Children are our greatest joy. From their innocence to mischievousness, there’s always some new way they explore the world with all its beautiful colours.  Most kids are born with innate sensitivities towards crafts, arts, and music. These talents should be nurtured and cared for, encouraged and given a new dimension to discover more unique skills. Jewellery making is one such craft. It is therapeutic, increases focus and concentration, and improves motor skills.

Not only is jewellery making an excellent way to introduce something brand new and novel to children, but also is a great way to relax and spend time with them. Quality bonding time with kids is a sporadic thing that takes place once in a blue moon. Jewellery crafts promote creativity and give a boost to the self-confidence of your children. Kind words, encouragement and the opportunity to create and wear something new is sure to bring out the best in your children.

Let us look at some ways to make homemade jewellery with Katie from Orla James.

Clay beads jewellery

If you have little girls at home who want to express their own fashion sense, then the clay bead jewellery is sure to be a hit. Polymer clay is available at almost all craft supply stores and comes in a variety of colours.

To make clay beads jewellery, you will need a little polymer clay, mineral oil, an oven-proof pan, thread, toothpick, and a needle.

Cut up the clay into small pieces, add a drop of mineral oil, and round them up into little balls. Once done, pierce the ball with a toothpick through the centre. Lay all the colourful polymer clay beads on a baking pan and bake according to the instructions on the polymer clay packet.

Once done, let the beads cool and thread the beads (with the help of the needle) to fashion a bracelet, necklace, or a friendship band to give to friends.

Coloured pasta necklace

Coloured pasta jewellery is a fun way to spend time with kids. Boys and girls love wearing coloured pasta necklaces while they play with friends or just run around the park. All you need are pasta shells (preferable penne), hand sanitiser, freezer bags, matchstick, strong thread, tape, and food colouring.

In the freezer bags, add a handful of pasta and a drop of sanitiser. Shake well so that all the pasta is coated well. Now add food colouring and shake the bag to cover all pasta shells with the colour. Empty the pasta shells onto an old newspaper and allow to dry off completely.

Make separate freezer bags for different colors.

Once dried, tie the thread to a matchstick and secure it with a little tape. Now you can make bracelets and neck pieces for your kids from regular pasta. Use a Sussex wedding photographer to capture great images of these since they’ve worked with jewellery pictures before.

Ready-to-seed jewellery

Most parents today feel the need to teach their children about reuse and recycling. Boys and girls are more aware of the ecological balance of our world than many adults. Ready-to-seed jewellery is a beautiful way to help your little one with his or her green thumb.

What you will need are seeds, clay (preferably air dry), dry vegetable compost (without manure or animal parts), bowl, toothpick, food colouring, hemp twine, and paintbrushes.

Mix the seeds, compost, and clay together in the ratio 1: 1: 4. (1-part seeds, 1-part compost, and 4-parts of clay) and knead together in a bowl. Once done, roll the mixture into bead sized balls or oblong pieces. Pierce through the centre of these pieces with a toothpick. Let dry over the next few days.

Once dried, use a paintbrush and paint organic food colour (undiluted) directly on to the beads. Let dry. Now thread together with hemp twine.

This jewellery is ready to plant whenever your little ones get bored with their jewellery. Simple bury the fashion pieces in the soil, provide water and wait for your seeds to grow into plants.

Toilet roll bracelet and anklets

Keeping in mind the eco-friendliness and do-it-yourself for this project, we bring you the toilet roll bracelet and anklet. What you need are toilet roll cores, glue, wool yarn, and transparent tape. Cut the toilet roll core into three equal parts (you can slice the roll to make an expendable bracelet or anklet) and start wrapping the wool yarn in clean lines. Use tape to secure the end of the thread to the core before starting. Once done, glue on to the base to keep secure. Use colourful wool yarn or single toned ones to add colour to the jewellery. Your anklet and bracelet are ready to be worn!