Bartenders are magicians who fuse in some spirits, fruit juices, and other ingredients to create a soothing elixir. It’s an art that needs an in-depth study of various spirits, their combinations, and even the history of a drink. Combining cocktails and mocktails with their additions may seem like an effortless task, but only a bartender knows that years of consistent dedication is needed to be in pace with the bar life.

The image that first comes to the mind as one hears the word bartender is of a man standing on the other side of the bar table and vigorously shaking a glass-like apparatus. Well, that’s not it. Being a bartender is a job done with ultimate passion and precision to the skill. Their role includes knowing numerous amounts of drink recipes, the serving techniques, correct gas mixes, and even virtually measuring the intoxication levels of customer. They work at lightning speeds to create drinks for customers.


Here are some ways you can learn how to become a bartender:


Enrol in an academy

Rising demand for skilled bartenders has paved the way for numerous institutions providing training in this profession. Courses are offered at various academies such as the European Bartender School ranging from duration of 2 to 4 weeks. Schools such as these help students acquire detailed knowledge of different spirits and other beverages. Trial and error is the mode of teaching at such prestigious schools. Here, students learn to start things from scratch by making a cocktail or mocktail and then to mix liquids into a drink with their knowledge and imagination.

Being a pro at the basics is always the best way to achieve success in any field. Any student who completes the course is equipped with knowledge of more than 65 drinks. They are later presented with the certification of a bartender by the local authority which serves as a mandate for being a pro at bar drink counters.


Hunt for proper online courses

The internet has opened doors for a lot of opportunities. If a full-time bartender course is not an option for you, there are various sites online that could get you equipped with the basics of bartending. Youtube channels such as Tipsy Bartender, Bartending Pro, Small screen drinks, and Bar-times are some of the many channels that can help in learning the art. Being an ardent follower of these channels can help one learn about various drink recipes and shooter recipes along with many bartending tips and tricks. Real-time videos can help you practise the art in the comfort of your home and earn the skills without experience or certification. Many bartending academies lend online services to pupils who can’t attend school. The European bartender school has its own Youtube channel which showcases the art of creating drinks that anyone with a passion could easily replicate.


Real-time learning

Real-time learning requires one to visit the bar and observe a bartender diligently.  These kinds of visits could help in learning various techniques of shaking, mixing, and serving of drinks. The only condition is that one needs to be sober at that point. Opting for a job of a bar-back or the assistant of a bartender could also help a lot in understanding the duties better.

Most of the talented bartenders started at the post of a bar-back and then steadily worked their way up. Doing this helps get acquainted with the minutest detail of bartending. The role of a bar back is a terrific opportunity for aspiring bartenders to learn the basics and also be experienced enough to work at lightning speeds. All the toil as a bar-back is going to add up as rigorous training and real-time experience. This substantial work would pay off once you land the job of a bartender.

Once, the job of a bartender was considered a secondary occupation or a temporary setup, but with time, things have changed. The beginning of the 20th century saw a rise in the number of women bartenders, also known as barmaids. Cocktail competitions such as World Class and Bacardi Legacy play an essential role in popularizing the profession and recognizing the most talented bartenders. Restaurants are the most common working spaces, but your passion may lead you to be the magician on an exotic cruise or posh overseas parties.

Remember that a bartender is a people’s person. He/ she is a conversation starter and loves to be in the limelight. Amongst all of these, he is the one who could make everyone’s life happier with just one glass of magic.