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Best Scooters for a 2-year-old in 2021

Updated 02-01-2021 – Lucy Walters

Scooters are great family toys for a fun day around the outdoors. If you think you and your toddler can’t join the scootering fun, think again. There are scooters specifically made for your 2-year-olds, and we’ve listed our ten best picks here.


Things to Consider When Buying Your 2-year-old a Scooter

There are special considerations when buying a scooter for your 2-year-old, such as their motor skills and confidence may still be developing, so they may struggle to use the scooters you and the older kids are accustomed to. Here are the rest of the things you need to look for when planning to buy a scooter for your toddler:



Choose three or four-wheeled scooters as these are designed to provide added stability and support for younger children who are still at the early stages of developing their sense of balance. You also have to ensure that the front wheels are at least 100 mm in size, as larger wheels provide better shock absorption on uneven terrains.

10 Best Scooter for a 2-year-old UK Banner Image


Between foam and rubber hand grips, rubber is the safer option for a 2-year-old as these tend to go around the entire handlebar. Foam bars also damage easier than rubber, which may pose a potential safety risk for your little one’s tiny hands.



Go for a scooter with an adjustable height so it grows with your child and they can use it longer, which means you get your money’s worth.



Three-wheeled scooters steer differently than the two-wheeled ones. There is the turn-to-steer mechanism, which allows the Scooter to steer into the direction of their turn. The second is the lean-to-steer, where your child leans towards the direction they are aiming for. This mechanism is generally the safer one as it prevents accidental falls from sharp turns, which normally happens with the turn-to-steer. It is also a great mechanism for developing your child’s coordination and balance skills.

ProductBest forRatings
The Scootiebug Range
The Scootiebug Range
Best product9.4
Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe Scooter
Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe Scooter
Premium product9.3
Ozbozz My First Scooter
Ozbozz My First Scooter
Value product9
Peppa Pig My First Tri Scooter
Peppa Pig My First Tri Scooter
Best front wheel design9.1
XJD Three-Wheel Kids Scooter
XJD Three-Wheel Kids Scooter
Best direction lock technology9.1
Stotoy Toddler Scooter
Stotoy Toddler Scooter
Best interactive wheel design9.1
Macwheel Toddler Scooter
Macwheel Toddler Scooter
Best convertible design9.1
Smoby Pink Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter
Smoby Pink Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter
Best Scooter for girls8.8
Baobë 3-In-1 Kids Scooters
Baobë 3-In-1 Kids Scooters
Best Scooter for boys8.8
Homcom 5-in-1 Kids Scooter
Homcom 5-in-1 Kids Scooter
Best versatile Scooter8.8

The Scootiebug Range

1 The Scootiebug Range

Best product

Scootiebug is a scooter brand specifically tailored for younger children. The brand falls under the UK company Robovision Ltd, which trades by the name Mookie Toys.

The Scootiebug Range is an award-winning scooter featuring four vibrant scooters with adorable bug-inspired colours, patterns, and prints. It features a lean-to-steer mechanism technology and quiet, non-scratch wheels, which means you can use it indoors or outdoors, and not have to to worry about ruining your home’s beautiful flooring. 

This scooter range has a non-slip deck, preventing your little one from accidentally sliding off the Scooter, as well as promoting the development of their balance skills.

The rubber handlebar extends from 50 cm to 60 cm, so you can adjust it according to your child’s comfort levels. This handlebar also conveniently folds down, making transport easier and storage more compact. 

The Scooter is primarily made of plastic, making it lightweight, and easy for you to carry when your little one gets tired after a long day of scootering outdoors.

The price point on the Scootiebug is also relatively affordable, considering the above features, which is why we are naming it our pick for the best of the best scooters for a 2-year-old available in the UK.

Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe Scooter

2 Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe Scooter

Premium product

Micro Scooters is a Swiss brand specialising in the design and manufacture of high-end scooters for all ages.

The Mini Deluxe Scooter is the Micro Scooters’ range of scooters specifically designed with young children in mind.

It is a three-wheeled scooter featuring an adjustable handlebar height, so your child has a comfortable grip while learning to manoeuvre the Scooter using the lean-to-steer technique.

The Scooter is suitable for kids aged 2 to 5. They come with replaceable parts and an anodised stem for rust protection, ensuring your little one can truly use the Scooter for years to come (and perhaps pass it on to their younger sibling).

The extra-grippy footplate provides added stability for your child, and the lightweight design, allows them to move around pavements, doorways, and steps without needing to ask you for help. A sensitive brake is also located at the rear wheel for added safety.

With its sleek design and award-winning features, the Micro Scooters Mini Deluxe Scooter range could have easily made our top pick for this list. However, it falls just a wee bit short on the price, leaning towards the more expensive side. For this reason, it is truly deserving of the premium spot on this list of best scooters for a 2-year-old.

Ozbozz My First Scooter

3 Ozbozz My First Scooter

Value product

Ozbozz is a scooter brand belonging to the UK toy company, H. Grossman Limited. 

The Ozbozz My First Scooter is a line specifically designed for young children from age 2 onwards. It’s a super versatile turn-to-steer scooter, having the ability to convert between four, three, and two wheels, to accommodate your little one’s improving balance and coordination skills.

It comes with a metal deck design to give the Scooter added strength and durability. The safety and stability of your little one are also supported by the anti-slip footplate, easy-grip handles, and the rear wheel foot brake.

Assembling the Scooter from its packaging is also very straightforward, you don’t need any sort of specialised tools.

The Scooter folds flat and compact, so it’s easy to store in the car to drive out to your scooting destination or to tuck away neatly in the garage after a day of scooting fun.

The Ozbozz My First Scooter is also the least expensive Scooter in this list, so if you are looking for a value scooter that won’t break the bank but has the essential features to give your little one a safe and enjoyable scooting experience, this may be your best option. For more ways to get your kids active check out our guide on trampolines.

Peppa Pig My First Tri Scooter

4 Peppa Pig My First Tri Scooter

Best front wheel design

If you haven’t had kids in the last 15 or so years, you are forgiven for not knowing Peppa Pig. The brand started as a British kid’s cartoon series, featuring the life of an energetic preschool pig. The Peppa Pig franchise has since become so popular, it has since been acquired by American toy conglomerate, Hasbro.

The Peppa Pig My First Tri Scooter is a three-wheeled leant-to-steer scooter, featuring Peppa Pig prints all over it, making it the perfect scooter choice if your child is an avid fan of Peppa!

The standout feature of this Scooter is its large, 15 cm front wheel, giving your little one added protection from shock, especially when scooting along uneven surfaces. Apart from that, it also has puncture-proof tyres, so their balance and safety are assured even if the Scooter accidentally runs over something sharp.

Like a lot the scooters on this list, it has an anti-slip footplate to ensure your toddler’s foot doesn’t slip off and avoid unnecessary injury.

The handlebar is also adjustable, which is great for fast-growing toddlers!

XJD Three-Wheel Kids Scooter

5 XJD Three-Wheel Kids Scooter

Best direction lock technology

XJD is an Amazon Retailer with a wide range of products, including kids’ scooters and associated protective gear, as well as adult and children clothing and accessories. Their name comes from the phrase: eXperience Joy and Development, as stated on their brand’s web page.

The best feature of the XJD kids scooter is its direction lock technology, which is perfect for a toddler’s first-time scooting experience. When the lock is activated, the Scooter will only move in one straight direction forward. As your little one learns to achieve balance and confidence on their Scooter, you can deactivate the direction lock, and the Scooter will operate on a lean-to-steer mechanism. 

This Scooter is designed with dual front wheels, which is great for added stability. It also features light-up wheels. 

You also don’t have to fuss too much about your child outgrowing this Scooter as it has an adjustable handlebar height to up to 30 inches, so you are assured that it will last them at least a couple of years. For something indoors, perhaps consider a ride on toy so your child doesn’t destroy your house with their new scooter.

Stotoy Toddler Scooter

6 Stotoy Toddler Scooter

Best interactive wheel design

Stotoy is another Amazon retailer focusing on infant and toddler toys. The Stotoy Toddler Scooter features a 2-in-1 design, which is always a plus when buying any toy. Your toddler can either use it as a conventional scooter with lean-to-steer technology, but when they get tired or simply want to be seated, the Scooter comes with a detachable seat.

It has a low-to-ground deck clearance, which is great for little ones learning to balance as they won’t be too far off the ground. This feature also assists with smoother turns.

Another great feature of this Scooter is its wheels. First off, the wheel was designed with triple performance in mind: it has a quiet and muted turn, it is resistant to everyday wear and tear, and enabled with shock-proof technology. The best wheel feature, however, is the magnetic flashing wheels which do not require any batteries. This means that the lights are activated every time the wheels move and stop at the same time as the wheel stops. Your toddler will surely be inspired to keep moving forward with this super fun feature.

Macwheel Toddler Scooter

7 Macwheel Toddler Scooter

Best convertible design

Macwheel is an online retailer known for its line of electric bikes and scooters. What a lot of consumers do not know is that the company also design and manufacture toddler scooters.

The Macwheel toddler scooter features a great 2-in-1 convertible design. Without the need for any tools and with just a press of a button, the Scooter can quickly convert into a ride-on toy with an adjustable seat. 

It also has a massive, 9.25-inch (23.5 cm) wheel, which is great for shock absorption on rough terrains.  

It also has a wide deck, so it’s great for encouraging stability. At the same time, your little one learns how to balance themselves on the Scooter. 

When your little one grows older and gains more confidence navigating through a scooter, you can also convert the Macwheel Toddler Scooter from a three-wheeled one to a conventional two-wheeled scooter, giving your child a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Smoby Pink Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter

8 Smoby Pink Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter

Best Scooter for girls

Smoby Toys is a French company specialising in a wide range of toys suitable for 1-year-olds2-year-olds, and pre-schoolers.

The Smoby Pink Reversible 2-in-1 Scooter. With just the convenient click of a button, you can have it as a scooter or a three-wheeled training bike. 

This Scooter comes with wide handles, to help your little one safely navigate and steer through any terrain. 

It also has an adjustable handlebar height, providing your little one with a comfortable, ergonomic scooting experience as they grow taller.

The standout feature of this Scooter is its bright pink design, which makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for a scooter for a 2-year-old little girl (or a 2-year-old who loves pink)!

Baobë 3-In-1 Kids Scooters

9 Baobë 3-In-1 Kids Scooters

Best Scooter for boys

Baobë is an Amazon retailer of infant and children’s toys, including scooters and baby books.

The Baobë 3-in-1 kids’ Scooter has an appealing light blue design, making it the perfect scooter choice for a 2-year-old boy (or a 2-year-old girl that loves blue). 

It has a 3-in-1 design feature, which means it can be used as a scooter, a training bike, and a mobile storage cart. The storage feature sits under the seat when the Scooter is on a bike mode. It’s great when going out for a picnic or a day out on the beach as the storage can keep your child’s snack items or beach toys or other tiny toys that fit.

In terms of safety, the Scooter and bike have a non-slip seat and a non-slip footplate, ensuring that your little one remains safely seated or balanced in place while scooting or biking about.

Homcom 5-in-1 Kids Scooter

10 Homcom 5-in-1 Kids Scooter

Best versatile Scooter

Homcom is a Chinese company specialising in a wide range of products from home furniture, toys, and baby products, such as baby bathtubs and travel potties.

The Homcom 5-in-1 Kids’ Scooter is super versatile, it will really last for a long time in your household. First and foremost, it is a three-wheeled scooter with 3 levels of adjustable height to ensure your little one’s comfort, and a non-slip board to provide an added safety and stability feature for your young toddler.

Second, the Scooter comes with a detachable seat, which instantly converts it into a toddler ride on. The seat has the same non-slip design, so your little one is given added security while on the seat.

Third, the stroller comes with a detachable push handle, which is great for helping your little one navigate while on the ride-on mode.

Fourth, the height is adjustable, so when your child is a bit older, the ride-on mode with handlebar can be used as a doll stroller for a fun nurturing pretend play with your little one’s favourite doll.

Finally, the stroller comes equipped with super cute storage at the front, designed kike an adorable bug’s head, making the stroller stylish and very attractive.


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