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The Best Baby Bath Tubs in 2022

Updated 19-01-2021 – Lucy Walters

Bathing a baby is one of the most challenging tasks in a parent’s daily routine. The difficulty comes in keeping it less messy as much as you can while ensuring the safety of your baby.

From a different perspective, bath time is generally an enjoyable moment for every baby. Who wouldn’t love playing with warm water and bubbles, right?

A bathtub is an excellent way to make things easier for you as the parent, and comfortable for your little one, so you can develop your bond even more through enjoying fun bath times.


Things to Consider When Buying Baby Bath Tubs

To help you with your bathtub buying process, read on for our tips on what to look for when buying a baby bathtub, followed by our list of the top ten baby bathtubs in the UK.

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Consider the size of your baby and your bathing space. A big bathtub for a small baby may put your baby at risk of sliding, while a small one may cause discomfort for your bigger baby. You also want a size that fits your bathing space and sits safely and securely on it.


Non-Skid Surface and Base

A soapy baby and a smooth surface is a recipe for disaster. Ensure that the bathtub’s surface is non-slip to secure him in place, and you also want a non-slip base to ensure the tub itself stays in place.


Temperature Indicator

For safety reasons, many baby bath tubs come with some sort of temperature indication, like a colour-changing strip or drain, or even a digital temperature gauge to let you know if the water is in the safe temperature range to bath your little one. Let’s face it, not all of us know what the right water temperature feels like to bath a baby, especially if you are a first-time parent. So, having this feature will certainly be a lifesaver, as it lets you know beforehand if the bathing water’s temperature is dangerously hot.


Drain Plug

Avoid unnecessary injury from having to lift a heavy tub to drain bathwater by choosing a tup with a drain plug.


Water-Fill Line

The general recommendation is to have two to four inches of water in the baby tub for bathing. There are tubs that come with a water-fill line accompanied by the word MAX to let you know the maximum water limit.


Overhang Rim

An overhang rim makes it easier to transport the tub (remember NEVER to move the tub when your baby is inside it!), and the smooth edges of these rims also prevents unnecessary injury to your little one.

ProductBest forRatings
Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub
Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub
Best product9.3
Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub
Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub
Premium product9.2
First Steps Baby Bath
First Steps Baby Bath
Value product8.7
Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub
Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub
Best for smaller babies9.1
Nuby Baby Bath
Nuby Baby Bath
Best headrest design9.1
Rotho Babydesign Bathtub
Rotho Babydesign Bathtub
Best bathtub accessories9
Stokke Flexi Bath
Stokke Flexi Bath
Best for long-term use9
Summer Infant Folding Bath Tub
Summer Infant Folding Bath Tub
Best for compact storage9
Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath
Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath
Best for matching bathroom décor8.8
Tega Baby Bath Tub
Tega Baby Bath Tub
Best temperature-monitoring feature.8.5

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

1 Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

Best product

Munchkin is an American brand that produces various infant and toddler products, such as baby nightlights, feeding accessories, baby potties, toys, and so much more.

The Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub has an upright design that keeps your baby in a safe seated position with a padded foam backrest for added comfort for the little one. It also has an integrated support bump, preventing your baby from slipping off and submerging in the bathwater.

The seated feature allows parents or carers to wipe, soap, and wash the baby easily. At the same time, the little one sits in a safe and equally comfortable position. 

After a bun bath time, all you need to do is to pull the built-in pull-tab drain to drain the water out of the tub conveniently. 

The tub also has an integrated handle which is great for carrying the bathtub from storage to bath area. Because of its relatively compact size, you can also use this carry handle to hang the tub on any free wall hook or even behind bathroom door or storage is an issue.

Considering the above features and the relatively affordable price point, we are naming the Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub as the top rank holder of our list of best baby bathtubs in the UK for 2021.

Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub

2 Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub

Premium product

Fascol is a Chinese company with German engineers who design and develop its product lines, such as children’s scooters, ride-on vehicles, tricycles, and children’s toilet and bath accessories.

The Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub is the most expensive tub on this list. However, it’s jam-packed features may well be worth it, if your budget permits.

The tub has an ergonomic design with a folding feature, which adjusts to four different heights to accommodate the size of your growing baby. It also comes included with a baby bath seat, that conveniently locks on to the sides of the tub. This feature makes bathing younger babies very convenient and more comfortable.

The bathtub has integrated compartments, to hold bath soaps, bath toys, or the bathing cloth – to ensure everything you need for bathtime is within your reach.

The tub has sturdy legs that are fitted with non-slip material, to ensure the tub stays securely in place as well as to prevent your bath surfaces from being scratched.

It also comes with a leak-proof plug, which quickly pulls up to allow you hassle-free, easy drainage of bathwater.

Finally, as the tub is foldable, when bath time is over, you can fold it flat, taking minimal storage space.

The Fascol Baby Folding Bathtub is feature-rich, and the only reason it wasn’t the top pick for this list was its high price point, which is why it ranks as our premium pick for this list.

First Steps Baby Bath

3 First Steps Baby Bath

Value product

First Steps is an Amazon retailer focusing on affordable quality infant and child products, from toys through to safety equipment.

The First Steps Baby Bath comes in a straightforward, plastic bathtub design, available in pink, blue, or white. It has a contoured shape to provide adequate back support for your little one. The tub is made of BPA-free plastic material, so you can rest assured your baby isn’t going to be in contact with any harmful chemicals from it during bathing.

It comes with an overhanging rim, ensuring a firm grip when carrying the tub around, especially as it does not have a plug for water drainage. At the foot of the tub is a compartment large enough to hold a bath soap or bath towel. 

An advantage of this tub is its relatively large size, which is handy if you are looking for one that you can use even in toddlerhood. 

If budget is a major consideration and you don’t mind a bathtub with the most basic features, the First Steps Baby Bath is your best contender, as it is the most inexpensive baby bathtub on this list.

If you are looking for relatively affordable reusable nappies that have the essential features, the Littles & Bloomz reusable cloth is the cheapest diaper on this list.

Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub

4 Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub

Best for smaller babies

Shnuggle is a company founded by a husband and wife team who, after spending months in hospital with their little one diagnosed with leukaemia, were inspired to create innovative baby products that are safe for babies and that makes life easier for parents. Other than bathtubs, some of their products include baby night lights, Moses baskets, and other nursery accessories.

The Shnuggle Cosy Bath features a smoothly crafted, curved top design with a foam backrest and an integrated bum bump, to make sure that your little one is not only comfortable but safe and secure in their position while you give them their wash.

It has non-slip feet for added security and reassurance that the tub stays firmly in place regardless of what surface you put the tub on.

One notable feature of the Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub is its very compact design. It’s so compact it can fit in standard-sized kitchen sinks, which is great for bathing younger babies, as it reduces your risk of back strain from having to stoop down while bathing your baby on their tub placed on top of the adult bathtub. It may be too snug of a tub for older babies, but definitely the right size for smaller and younger ones as well as for fitting in tight spaces.

Nuby Baby Bath

5 Nuby Baby Bath

Best headrest design

Nuby is an American retailer specialising in baby care products, such as pacifiers, bottles, bathtime accessories, and toys.

The Nuby Baby Bath Tub is a compact tub in a stylish white and grey look. It comes with a stable curved design, and a built-in seat, allowing your little one to remain in a stable seated position while bathing, without the risk of sliding down. The tub also has a soft foam headrest, providing added comfort for your baby, for an enjoyable bathtime.

It also has a secure non-slip base, ensuring that the tub remains in place on any surface.

When you’re done with bath time and even before starting it, moving the bathtub from one place to another is made easier by the overhang rim with added easy-grip features for your portability convenience. 

Another excellent feature of this tub is its maximum water level indicator, saving you from having to guess whether you need to add more water or not.

Because of its relatively small size, the Nuby Bath Tub may be one of the best options if you are looking for a bathtub that you can use for your newborn until they turn 1.

Rotho Babydesign Bathtub

6 Rotho Babydesign Bathtub

Best bathtub accessories

Rotho Babydesign is a Swedish company that design and manufacture infant care products from feeding accessories, potties, swaddling, and more.

The Rotho Babydesign Bathtub comes available in so many appealing and vibrant colours, you are sure to find one that suits your style.

It has an innovative design in that one side of the tub has a built-in non-slip mat, especially useful when bathing a newborn. At the same time, on the other end of the tub is an integrated seat to help keep your older babies in place for a secure bathing position.

It also has a drain plug for ease of flushing out the bathwater after use, convenient armrests to provide your arms respite while bathing your little one, and carry handles for easy portability.

If you don’t mind spending on additional accessories, you can also purchase the separately sold tray insert with multi compartments, the bathtub stand that allows you to bath your baby wherever convenient for you, and the drain hose, which helps with the emptying of bathwater much easier.

Stokke Flexi Bath

7 Stokke Flexi Bath

Best for long-term use

Stokee AS is a Norweigan company specialising in the design and the manufacture of infant and toddler high chairsbaby carriers, bath accessories, and other children’s furniture.

The Stokke Flexi Bath has a unique foldable feature enabling it to fold half its size.  It comes equipped with a non-slip base to keep your tub securely on your bath surface, and a separately sold newborn support conveniently clicks on to the tub for a newborn’s added safety and security.

It also has a heat-sensitive drain plug, which changes its colour to give you a visual cue when the water is too cold, warm, or too hot.

The tub is suitable for newborns up to toddlers aged 4 years, but if you want a tub that lasts even longer, you can choose the Stokke Flexi Bath XL, which has all the above features, but with a larger size, to accommodate newborns up to children 6 years of age. And, because the tub’s design is unlike the conventional bathtubs when your kids are all grown up, the tub easily converts into a toy chest.

Summer Infant Folding Bath Tub

8 Summer Infant Folding Bath Tub

Best for compact storage

Summer Infant is a US-based brand focussing on products that cater to infants and children. Among their speciality ranges are travel systems, potty trainers, high chairs, and activity toys. 

The Summer Infant Folding Bath Tub is a relatively large open tub covered with a durable vinyl liner and inflatable base to give your little one added comfort.

It’s a dual-position tub with an inclined positioner for newborns that is detachable for when your baby grows bigger, so they are free to play around in the tub. It also has an easy release plug to help you with easy bathwater drainage when bath time is finally over.

The standout feature of this tub is its ability to fold compact. It’s a great space-saving solution – you can tuck it under the bathroom closet, rest it against the wall, or even shove it on the car boot to bring with you during your travels.

Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath

9 Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath

Best for matching bathroom décor

Mamas & Papas is a UK-based brand specialising in nursery items and maternity wear. Among their popular products are cots and travel systems, to name a few.

The Mamas & Papas Acqua Bambino Two Stage Bath comes in sturdy and durable materials with a pearlescent finish, which is the perfect choice if you are looking for a baby bathtub that matches most bathroom decor.

It has two support positions located on either end of the tub. One end has a reclined position to keep younger babies safe and secure. In contrast, the other end has an integrated bumper, to keep your older baby from slipping off when they assume a seated position during their bathtime.

It also has a drain plug to help make cleaning up after bathtime easier for parents and carers.

Tega Baby Bath Tub

10 Tega Baby Bath Tub

Best temperature-monitoring feature

Tega Baby is a Polish company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality textile and plastic products for children and infants.

The Tega Baby Bath Tub comes in a deep tub design, which especially comes in handy for bathing older babies, as it gives them added back support and security.

The bathtub is available in four different colours and patterns, so you can choose one that appeals to your little one.

The standout feature of the Tega Baby Bathtub is its built-in digital thermometer, saving you from having to guesstimate if the bathwater temperature. It also comes in a lightweight, easy-to-clean design, to assist you with easier cleanup and storage.

Do you really need a baby tub?

You might have come across parents who bathe their babies in their kitchen or bathroom sink, with some using a sink insert bath seat. You could also choose to bathe or take a shower with your baby, which gives you quality bonding time with your little one as well. However, not all parents are comfortable with holding and handling a newborn or even a few-months-old baby, in which case investing in a baby tub would be the safest and most viable option. While it keeps your baby safe and comfortable, it gives you, the parent, the confidence to bathe the little one on your own.


At what point can a baby have a tub bath?

Waiting until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off before his/her first tub bath would be the wise recommendation. Once you start tub bath for your little one, having two or three baths in a week should be a good start. If your little being seems to enjoy it, you could add a bedtime bathing routine as well.


Do babies sleep better after a bath?

Taking a warm bath can be really soothing for your little one. As their body starts to cool down after a bath, they automatically start to doze off and are more likely to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


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