At first sight, anybody would say how children art activities are only “messy” part of children lives. Well, it is not that simple. Actually, it is a very valuable part of their childhood. Art gives children a lot more ways to express themselves and explore a variety of important experiences. A world full of markers, crayons, paint, and clay with many other materials opens many doors of new worlds for them. It is not just a way in which they could become professional artists. These worlds are new areas of development in many ways from an adult point of view. There are many ways art supports children’s development and here are some basic ones.

Social development

Learning to interact with others, to share and play in a team is very positive and important change for the social aspect of any human being. While creating with others, they share opinions, ideas, imagination and their little magic only they can understand.

Emotional development

Most of the children find it very hard to be able to represent their feelings and experiences in verbal form. A visual way of expressing is much easier for them, and when we value their creativity, they feel valued as persons. Self-esteem is boosting, and they feel more appreciated. Feeling more validity will make a child more confident in other more difficult areas that come after in their lives.

Physical development

Mostly motor control and eye-hand coordination are physical points which work together in the art area. This hand-eye coordination is of great importance after in athletic as well as in academic scenarios. This will make great importance later in adulthood for many aspects of their lives.

Cognitive development

mindLearning names of the colors and shapes through creative art activities makes a great foundation for visual and verbal development in children communication. Introducing kids to nature and letting them express it on paper helps in great observation skill development. This art time in their growing up also provides time to establish the conception of practice and concentration.
Using positive reinforcement while helping kids, especially those in need, the child felt very motivated and stimulated to learn and create.

Technology can be a great help in cognitive development there are many fun educational games for your kids which will help them in areas you can’t said Liam from Millenio.