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Highchairs for Small Spaces in 2021

Updated 28-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

While you, as a new parent, try to soak in as much time, moments, and memories with your little one as possible, in no time, he/she will be close to their 6-month mark. This not only indicates that it is time to order their half-year birthday cake but more importantly, to find the best highchair that can be used in your space.

Hitting their 6-month mark and starting solids is one of the most important milestones in your child’s life, and as a parent, you want the new experience and the whole transition to be as smooth for your baby as possible. One of the factors that contribute to this is the highchair you choose.

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Though there is a myriad of options available on the market and you can typically find a lot of models within your price range, one aspect that should be a part of your consideration is the space you have in your home to accommodate the chair. For instance, if you happen to live in a 1-bedroom apartment, a compact home where there is barely any space in the kitchen/dining area, or you just prefer to buy things that are compact and don’t occupy a lot of space, you should look at the best smallest highchairs.

ProductBest forRatings
Best Smallest High Chair9.9
Koo-Di Duo Wooden Convertible Highchair
Koo-Di Duo Wooden Convertible Highchair
Best Premium Smallest High Chair9.8
Bebe Style Classic 2-in-1 Highchair
Bebe Style Classic 2-in-1 Highchair
Best Value for Money Smallest High Chair9.6
Red Kite Baby Feed Me Highchair
Red Kite Baby Feed Me Highchair
Best Practical Smallest High Chair9.5
Graco Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair
Graco Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair
Best Simple Smallest High Chair9.4
Safetots Deluxe Putaway Folding Wooden Child High Chair
Safetots Deluxe Putaway Folding Wooden Child High Chair
Best Durable Smallest High Chair9.3
Costway Folding Baby Hook On Seat
Costway Folding Baby Hook On Seat
Best Clip-On Smallest High Chair9.1
GYMAX Wooden Baby Highchair
GYMAX Wooden Baby Highchair
Best Multifunctional Smallest High Chair9
Nania Carla High Chair Reclinable
Nania Carla High Chair Reclinable
Best Compact Folding Smallest High Chair8.9
Baby-to-Love Pocket Chair
Baby-to-Love Pocket Chair
Best Portable Smallest High Chair8.8
Safety 1st Nordik Highchair
Safety 1st Nordik Highchair
Best Easy-to-Store Smallest High Chair8.7


1 IKEA ANTILOP Highchair

Best Smallest High Chair

IKEA was founded in 1943 and the brand started as a small mail-order business; it is now one of the world leaders in furnishing. There are millions of people behind the success and development of this brand, making it one of the most reliable and customer-favorite brands in the world. The ANTILOP highchair from the brand is one of the smallest and top-selling models in its category.

Parents looking for a highchair for their kids often end up scrolling through hundreds of models that are usually larger. Finding a durable and quality small highchair model is quite hard and one from an iconic brand like Ikea is surely the best you can get. This particular model should be perfect for families living in apartments, studios, and other cramped living spaces. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a big or multifunctional highchair, a small, quality, and safe highchair such as this one should be ideal for your lifestyle.

This highchair also comes with a safety belt for the protection and security of your kid. The product measures 81 x 40 x 35 cm in dimensions and weighs just 3kgs. The chair and the legs can be removed easily and stored when not in use. Even the highchair fully assembled can be stored in any cramped corner space. A highchair is one of the most essential tools for parents to inculcate social skills and eating manners on kids right from their early age, and the Ikea ANTILOP is so compact that it can be disassembled and carried even in your car when you are on a travel trip. Ikea, as a brand, is known for ensuring quality and safety across all their products, and the same safety and durable commitment is guaranteed with this product too.

Koo-Di Duo Wooden Convertible Highchair

2 Koo-Di Duo Wooden Convertible Highchair

Best Premium Smallest High Chair

Koo-Di is a UK-based baby essential product manufacturing company known for its innovative design, premium finish, and high-quality material composition. The brand is so reliable that once you get used to any of its products, you’ll end up buying more. The Duo Wooden Convertible Highchair from Koo-Di is one of the luxurious small highchairs you could purchase for your baby.

The premium quality of the materials used in the design and development of this highchair is what makes it a premium product. A combination of handpicked beechwood, ABS seat, and PU leather padding on the seat for comfortable seating posture, all make it a premium offering in the category. The quality of this highchair is so posh that it will perfectly blend with your existing interior design theme. Its Charcoal color looks stunning, and the length, width, and height of the chair measure 60 x 40 x 96 cm.

The 3-position customizable tray is made with a dishwasher-safe material and it can be removed easily for cleaning. The fact that you could easily convert this chair from a highchair into a toddler seating chair makes it a versatile option, and you don’t have to purchase a separate toddler chair in the future. The product weighs 5.1kgs. and should be easy to move around anywhere.

The 5-point safety harness on this comfortable high chair seat ensures comfort and security for your little one. The footrest and legs are given non-slippery treatment. The premium material construction and build quality make the Duo a long-lasting high chair. All the components of this seat, including the padded leather seat, can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. Koo-Di has designed the straps to be non-removable so that safety is assured, and the chair is designed for carrying kids up to 17Kgs only.

Bebe Style Classic 2-in-1 Highchair

3 Bebe Style Classic 2-in-1 Highchair

Best Value for Money Smallest High Chair

Bebe Style is London-based baby furniture, walkers, car seats, rockers, high chairs, and other baby care essential products manufacturing company operating since 1983. The brand focuses mainly on providing the best quality and safest products that offer great value for money. The Classic 2-in-1 Highchair is the top-selling smallest highchair model in the affordable price segment.

This 2-in-1 classic white highchair from Bebe Style is a perfect product for those looking for an affordable yet high-value proposition in this category. A 5-point safety harness is something you would normally find in a premium-priced model, but this one carries that feature, which shows the value the company is bringing to the table for its customers. The product weighs only 4kgs. and measures 45cm. in length, 36.5cm. in width, and 33cm. in height. Although adult assembly is required for this product, the assembly and disassembly won’t take long. This easy-to-assemble characteristic makes it a travel-friendly highchair.

Parents can use it as a highchair or junior chair depending on their requirement; simply by clicking off the four legs, the highchair can be converted into a junior chair in no time. The steel legs provide excellent stability and durability. There is a tray insert with a 2-position setup, which enables customization. The tray also has cupholders and enables your kid to learn social and eating skills.

The seat and footrest are made of good quality plastic and provide adequate comfort for your baby. Everything can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, so cleaning the chair should not be an issue. Bebe Style products, including this 2-in-1 classic highchair, are UK and EU safety standards compliant. Safety and high-quality standards are two guarantees you could expect from this brand, and to top it off – great value for money proposition.

Red Kite Baby Feed Me Highchair

4 Red Kite Baby Feed Me Highchair

Best Practical Smallest High Chair

Red Kite is one of the multiple award-winning British baby product manufacturing companies based in Bristol. All their products are known for their comfortable design, quality construction, safety, and most important of all – for delivering the best tools for kids to grow with. The Feed Me Highchair is one of the most preferred practical models in the market and has been the customer-choice product in both e-commerce and retail.

The Feed Me compact model FMSA in this latest updated version comes in an exciting neutral color, called ‘Pretty Kitty’, unlike brands that are used to the conventional blue and pink shades. The product measures 123cm in length, 66cm in width, and 15cm in height, and amazingly the company has managed to build this product weighing just 1.2Kg, without compromising on quality and safety, which is amazing. You simply cannot find a better practical small high chair in the market than this. Out of the box, you have the highchair unit and an instruction manual with all the instructions to follow. The featherlight nature and compact foldable design ensure that the highchair can be folded and stored away easily when not in use.

The feeding tray is larger than many of the other products on our list and it comes with a cup insert. The tray can be wiped clean, ensuring hygiene and easy maintenance after every use. Although the tray is not removable, it can be flipped up to seat your baby in and pick them out of the highchair comfortably. The seat is made of vinyl and is padded adequately to provide excellent comfort. The footrest is also adjustable, and the 5-point safety harness ensures that your kid stays in the highchair safely. The seat can be cleaned using a damp cloth without causing any damage to the padding.

Graco Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair

5 Graco Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair

Best Simple Smallest High Chair

Graco is an iconic baby products brand, which was started in the year 1953 by the Graco Metal Products group. Graco baby products are designed to provide the best experience for both kids and their parents. All the key features that a parent would want their child to have, like comfort, convenience, and safety are offered in all of the company’s products, including the Snack N’ Stow Compact Highchair.

Snack N’ Stow is one of the elegant and appealing compact highchair models, and though it looks simple, it is one of the most functional and reliable highchairs, making it an attractive buy. You have the option of choosing between 5 different colours, and the white/mustered colour combination happens to be the most sought-after colour. You get an 80’s circles design theme in this highchair and it matches the overall design of the product really well. The dimensions of the product are 74.1 x 60.6 x 90.1 cm, and it weighs 5.48 kgs. The flat-folding feature lets you store it even in a tight space. Once folded, the product measures only 15cm, which will make it possible for you to fit it in any of your storage cabinets.

The tray is decently-sized and comes with a 3-position adjustment for convenience. The footrest also has a 2-position adjustment. The tray can be removed and wiped clean within minutes, just like the seat, which can be wiped too. For safety, you get a 5-point safety harness belt, which has become a standard offering across many of the compact highchair models. The materials of plastic, polyester, and steel used in this product construction are all top quality; this provides excellent structural integrity, rigidity, and agility at the same time to this highchair.

Safetots Deluxe Putaway Folding Wooden Child High Chair

6 Safetots Deluxe Putaway Folding Wooden Child High Chair

Best Durable Smallest High Chair

Safetots is one of the largest manufacturers of all child safety-related products in the UK and this brand is a family-run organization, which was started in 2003. The Deluxe Putaway Folding Wooden Highchair, since designed by one of the safest tech minds in the business, came out to become one of the most durable small high chairs in the UK.

The Deluxe Putaway Wooden Folding Highchair is available in 4 different colors – grey, azure blue, white, and natural wooden finish. The product looks great in each of those colors and you could choose the one that best blends with your living space or personal liking. The wooden material construction in white finish looks apart and measures 64 cm in length, 45 cm in width, and 90 cm in height. The entire product weighs 8.5kgs., which is heavier compared to all the products we have discussed so far. This weight is because of the high-quality rubberwood material, and this is what gives it its durability and longevity. An instruction manual is also included with the hassle-free packaging that the brand follows with this product.

As the badging states, this highchair is easily foldable and can be “Putaway” for storage even in tight spaces. The highchair is sold as a fully assembled unit, which makes it a convenient buy. The wooden frame, tray, and seat can be wiped clean using a cloth. The seat comes with a 5-point safety harness as standard. For parents who are worried about the safety of their babies, we can guarantee you the reliability of this high chair, as it conforms with all the safety regulations, including EN71-1:2011, EN71-2:2011, and EN71-3:2013.

Costway Folding Baby Hook On Seat

7 Costway Folding Baby Hook On Seat

Best Clip-On Smallest High Chair

Costway is one of the top UK furniture brands with a versatile lineup of furnishing, home products, child products, toys, hardware, electronics, and many more. The growth of this brand, considering its inception was only in 2014, shows its commitment to product quality. If you are in the market for a clip-on style high chair for your baby, then you have found just the right model, with this 5-star rated Folding Baby Hook On Seat from Costway.

The Costway hook-on high seat comes in two colors – black and blue. This is one of the best portable clip-on high seats, which can be used in multiple spots, like home, restaurants, etc., making it a perfect travel companion for the family. If you are going on an RV trip or long journey, or if you are a frequent traveller, this should be your pick. Its compact dimensions, 50 x 36 x 36 cm. and 2kgs. weight make it perfect for transportation. It uses a U-shaped linking mechanism and has a stable reinforced non-slip design, thereby ensuring strong support. The whole chair could be folded flat for storage and transportation.

The backrest is removable and washable, so cleaning and maintenance are kept simple and efficient. It has a maximum load holding capacity of 15Kg, which should be more than adequate for babies 6 months and above. Compatibility is also one of its strong features, as you could clip it on different types of tables measuring between 15 and 50 mm. Its iron frame provides rigidity and stability to the chair. The storage pocket in the chair is large enough to hold diapers, snacks, and other baby essentials.

Costway has only used child-safe materials, like premium polyester cotton, making it safe even when babies might bite on it. You get a 2-point adjustable safety harness, which is kind of a standard in most clip-on style baby high chairs. Installation and removal of the high chair from any table assembly is simple and does not require any tools whatsoever; all you got to do is use the hook on the product. The seat assembly is designed as a T-shaped shell, which in itself ensures safety by keeping the baby in position.

GYMAX Wooden Baby Highchair

8 GYMAX Wooden Baby Highchair

Best Multifunctional Smallest High Chair

GYMAX is one of the top brands in the children’s toys, furniture sets, indoor & outdoor products, decor, garden, and many other product categories. The brand offers a wide collection of high-quality products and this Wooden Baby Highchair, in particular, is multifunctional, and provides excellent versatility for parents.

As we brushed upon, this is a 3-in-1 multifunctional wooden baby highchair, and the use of Premium beechwood in its construction gives it durability and reliability. It can be used for eating with the family at the dining table, as a study table, play space, rest spot, and also as a small stool for grown-up kids over 3 years of age. Such versatility makes it a desirable product since the chair can grow with your baby and always presents itself to be a useful tool. The baffle and tray are detachable, with the tray and the chair’s height fully adjustable by up to 3 different positions.

It comes with a 5-point safety harness to help keep your baby stable and secure. The PU cushioning is adequate for keeping babies comfortable even for a longer duration and is removable. The wood strip on the high hair can be replaced. The footrest is perfectly designed and positioned to provide excellent comfort. The gray and wooden finish accentuates the luxury finish of the highchair. Its anti-skid feet ensure that the chair is stable in all the different settings. GYMAX Wooden Baby Highchair could support up to 30kgs. in weight. All the materials including the PE and PP are non-toxic and totally safe. A detailed instruction manual also comes with the product, so assembly and maintenance would be quick and easy.

Nania Carla High Chair Reclinable

9 Nania Carla High Chair Reclinable

Best Compact Folding Smallest High Chair

Nania is part of the Team Tex group of companies, and this particular group solely focuses on innovative and high-quality baby products. Just like their popular and super reliable car seats, even the Carla High Chair Reclinable is one of the most durable compact folding smallest highchairs on the market. The black colour does make this model standalone, compared to most other white and light coloured models.

The most unique attribute of this reclinable highchair is its 7-position height adjustability. This feature makes it a highly compatible and user-friendly model. The chair measures 74 cm in length, 54 cm in width, and 98 cm in height. The product weighs 5kgs. and comes with an instruction manual, which needs to be followed for a simple and quick setup. The food tray comes with a cup insert and the over tray can be removed for cleaning. This over tray is dishwasher safe too. The unique and modern design of this chair makes it a perfect fit for most interior spaces.

The Carla high chair is compact when folded, and this allows for easy storage and transportation. The 3-position reclinable feature, on the other hand, can provide a comfortable and relaxing seating position for the baby. The 5-point safety harness helps keep your baby in position, even when they are in a hyper playing state. The footrest is adjustable for attaining a comfortable seating position for your bub. The top can be removed and washed using a sponge or damp cloth to maintain hygiene. The rear wheels on Carla help move the chair around your home without putting in much effort. Carla is suitable for babies between 6 and 36 months of age.

Baby-to-Love Pocket Chair

10 Baby-to-Love Pocket Chair

Best Portable Smallest High Chair

Baby-to-Love is part of BTL Diffusion and is a French baby product designing and manufacturing company, having all its operations in France. Some of their products have garnered several awards and recognition for their quality and safety, in particular. This pocket chair from the brand is one of the best portable travel chairs you could own.

The Pocket Chair from Baby-to-Love is compact, and in the White Stars color combination, it looks premium and appealing. It is also offered in denim, pink heart, and lines spirit editions. The high-quality polyester material is used in its construction, which is non-toxic, so it is totally safe even if your baby bites the material. The portable highchair is reversible and can be folded into its very own pocket assembly, which is one of its major highlights. The assembly is also simple and not time-consuming. This particular product is a great alternative to that of any conventional toddler highchairs. The harness is lighter in weight and helps keep your baby in place, and the seat cover ensures that it can be used wherever you go. The whole pocket chair is washable, so maintaining it in a hygienic state will be easy.

A 3-point harness comes with the belt and straps assembly, which is also adjustable to suit your baby. The convenience of just requiring a chair to mount the pocket high chair makes this an attractive prospect for parents who are on the move most of the time. Another thing to note here is that the harness fits on to any adult seat. With its compact dimensions of 18.4 x 15 x 10 cm and a mere 250 grams weight, the Pocket Chair from Baby-to-Love is one of the most portable smallest highchairs. Its maximum carrying capacity is 14kgs., and the product conforms to all the modern safety regulations imposed by the US, EU, and other international bodies.

Safety 1st Nordik Highchair

11 Safety 1st Nordik Highchair

Best Easy-to-Store Smallest High Chair

Safety 1st is a brand solely focused on providing the safest baby products across different categories; after all, safety is of prime importance more than any other feature specification, especially when it is for your baby. The products on offer from the company can be categorized under different sections, like home, car, travel, wellness, and more. The Nordik Highchair is one of the easy-to-store high chairs available for parents.

Safety 1st Nordik is a highchair in its warm grey color looks elegant and the cushion provides additional comfort and support for the baby. One of its main highlights is its super compact folding mechanism. The durable wooden material construction also gives it its long-lasting property. When you compare the seat on this model with that of its competitors, you will straight away notice how big the seat is. The 3-point safety harness belt ensures security for your little one. The dimensions of the Nordik are 87 x 60 x 48 cm., and the product weighs 5.9kgs. Regardless of its weight, the fact that the highchair is easy to store makes it a valuable buy.

How to Choose the Best Smallest Highchairs: Buyer’s Guide

When space in your home is at a premium, you cannot buy a highchair that is grandeur or something that can also be converted into a table and chair unit, even if you have the budget for the same. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the smallest highchair models out there have little to no features packed in them. In fact, some of these models look and function better than some of the luxurious highchair models you will come across. Yet, there are a few factors you should look into when choosing the best smallest highchair:


Safety Harness / Seatbelt

As always, the safety of your child is your priority, which means one of the first features you should look for in the smallest high chair you choose is a seatbelt or safety harness. In most cases, you will find highchairs with a 5-point safety harness, and some models come with a 3-point safety harness. With this feature, you should make sure that a part of the seatbelt comes between your little one’s legs and gets attached to the hip straps and/or shoulder straps because it is this part that helps prevent your baby from sliding down their seat on the highchair. If you are looking to use the highchair close to your regular dining table, you could choose a model that has a removable tray and a solid pommel or crotch bar, which does the job of protecting your child against slipping forward.


Comfortable Seating

Just because you are looking for the smallest highchair doesn’t mean that the comfort level of the seating can be compromised because it is where your child will be seated while eating and you want it to be highly comfortable. Look for highchairs that come with padded seating; even those models that come as plain wooden highchairs offer padded seats as accessories that can be purchased separately. And when you choose a small highchair with padded seating, make sure that the seat is easy to clean.



Of course, you want the highchair to have a tray, or at least as a buyable extra, so your little one can practice eating on their own. Many highchair models have trays that are removable, wherein you can remove the top layer of the tray for cleaning in the dishwasher or hand washing, and wipe clean the bottom layer. And having a removable tray also allows you to use the highchair close to your dining table, so your baby can join others in the family during mealtime. When it comes to the tray, adjustability is another factor you should look into; some highchairs allow you to place the tray in different positions to suit your growing child.

Best Smallest Highchairs Buyer Guide Image


Though most smallest highchair models have footrests, it is worth mentioning that choosing a model with a footrest will provide an extra level of convenience and comfort for your child as he/she grows.


Easy to Clean

It goes without saying that the smallest highchair you choose should be easy to clean because you know your new eater will leave behind quite some mess after every meal and you don’t want cleaning being a hassle for you. Having a tray that is dishwasher-safe is certainly an extra point, and the seat should be designed for a simple wipe clean.


Foldable / Collapsible

Last but not the least, when you are after the smallest highchair, you should most certainly look at models that are foldable or collapsible. Since you will be using the highchair multiple times a day, you don’t want the folding/collapsing technique to be a headache, but rather easy and quick, so you can put it away in no time. There are models that are designed to stand independently even when folded, which means you don’t have to store it leaning against a wall.



Do I really need to use a highchair for my baby?

Highchairs are widely known and recommended for the level of convenience and safety they offer. Since these chairs are specifically designed for babies’ and kids’ feeding time, they serve the purpose excellently well, and there are a lot of different models you can choose from, including some of the most compact and portable ones.


When should I start using a highchair for my baby?

It is highly recommended that you wait until your little one turns 6 months old to start using a highchair. Since this is usually the time when babies start solids, it would also make the perfect time to get them used to sitting in a highchair.


Until what age can I seat my kid in the smallest highchair?

Usually, kids will be ready to be out of their highchair and start using your regular dining table chair at around 3 years of age, when they would be able to stay put for quite some time for eating. However, do look at the manufacturer’s maximum weight limit the highchair can accommodate and stop using the same once your toddler is about to reach the weight.

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