Home is where we come at the end of the day to feel safe and secure. It is where we live with our families, spouses, parents, and children. Every house should feel welcome and loved. However, several pitfalls must be avoided. Childproofing the house is as important as keeping it secure from theft and burglary. Every home needs to be a safe haven not just for children, but also for senior citizens.

Your home should have multiple layers of security, safety proofing, and childproofing. With the rise in burglaries, there is an increase in the necessity for smart home safety features that will prevent theft and crime. While viewing your home critically is difficult, it is necessary to see it as a potential landmine of theft and disaster possibilities to avoid them. It is essential to make your home as secure as possible for your children and any elderly citizens in your home. Providing a safe environment where kids can grow up is extremely important.

Let us look at ways that you can safe proof your home.

Install a home security system

Homes without security systems get burgled a lot more than ones that do. Home security systems help deter criminals from trying to break and enter the premises since they know that the police would be alerted, and the house would likely go in auto-seal mode. Apart from only informing the police about intruders and would-be robberies, home security systems also monitor fire, carbon dioxide, lighting, and appliances while you are away from your home.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is one of the best ways to keep intruders away and at the same time monitor the activity around your house. Many times, children play unaided in the front lawn or the backyard. At such times, CCTV is handy to keep an eye on them as they have fun. Apart from keeping an eye on children, the presence of CCTV cameras placed very obviously on the front door, at windows, and on the roof, fence limits, and driveway can successfully deter any possible criminals from venturing on to your property for fear of being recorded. These cameras can also be wired into the home security system for better and all-rounded security coverage. You can easily watch footage on any device including the Nokia 8.1.

Secure garage doors

While people concentrate on the home, they tend to forget that the house is entirely accessible from the garage. It is essential to protect the garage by installing reinforced secure garage doors that help keep the rest of the house safe. Many garage doors are equipped with intelligent technology that is connected to the house wifi, send signals remotely (in case the garage doors are opened), and is controlled through smartphones and tablets. In case you are ever traveling, and the garage doors are opened, you will instantly be alerted so that you can call the police. Check out Prestige Doors for authentic, modern garage doors.

Safety flooring

For children, adults, and senior citizens to move around freely, it is important to have non slip flooring in parts of the house that are susceptible to a lot of footfall and might be the cause of accidents. IB Flooring offer great safety flooring options. These rooms could be the kitchen, bathroom, or the landing, and so on depending upon the requirement in your household. Safety flooring helps immensely with its anti-slip and protect properties. Children’s play areas, senior citizens’ rooms, kitchens, and staircases should have safety flooring to prevent unwanted accidents from occurring.

Motion sensors

Installing motion sensor lights in the tool shed, backyard, garden, lawn, and any flowering shrubs that you might have around the house. Also, have motion sensor lights on your porch and landing to scare off intruders. Motion sensor lights come on as soon as there is the slightest motion detected around the perimeter of the house. Burglars and robbers hate to have a light shone on them for fear of being recognised. Motion sensor lighting deters intruders from advancing upon your home. It also helps alert neighbours and other passersby to the light around your house.


It is necessary to childproof your house to avoid any unwanted disasters from occurring. You should always store glassware and heavy metal object away from the reach of children. Unplugging hairdryers, electric burners, and hair equipment is a good idea since children will not understand the dangers these possess. Install safety latches on kitchen cabinets with knives, detergents, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Install protective coverings on electrical outlets to prevent children from sticking their fingers into the sockets. Installing safety gates at the start of stairs leading into the basement, attics, and laundry rooms would also be an excellent way to keep small children out of harm’s way.