One of the main reasons women & some kids prefer contact lenses to glasses is that contact lenses are not as obvious as glasses. You can go about your normal routine of personal hygiene and grooming. In particular, glasses can, in many ways, be a bit of an eyesore when you are getting ready for a special occasion. You want your hair and makeup to be perfect and you definitely don’t want all that effort to be hidden behind a pair of chunky glasses. You want to look at the photos months and years later with fondness. You don’t want the glare of the flash bouncing off your glasses, hiding your eyes.

There is absolutely no reason to avoid wearing makeup just because you have chosen to wear contact lenses. There is, however, a certain level of care when it comes to applying makeup and the selecting the right makeup to use with contact lenses. You can still get an amazing look, without compromising your eyesight.


Hygiene First

One of the first things you learn when you first get your contact lenses is to practice good hygiene. That means washing your hands before you put your contact lenses in or take them out. The same applies to makeup. You should also wash your hands and your face before applying moisturizers or makeup of any kind. You don’t want to trap dirt or bacteria under a layer of foundation.

Makeup Primer

The main purpose of a makeup primer is to form a base coat for all the other makeup you want to apply. It is also great at fixing makeup into place so it will not flake or dry off and get into the eyes.


Eyeliner is great for drawing attention to the eyes. However, when it comes to eyeliner and contact lenses, it can be a little tricky as most women like to apply eyeliner to the waterline or lid edge. This is not a good practice when used with contact lenses as the liner is right at the same level as the contacts. Pencils are better than cream or gel liners as these can flake when they dry. Avoid kohl pencils as many of them contain heavy metals which can irritate the eye.

Eye Shadow

Cream eye shadows are preferable to compact powders as they are less likely to get into your eyes. However, the cream shadows can be more irritating if they do get it not your eyes so apply carefully. If you prefer compact powder eye shadows, close your eye before applying and dab off any excess before opening your eyes again.


A simple hypoallergenic mascara is the best type of mascara to use if you are a contact lenses wearer. Those that add bulk to lashes are not a good idea because they can dry and flake. These flakey particles can get into the eyes and cause irritation which can be made worse with contacts. Absolutely steer clear of clumpy mascara or mascara that has been sitting around for too long.

A Few Extra Tips When Using Makeup with Contact Lenses

Makeup and contact lenses isn’t just about how to apply the makeup and which products to buy. There are also other factors to take into consideration when combining the use of makeup and contact lenses.

  • Getting makeup in your eyes is going to be annoying at the best of times. It can be doubly irritating if you wear contact lenses. This is because loose makeup can get stuck on the lenses causing further irritation. Normally, when makeup irritates your eyes, the tear ducts are triggered to flush the irritation out. With contacts you will need to remove them and clean them to remove any traces of makeup.
  • You should put your contact lenses in before you start applying makeup. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands first.
  • Opt for hypo-allergenic makeup. These are usually better quality and less irritating to the eyes. Fortunately, as more women are wearing contact lenses, cosmetic companies are developing more products especially for contact lens users. Avoid cheap products as these are usually made with poor quality ingredients, many of which can irritate your eyes.
  • Never apply eyeliner between your eyes and your lashes. Apply to the edge of your eyelids where the lashes are but well away from your eyes.
  • Always remove your makeup at the end of the day. With or without contact lenses, you should be doing this anyway. Wash your hands and gently remove your contact lenses. Then remove all traces of makeup. You can do this with makeup removal wipes or micellar water and a soft cotton pad.
  • Never use old makeup. You should look at replacing your makeup at least once a year. Eye makeup will need to be replaces more frequently, preferably every three months. Over time bacteria will start to accumulate in your makeup regardless of how careful you are with hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Never share makeup with anyone. Cross contamination can be a real problem when you start sharing makeup. This is especially a hazard with eye makeup. Never use someone else’s makeup and don’t let anyone use yours either.
  • Get any irritations looked at promptly. Everyone gets irritated eyes from time to time and usually it is nothing to worry about. Contact lens wearers suffer from irritated eyes a little more frequently. If you follow proper hygiene and are cautious with applying makeup you shouldn’t experience any long term irritation. However, if you do suffer from an eye irritation for longer than a few days, despite keeping your eyes and contact clean, remove your contacts, don’t apply any makeup and see your eye care specialist. It may be nothing, but it is always wiser to be sure.

With a proper routine in place for caring for your eyes and contact lenses from Pure Optical there is absolutely no reason you can’t also enjoy wearing makeup. Just be sure you choose good quality products, the most popular lenses are Acuvue Moists and Clariti One Days. and maintain a high level of hygiene at all times