance of these nappies makes sure that your baby stays dry all night long, which in turn gives them (and you!) peaceful sleep. Eco by Naty is the only nappy on the market to be certified by TÜV Austria as ‘OK biobased’, which is a confirmation that the product contains mainly bio-based ingredients. Furthermore, they are also certified by OEKO-TEX to contain no nasty chemicals, which include parabens, GMOs, dyes, VOCs, latex, phthalates, perfume, dioxins, and hap.

Eco by Naty nappies are also vegan and cruelty-free certified, which makes the product a hit among vegans as well. The absorbent core of the nappies is made of certified FSC wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, which not only does its job of keeping your baby dry excellently well, but also prevents allergic reactions and Nappy Rashes. To make the nappies feel soft against your baby’s skin, the top sheet and outer cover are made from a blend of two different bio-based materials, and even the leakage barrier is made from 80% bio-based material to protect your child’s delicate skin.

Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies

5 Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies

Best Overnight Nappies

Amazon brand products have become quite popular over the last few years, and Mama Bear is among the few that are loved by households around the world. The Ultra Dry Nappies from this Amazon baby products brand has managed to gain a top spot among some of the industry leaders, which we believe is due to the quality and reliability of the product.

As they are right named – ‘Ultra Dry’ – these nappies are designed for extra-fast absorption, and they are also tested for up to 12 hours of nighttime protection for your little one. The nappies contain air channels that allow air to circulate freely, thereby helping keep your baby dry, cool, and comfortable throughout the night. The thin design of the Ultra Dry nappies allows babies to move freely without any restrictions, and this gives them the freedom they need to move around, explore, and grow.

The Mama Bear Ultra Dry Nappies are designed to be easy to pull on and off, which makes nappy changes easy and quick. In addition to ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit, the double elastic barrier also prevents accidental leaks, regardless of the activity your little explorer is engaged in. Since the material used in making these nappies is FSC-certified and free from chlorine and fragrances, your child remains safe and protected, without the risk of rashes and other allergic reactions.

Pampers Pure Protection Nappies

6 Pampers Pure Protection Nappies

Best Cotton Nappies

From the widespread lineup of Pampers products comes the Pure Protection nappies, which is most certainly one of the best cotton nappies you will find out there. Made with premium cotton and soft plant-based fibres, these nappies contain no latex, no chlorine bleaching, and 0% perfumes, which makes them safe for your baby’s tender skin.

The Pampers Pure Protection nappies are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to be safe for babies’ delicate skin, and they are designed to offer up to 12 hours of dryness protection; hence, your baby will remain dry and comfortable during sleep, which means you can enjoy some extra hours of much-deserved shut-eye.

Featuring some cute and adorable prints that you will love seeing your baby rock, these nappies also feature the most essential and reassuring wetness indicator, so you don’t have to guess the next nappy changing time, while your child remains comfortable and protected. The sides of the nappies are designed to be soft, stretchy, and flexible, leaving enough room for babies to easily and comfortably move around.

Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Reusable Nappy

7 Bambino Mio Miosolo All-in-One Reusable Nappy

Best All-in-One Reusable Nappy

Bambino Mio is a preferred brand among parents who prefer reusable nappies, and the brand offers multi-award-winning range of these nappies, along with swim nappies, potty training essentials, and baby accessories. The Miosolo All-in-One Nappy is made from super stay soft fabric, which provides amazing comfort for your little one, and the highlight of the fabric is that it remains soft even after multiple washes.

The Miosolo nappy has a super absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer, which prevents moisture from irritating your baby’s delicate skin, thereby keeping them dry, cool, and comfortable. The nappy is one size, which means you can use it right from your baby’s birth until he/she is potty trained, all thanks to the adjustable popper and hook and loop fastenings. This also makes sure that the nappy perfectly adapts to the shape of your baby.

The outer fabric or shell of the Miosolo All-in-One Nappy is stretchy and water-resistant, and this enables your baby to move freely, encouraging them to stay active without any discomfort. The fold back laundry tabs in the nappy, despite being a simple feature, provides great protection when it is in the washing machine. There is also a unique tuck-in pocket that makes inserting or removing the core easy. The Bambino Mio nappy comes in a wide range of fun and attractive colours and prints, such as Jungle Snake, Raccoon Retreat, Butterfly Bloom, Safari Spots, Zebra Dazzle, and more.

Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy

8 Littles & Bloomz Reusable Pocket Cloth Nappy

Best Pocket Cloth Nappy

Recently rebranded from Little Bloom to Littles & Bloomz, the brand is well-known for its reusable pocket cloth nappies, and this is a bestselling product in the category. These reusable nappies are made from a variety of inner materials, such as bamboo charcoal, bamboo, and suede cloth, which are known to deliver incredible softness and comfort.

The Littles & Bloomz Pocket Cloth nappies come with a PUL laminated waterproof nappy shell, which means you don’t have to use a separate cover for it like many other reusable nappies require. The three layers of microfibre fabric deliver high absorbency and are capable of holding up to 8 times their weight in moisture or wetness. As a result, you can rest assured that your child will remain dry and comfortable.

These nappies also have 4 layers of bamboo fibre fabrics with microfibre core, a material that is known for its anti-bacterial, non-irritating, and thermal regulating properties. Next comes the bamboo charcoal, which has increased ability of absorption and deodorisation, anti-fuzzing, anti-pilling, and mildew- and bacteria-resistant. This again is a one size reusable nappy that can be used from when your baby is just 3 kg in weight and all the way up to 15 kg. You can also choose from an extensive array of prints to make your bub look stylish and more adorable.

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Premium Nappies

9 Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Premium Nappies

Best Eco-Friendly Nappies

If you prefer an eco-friendly option for your baby’s nappies, then these Eco-Friendly Premium Nappies / Love Nappies from Bambo Nature is undeniably an extraordinary pick. These disposable nappies are not just eco-friendly, but are extremely safe for your baby and deliver superior performance as well. They contain no harmful chemicals or allergens and come dermatologically tested and guaranteed skin-safe.

The three-layer design used in these nappies makes them super absorbent and can prevent any level of moisture from making your baby feel uncomfortable or developing skin irritations and rashes, even after multiple wettings. The use of ultra-soft materials makes them provide maximum comfort and protection for babies, and the fully breathable backsheet provides a cooler, dry, and more comfortable atmosphere for your little one’s plump bums.

The side panels on the Bambo Nature disposable nappies are designed to be ultra-flexible to deliver a snug yet highly comfortable fit around your little one’s waist. You also get hook tabs that allow easy repositioning, and a wetness indicator that lets you know when the nappy is full.

Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers

10 Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers

Best Protective Nappies

The Sensitive Protection Baby Diapers from Seventh Generation are made from only FSC certified, sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp, and there is no chlorine bleaching process involved in the making. The technical wicking layer pulls away moisture from your baby’s sensitive skin, keeping them dry and comfortable throughout the day. As mentioned, the product does not undergo chemical processing or bleaching process with chemicals that contain chlorine, and this prevents any harmful toxins from entering waterways.

In addition, the FreshAIR Breathable Layer helps release humidity and the soft leg cuffs help prevent leaks, both of which are highly useful features that parents welcome. The new and improved Sensitive Protection nappies from Seventh Generation not only comes with new fordable prints but also come with a softer design, absorbency layer, and stronger stretch tabs. Furthermore, these hypoallergenic nappies are free from lotions and fragrances as well.

How to Choose the Best Nappies: Buyer’s Guide

An undeniable fact about nappies is that you will need loads and loads of them until your baby is fully potty-trained. So, it is vital that you find the right nappy for your little one right at the start, and this guide will help you make the right decision.

Disposable or Reusable?

As everyone would be aware, the two straightforward nappy categories you need to choose from are disposable and reusable.

In terms of disposable nappies, you get to choose from the regular disposable ones made from synthetic materials and eco-friendly or biodegradable disposable nappies that happen to be more expensive than the former.

When it comes to reusable nappies, you have an endless array of options, such as fitted cloth nappies, contoured cloth nappies, all-in-one cloth nappies, pre-folded cloth nappies, and pocket nappies.

  • Fitted cloth nappies look similar to disposable nappies, and these come with Velcro, hooks, or snap buttons as fasteners.
  • Contoured cloth nappies provide a better fit, thanks to their hourglass shape, and these ones can be fastened with separate pins or snaps.
  • All-in-one cloth nappies have a removable absorbent pad that you can either wash or flush. They have a waterproof shell and elastic around the legs and waist, and the fastening options here include Velcro, hooks, and snap buttons.
  • Pre-folded cloth nappies are basically fabric rectangles made from materials like bamboo, cotton, or flannel. These nappies require a lot of work from your side and a lot of accessories too.
  • Pocket nappies also contain a waterproof cover with a polyester lining and a pocket, where you can place an absorbent insert or a folded cloth diaper. You can get washable, flushable, or disposable inserts for this purpose.



Obviously, the primary job of a nappy is to absorb any liquid and keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable, so they don’t suffer from rashes, irritation, chafing, and other allergic reactions. Therefore, when you choose a nappy, the most important factor you should look at is its absorbency capability. In general, disposable nappies are known to be more absorbent than cloth/reusable nappies, despite the fact that you can frequently change the inserts used in reusable nappies to prevent skin reactions. Many leading brands offer nappies designed that do an excellent job in absorbing liquid, keeping babies dry for several hours. There are also nappies specifically designed for nighttime use, offering a high level of protection throughout the night.

Best Nappies Buyer Guide Image 2

Flexibility / Comfort

The nappy you choose should be soft, flexible, and comfortable for your little one to wear. Nappies made from materials that are derived from natural sources normally tend to be soft and gentle on babies’ skin. Also, look for stretchy elastic around the legs and stretchy fasteners as well to make sure that your baby will feel comfortable.



Whether you go with disposable or reusable nappies, the fastening system differs from one product to another. Though most disposable ones come with sticky tape fastening, the strength of the tape is more likely to differ between products from different manufacturers. In the case of reusable nappies, fasteners vary from pins to snap buttons to Velcro. Some reusable nappies come with fasteners built-in, whereas other will require you to purchase the same separately. Also, Velcro fasteners tend to lose their strength over time, which is something you should consider if you shortlist a nappy with this fastener style.


Wetness Indicator

This is an extremely convenient feature that many nappy brands now offer their products with. These are basically white or blue lines that turn yellow (colours may vary from brand to brand) when the nappy is fully soiled, giving you an indication that it is time to change your little one’s nappy.


Baby’s Size

If this is your first time buying nappies for your baby, it is wise to first know your baby’s weight before making a choice because nappy sizes differ based on babies’ weight. And it is best to avoid stocking up on nappies of the same size because your baby’s size and weight will change every couple of months, which means he/she will need a different sized nappy. Also, move a size up only when the current size becomes too tight and uncomfortable for your baby.



The cost of nappies is one of the biggest concerns for parents because let’s face it, this nappy phase is like a marathon – never-ending, and expensive. If you would like to get an estimate on how many nappies your baby will be using in a month, you should learn his/her pooping habits. During this time, you could test nappies from different brands by getting their smallest packs to see which one suits your baby’s skin the best, and then purchase a value pack from the brand.


How do I know if my baby needs a bigger nappy?

A telltale sign that you need to go a size up in your baby’s nappy is red marks along their nappy lines, especially their thighs. Though the elastic around their legs would be designed to be stretchy, it will become tight and create red marks if your little one has grown and the nappy becomes too tight. This definitely means you should go a size bigger with their nappy.


What causes rash even after using the right sized nappy for my baby?

Leaving a full or completely soiled nappy unattended for a long period of time happens to be the no. 1 cause of nappy rashes in babies. As almost all disposable nappies come with wetness indicators, you shouldn’t have any problem knowing when your baby needs a nappy change, and this will help prevent rashes.


Is it good to use nappies for longer hours?

As long as you follow proper hygiene practices, like changing nappies at frequent intervals or as soon as they are soiled and keeping your baby’s nappy area clean and dry at all times, you can make them wear nappies for longer hours.

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