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Exotic Unusual Boy Names

Updated 09-04-2021 – Lucy Walters

Naming your child can be one of the most difficult and argument-inducing decisions you may ever have to make. There is a lot of pressure on parents throughout the pregnancy to come up with something meaningful, something unique, something that stands out, something that ties in with your family name, something that can let the world know that you have a strange crush on one of the Avengers, without actually calling out ‘Iron Man’ to your toddler. The list goes on and on! Essentially, you are assigning the noise that other humans will make to get your childs attention from here on out. It only becomes slightly easier once you know the

sex of the baby, but gender knowledge doesn’t make it an easy task for names for both boys and girls. To make your life a little bit easier, we will focus on the male gender, and have compiled a list of some of our favourite unusual and unique boy names for you to choose from, or even gain some inspiration.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Three Letters:

Ace – There is something so endearing about one-syllable baby names, and this unique one is no exception! The Latin translation means ‘one, unity’, which is a beautiful shout-out to bringing your new family together.

Ari – A unique baby name for a little baby boy completing your tribe, Ari is a Hebrew name that means ‘Lion of God’.

Fox – This sweet name is perfect for a baby boy that is another wild addition to the family, as it translates to ‘wild animal in dog family’.

Van – One of my most favourite names (biased mother of a Van here), this name has a Danish origin, and simply translates to ‘of’, which is why you see it often in surnames.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With A Hebrew Origin:

Asher – An unusual baby name of Hebrew origin that will warm your heart, as it translates to ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one’.

Jethro – This Hebrew name has the most inspired translation, which is simply ‘excellence’. It is simply an excellent option for your baby boys names list.

Rani – One of the baby names that is a melody within itself, as it translates to ‘my song, my joy’. Perfect for the new doting parents.

Tobias – Not only does this Hebrew name come with the gorgeous nickname Tobi, it also translates to ‘God is good’.

Uryah – A biblical name that can also be spelt Uriah, this names Hebrew origin is translated to ‘my light is Jehovah’.

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Unusual Baby Boy Names With A Greek Origin:

Atlas –This noble and unique baby name has Greek origins, and means ‘the bearer of the heavens’, so it’s a powerful name, that your bound to love forever and ever. This works for girls too.

August – One of the baby names that’s not just a month of the year! Derived from the first emperor of the Roman Empire, August is a fun and unusual baby name that means ‘great, magnificent’, which is bound to set the right precedent for your baby boy!

Ilias –  Ilias is the Greek form of the biblical name Elias, and translates to ‘sunlight’ or if you need an even cuter inspiration, ‘child of the sun’.

Phoenix – Not only is the mythical bird a symbol of immortality, the name Phoenix is a cute boys name of Greek origin that means ‘dark red’. This is fast becoming one of the more popular baby boys names.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Movie & Television Ties:

Chuck – Originally a nickname from a term of endearment, Chuck is another unusual baby name with a German origin, translating to ‘free man’. A toddler might choose to be called Chucky, which is also a good choice!

Conroy –More often used as an Irish surname, Conroy is one of the unusual baby names for the Game of Thrones fans, as it translates to ‘hound (or wolf) of the plain’.

Forrest – This gorgeous unusual baby name is of ancient French origin, and predictably, represents ‘woodsman or woods’. A fantastic boys name for a future lumberjack.

Indy – A shortened form of the classic names India and Indiana, Indy is the sweetest name, which translates to independence. Another one that works for girls as well.

Maverick –This unusual baby name means ‘independent, nonconformist’, so it’s a top pick for those little boys who are going to one day rule the world, just like his parents.

Sidney – This very cool name is unisex, and of an English origin. It’s another one for the nature-lovers, as it is ‘wide meadow’.

Zuri – A sly way to get a shout-out to the Marvel universe, this unique name has an African/Kiswahili heritage, and translates to ‘good, beautiful’.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With An English Origin:

Beckett –An English and Irish origin baby name, perfect for nature lovers as it translates to ‘beehive, little brook or bee cottage’. Also, how cute is the is nickname Beck for your unique baby?

Ellis – This sweet and unusual baby name is of English and Welsh origin, and is what we all aspire our children to be, as it translates to ‘kind, benevolent’. It is becoming increasingly popular for boy names and girl names.

Gray – One of the colour baby names, a shortened version of the English ‘Grayson’, which translates to ‘the son of the bailiff’.

Harlow – Another powerful name of English origin, Harlow translates to ‘army hill’, and is a great ode to family members who were soldiers, whether in this century or well-before.

Huntley – This English name is ideal for the outdoorsman, as it translates to ‘meadow of the hunter’. Nature can be your inspiration for the name for your baby!

Link – The shortened version of the traditional Lincoln (which is also a fantastic name and should go on your list), either Link or Linc is a very cool and unusual name to choose that translates to ‘home by the pond’ in the ancient Old English.

Oakley – This sweet and unusual baby name is of old-English origin, and is fitting for those parents who love nature, as it means ‘meadow of oak trees’. It is such a sweet name, it could suit all babies!

Reed – Of English origin, this unique name translates to ‘red-haired’ and is great for musical lovers, as a reed is what helps an instrument vibrate to create the sound.

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Unique Baby Boy Names With Exotic Ties:

Bayu – This sweet and exotic Indonesian baby name has a nature-inspired translation, and simply means ‘wind’. I feel like this is truly an excellent choice!

Gunner – The spelling can also be Gunnar, and is the Scandinavian version of Gunther, and strongly translates to ‘bold warrior’.

Haze – One of the perfect unusual baby names for little boys with beautiful brown eyes, Haze is a German name that is derived from the word hazel, meaning light brown in colour.

Kymani – This fantastic African name is strangely aesthetically pleasing, and translates to ‘adventurous traveler’, which will surely start with those toddler years!

Leif – Derived from the Old Norse name Leifr, Leif is of a Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘heir, descendant, beloved’. It’s a name that represents traditional family ties.

Tiaki –Pronounced ‘tee-are-key’, this powerful Maori name from New Zealand, translating to ‘guard, preserve, foster, protect and shelter’. It’s a name for a warrior, and commands respect.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Awesome Translations:

Conan – As far as unusual baby names go, this one is a top contender. This Celtic name has the sweetest translation of ‘little wolf’, which is truly the perfect name for the new addition to your pack!  

Kendrick –Another great example of unusual baby names that has powerful translations, as it means ‘royal-ruler, champion’.

Quinn –This unique unisex name for both girls and boys, means ‘chief leader, intelligence’, which will become clear in those toddler years!

Santino – Another one of the charming and unique baby names, this one has Italian roots, and sweetly translates to ‘little saint’.

Vaden –This unique one on our baby names list has one of those beautifully simplistic translations, and just means ‘sunshine’.

Warrick –Another one of the boys names that sets the bar high for a powerful individual, Warrick means ‘strong leader who defends’.

Wolfgang – This popular German name for your baby is so great on it’s own, it barely needs the translation, but because we’re here, it means ‘travelling wolf’.  I simply like the sound of that, and want to howl at the moon.

Xaylen – One of the very cool baby names that is a bit mysterious, as there is not a lot of information about it, but rumour has it that means ‘God of miracles’ and has an English and Greek origin.

Zade – This funky and exotic name to consider has an Arabic origin, and means flourishing or trendy. It’s a true contender.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Latin Origins:

Dominic –This increasingly popular Latin name has religious roots, meaning ‘belonging to the Lord’.

Felix –This unique name has a Latin translation that simply makes you smile, as it means ‘happy, fortunate’. It should be at the top of your baby names list .

Novah – This unique and beautiful name is of Latin origin, and simply means ‘new’. It is an excellent way to acknowledge new life, new beginnings, and a new family.

Orson – This cute-as-a-button name has a Latin origin, and means ‘bear cub’, so not only is it sweet, it’s also stylish and an excellent name for your baby.

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Unusual Baby Boy Names With Scottish Origins:

Duncan –This unique Scottish baby name means ‘dark warrior’, and can be shortened to the adorable nickname ‘Dunc’, which is just the sweetest. The popularity of this name is slowly increasing and you can see why!

Evander – Believed to be of a Scottish or Greek origin, this stunning unique name for your baby translates to ‘bow-warrior, strong man’.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Irish & Gaelic Origins:

Bryant – An Irish variant of ‘Brian’, this name translates to ‘strong, virtuous and honorable’. What more could you possibly wish for your baby’s future personality?

Finnian – This unique baby boy name has Irish and Gaelic origins, and has a simple translation of ‘fair’. It’s also quite fun to pronounce, and you can take a letter out and have it as Finian.

Roark –This unique Irish name could also be spelt Rourke, and means ‘illustrious and mighty’.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With Japanese Origins:

Kenji –This unique and unusual Japanese name is a powerful one, meaning ‘strong and vigorous’. It is perfect for baby boy number two, as it can also translate to ‘intelligent second born’.

Neiko – This name has been derived from Japanese origin of “Neko”, which means a cat. There’s something so unique about cats, so this one is definitely one for the books.


Unusual Baby Boy Names With French Origins:

Pryce – This unusual and fun baby name to consider is of Old French origin, and translates to ‘prize’. It’s a cute way to acknowledge the prize that is your newborn baby boy.

Quay – Pronounced like the letter ‘kay’, this very unusual name is of French origin, and means ‘wharf’. It might just be unusual enough to make the top of your list.

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