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Best Maternity Pads in 2022

Updated 27-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

If you are a first-time expectant mum, make sure your hospital or overnight bag contains maternity pads. Stains and leakage is the last thing you want to worry about when your little one finally arrives.

If you don’t know already, whether you’re giving birth via vaginal or Caesarean delivery, you will end up with some bleeding similar to your period that can last somewhere between two to six weeks.

If you’ve been a tampon user before pregnancy, the NHS advises against using this after delivery, as it gives you higher chances of catching an infection. They recommend using maternity pads instead.  

If you’re not too familiar with maternity pads, here’s our quick guide of what to look for, followed by a list of the ten best maternity pads in the UK for 2021.

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Things to Consider When Buying Maternity Pads

Other than how much it costs, it would help if you also looked out for these things when choosing maternity pads.



You’ve pretty much been uncomfortable during your pregnancy and delivery course, so give yourself a break by looking for pads that are comfortable to wear. Pads with liners made of cotton or soft bamboo are the most comfortable.



Your bleeding after delivery is significantly heavier than your regular periods, so ideally, the longer and the wider the pad is, the better. 



Again, your bleeding will be more substantial, which means if your pads are less absorbent, you may need to change more often.

ProductBest forRatings
Abena Premium Maternity Pads
Abena Premium Maternity Pads
Best product9.4
Saugella Cotton Touch
Saugella Cotton Touch
Premium product9
Medicare Maternity Pads
Medicare Maternity Pads
Value product9.1
Organyc Maternity First Days Pads
Organyc Maternity First Days Pads
Best organic maternity pads8.9
Canpol Babies Postpartum Hygiene Pads
Canpol Babies Postpartum Hygiene Pads
Best wide-designed maternity pad8.8
Natracare Maternity Pads
Natracare Maternity Pads
Best eco-friendly maternity pads8.8
Lil-Lets Maternity Extra Long Pads
Lil-Lets Maternity Extra Long Maxi Pads
Best maternity pads with wings8.7
Chicco Mammy After Birth Pads
Chicco Mammy After Birth Pads
Best multi-pack brand8.6
Canpol Babies Postpartum Night Pads
Canpol Babies Postpartum Night Pads
Best for overnight use8.6
Bella Mamma Maternity Pads
Bella Mamma Maternity Pads
Best for limited movement use8.3

Abena Premium Maternity Pads

1 Abena Premium Maternity Pads

Best product

Abena is a Danish brand specialising in the manufacture of healthcare solutions across all age groups, from baby diapers to adult incontinent pads, among others.

The Abea Premium Maternity Pads comes in a pack of 14 super-absorbent pads, that can carry up to 800 ml of fluid. 

It features the Air Plus technology on the pads back sheet. This technology promotes breathable and more relaxed wear and boosting skin health at the same time. 

Your bleeding after delivery also tends to be more foul-smelling compared to your regular periods. To combat this, the Abena has advanced odour protection which essentially locks in odour and wetness.

These maternity pads also come equipped with anatomically-friendly barriers to reduce leakage and a fast-acting acquisition layer that ensures quick absorption of each blood flow, essentially protecting the integrity of your skin.

To top it all off, the Abena Premium Maternity pads are made of dermatologically tested material and a super soft top sheet allowing you to recover from your delivery and enjoy your baby comfortably.

All the above features, combined with Abena’s affordable price, makes it our top pick for the best of the best maternity pads on this list. For more health products, check out our guide on the best baby wipes.

Saugella Cotton Touch

2 Saugella Cotton Touch

Premium product

Saugella is an Italian brand offering a range of women’s sanitary products. The brand falls under the umbrella of the Rottapharm Madaus Laboratories, which is a company that specialises in gynaecological products.

The Saugella Cotton Touch Maternity Pad pack contains ten individually wrapped sanitary towels best used after birth. They are incredibly comfortable, owing to their 100% cotton make. They’re also hypoallergenic, so are great for people who have generally sensitive skin. 

The Saugella pads have a micro ventilated base and anti-odour features to ensure that the smell from your bleeding remains contained. They also come equipped with side elastics to protect from unwanted leakage. 

Finally, all Saugella pads come enriched with the natural extracts of thyme and calendula, which both have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Medicare Maternity Pads

3 Medicare Maternity Pads

Value product

Medicare is a worldwide manufacturer of a wide range of health-related products from maternity pads to plasters, and so much more.

The Medicare Maternity Pads are perhaps the cheapest maternity pads available in the market. Still, their features are comparable to that of more expensive brands.

The pad itself is composed of four layers. These layers are a combination of cellulose and non-woven fibre to ensure the wearer’s comfort and maximum absorbency of fluid. The inner layer comes with a non-adherent soft finish to protect the integrity of your skin.

Despite its slim design, the pad comes extra-long and broader than your regular period pads, that help reduce the risk of leaking.

Although its absorbency is significantly lower than our best product on this list, it’s still relatively high-absorbent considering its slim design and price. So if you don’t mind frequent changes and budget is a priority, you probably want to consider including the Medicare maternity pads in your list of options.

Organyc Maternity First Days Pads

4 Organyc Maternity First Days Pads

Best organic maternity pads

Organyc is an American company focussing on the production of feminine care products made of 100% organic cotton material. 

The Organyc Maternity First Days pads are made of super-soft, fluffy, and thick 100% organic cotton specifically designed to absorb the massive flow of women during the first few days after delivery.

The pads also come with a biodegradable protective film that is breathable, allowing adequate ventilation and air circulation, which helps protect the integrity of your skin, promote any vaginal wound healing, and subsequently reduces the risk of infection.

If you are conscious about chemicals or if you have sensitive skin, the Organyc Maternity First Days may be the best maternity pad option for you.

Canpol Babies Postpartum Hygiene Pads

5 Canpol Babies Postpartum Hygiene Pads

Best wide-designed maternity pad

Canpol is a Polish brand offering a wide range of baby maternity and infant care products, from baby bottles to mats and safety accessories.

The Canpol Babies Postpartum Hygiene are thin-structured maternity pads made of interlining material that quickly absorbs fluids and locks the liquid inside to avoid leakage. On top of the interlining is a soft and breathable layer that helps reduce the risk of any skin irritations.

It’s relatively wider than most maternity pads. Still, the shape is contoured to fit with your body’s anatomy, ensuring you remain comfortable while wearing them.

The wide adhesive strip on the bottom of the pad ensures that it sits in place, saving you from having to worry about your pad falling off when you’re rocking your newborn to sleep or when you are walking out and about with your family’s new addition. For more health products, check out our guide on the best nappy rash cream or baby eczema cream.

Natracare Maternity Pads

6 Natracare Maternity Pads

Best eco-friendly maternity pads

Natracare is an American-based brand that prides itself in being the first brand to develop the world’s first line of natural and organic period products in 1989.

If you are an eco-conscious buyer, there can be no better choice than the Natracare for your maternity pads. 

These pads come plastic-free, packaged in recycled cardboard, and the prints used are from vegetable-based ink. The pads themselves are biodegradable and compostable. 

Other than being eco-friendly, the Natracare Maternity Pads are also Vegetarian Society approved and are Certified Biobased Products. The extra-long pads have an absorbent and breathable core with a waterproof backing made of plant starch. The cover of the pad comes from 100% organic cotton and is chlorine and GMO-free,  specially designed for sensitive skin.

Lil-Lets Maternity Extra Long Maxi Pads

7 Lil-Lets Maternity Extra Long Maxi Pads

Best maternity pads with wings

Lil-Lets is a UK company focussing on the design and distribution of feminine hygiene products. They pride themselves in being the only UK brand offering an extensive range of feminine hygiene products suitable for all ages of a woman’s life.

Apart from its extra-long size, the standout feature of the Lil-Lets Extra Long Maxi Pads is its integrated “wings” that helps secure your maternity pads in place.  Another notable feature is its cushioned and extra-wide design, which allows more absorbency and added comfort for your healing parts down there. The thick pads absorb the bleeding quickly, yet retains it in the core to protect your skin from breakdown.

The Li-Lets pads are also fragrance-free, so if you are sensitive to certain fragrances, this may also be a good option for you. 

They come individually folded and wrapped in colourful flower designs, so you can mix some in your baby’s diaper bag when going out with your bubba.

Chicco Mammy After Birth Pads

8 Chicco Mammy After Birth Pads

Best multi-pack brand

Chicco is an Italian brand known worldwide for its range of infant and childcare products, including baby carriersMoses baskets, and a whole lot more.

The Chicco Mammy After Birth Pads come in a pack of 30, so if you are looking for a multi-pack to buy that lasts you for your entire postpartum bleed period, this could be one of your considerations.

This maternity pad has an extra-long and extra-wide design ensuring adequate protection from leakage from all sides. It also has a hypoallergenic and soft lining, which is excellent for providing you comfort, at the same time maintaining the overall health of your sensitive skin.

The pads come with three absorbent layers, with the core composed of pure cellulose material, which helps with extreme absorbency. 

These pads work great on their own, or for added comfort, use them with separately sold disposable Chicco after birth underwear.

Canpol Babies Postpartum Night Pads

9 Canpol Babies Postpartum Night Pads

Best for overnight use

This maternity pad is another product from the Canpol Babies range. This maternity pad range is wider than the standard Canpol Postpartum pads, which is great for overnight use.

Like the earlier Canpol pad we featured on this list, it comes with the same gel interlining, that works excellent for absorbency and locking in the fluid to protect your skin’s integrity and promote faster wound recovery in cases of vaginal deliveries.

The soft inner layer helps with your comfort, while the overall breathable material ensures adequate ventilation and breathability. 

Like the standard postpartum Canpol Babies maternity pad, this has a wide adhesive strip which is very handy for nighttime use as you are free to change your positions without having to worry about leakage or staining your bed.

Bella Mamma Maternity Pads

10 Bella Mamma Maternity Pads

Best for limited movement use

Bella Mamma is part of the Polish brand Happy, which is under the umbrella of the TZMO SA Company, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hygiene and incontinence products, cosmetics, and medical devices.

The Bella Mamma Maternity Pads are dermatologically tested and come with a delicate fabric lining, to ensure that it is safe to use even for the most sensitive skin. The cellulose inner layer, on the other hand, enhances maximum absorption and containment, reducing the chances of leakage.

These maternity pads are extra long and extra wide, at 34 x 11 cm. This size is excellent for maximum coverage, especially in the first few days after giving birth, when your flow tends to be at their heaviest. They do not come with adhesive strips, however, so they are best in situations where you have limited movement, such as extended stays in hospital (where you have someone to assist you as its easy for them to slip it off), or after a Caesarean section delivery.


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