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Best Wooden Toys for 2022

Updated 07-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

Have you ever tried to run your hand over a strong and finely-built wooden item and felt something special about the whole nature and finish of it? This is a feeling that only finely-crafted wooden objects can deliver, and kids too can enjoy this feeling, thanks to the best wooden toys.

Unlike many other materials used for toys, wood is something that continues to remain in trend even after decades and decades of its use, and there are solid reasons for the same:


Long-Lasting and Durable

One straightforward benefit of choosing wooden toys for babies and kids is that they are long-lasting and more durable than your regular plastic toys. You cannot deny the fact that kids handle toys harshly, regardless of their age. From constantly throwing their toys during their toddler age to exploiting them for their pretend play sessions when they are older, toys get bashed up really bad. Therefore, you need to invest in toys that are long-lasting and durable, and wooden toys would be the best solution here. They are so durable that you can hand them down to generations to come, and that means excellent value for your money as well.

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Creative and Imaginative Play

As a parent, you would be aware of how important play is for your little one, as it helps with his/her growth and development. Today, you can easily find toys for kids that come packed with n number of interactive features, teaching them songs, letters, their first words, good habits, bad habits, and whatnot. While these are beneficial for kids in one way, wooden toys in their simplest form encourage kids to get creative and imaginative without any of those electronic bells and whistles. With wooden toys, children find their own ways to play, putting into use their natural curiosity, which in turn helps develop their problem-solving skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.



Your kid’s safety is of top priority, and wooden toys are regarded to be a lot safer than the usual plastic toys, and even metal. Plastic toys, especially those made from cheap plastic, break easily, leading to sharp points that could harm kids in no time. This can be especially harmful to children who are in that stage where they put everything in their mouths. Also, while many plastic toys contain a combination of harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your child, toys made from wood do not pose that threat, and many wooden toy manufacturers today also use naturally derived ink for dyeing their toys, which makes them even safer for kids.



Yet another amazing advantage of wooden toys is that they are good for the environment. Since wood is an organic and renewable material, toys made from wood can be recycled and are biodegradable as well. This gives you an opportunity to do your part in helping the environment, which is more important now than ever before.

Now that you know how the best wooden toys can be beneficial for both your baby and the environment, here are some of the best options available on the market today:

ProductBest forRatings
Melissa & Doug Food Groups
Melissa & Doug Food Groups
Best Wooden Toy9.9
Le Toy Van TV700 Royal Express
Le Toy Van TV700 Royal Express
Best Premium Wooden Toy9.8
Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker
Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker
Best Value for Money Wooden Toy9.7
TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen
TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen
Best Outdoor Wooden Kitchen Toy9.6
King Do Way Educational Toy Building Blocks
King Do Way Educational Toy Building Blocks
Best Learning Wooden Toy9.5
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
Best Wooden Dollhouse Toy9.4
The Wooden Toy Factory Click Clack Racing Track
The Wooden Toy Factory Click Clack Racing Track
Best Energetic Play Wooden Toy9.2
Buyger Wooden Tool Box
Buyger Wooden Tool Box
Best Wooden Tool Box Toy9.1
Vanplay Kids Wooden Doctor Set
Vanplay Kids Wooden Doctor Set
Best Wooden Role Play Toy9
VATOS Wooden Building Toy
VATOS Wooden Building Toy
Best Wooden STEM Toy8.9

Melissa & Doug Food Groups

1 Melissa & Doug Food Groups

Best Wooden Toy

When it comes to wooden toys, one of the first brands that many people think of is Melissa & Doug, and rightly so. Having been a part of kids’ and parents’ lives for over 30 years now, the brand is known for producing toys that inspire little ones to discover themselves and their passions through hands-on and imaginative play, with no screen-time whatsoever. While all of their toys are made from wood, this particular one, Food Groups, seems to be a highly popular choice among parents, raving thousands of 5-star ratings and amazing reviews.

The Melissa & Doug Food Groups wooden toy offers an excellent way for parents to teach their kids about healthy eating practices and the importance of a well-balanced meal. The food set features items from the five food groups, with 21 solid wood food pieces, including milk, cheese, watermelon, steak, fish, eggs, and more. There are four wooden crates included in the bundle for sorting and storing the food items.

Designed for kids aged 3 and above, the Food Groups toy encourages kids to separate the different food toys based on the group they belong in, like grains, produce (fruits and vegetables), dairy, fish, and meat. Kids can also sort them based on their colours, and use everything in the pack to serve you pretend play meals. Furthermore, your little cook can play with just this set alone or include them as a part of their play kitchen to cook some mouthwatering dishes.

With this Food Groups wooden toy, you can teach your kid about how a balanced meal would include one food item from each of those groups and encourage them to assemble the same in the available crates. You can involve them in more such plays to inculcate the importance of healthy eating right from a young age.

Le Toy Van TV700 Royal Express

2 Le Toy Van TV700 Royal Express

Best Premium Wooden Toy

Le Toy Van was established in 1995 and the brand produces imaginative wooden toys that are designed in Great Britain, made ethically from sustainable tactile materials. The highlight of the toys from this company is that they are made from recycled Rubberwood, which is a by-product of rubber, and the products reflect nothing but high-quality. The Royal Express wooden toy for kids from Le Toy Van is one of the most well-made, detailed, highly durable, and amazing-looking train sets you can find.

Consisting of 180 pieces in total, this wooden train set is a brand new addition to the company’s wooden Train Collection. It features 2 connectable trains complete with a whole collection of tracks, which are also made from rubberwood, and various other wooden accessories, such as buildings, bridges, trees, houses, mountains, and more. This vast collection of accessories makes the whole railroad setup as realistic as possible for kids to engage in imaginative play.

As mentioned, the Royal Express train set consists of numerous tracks, which can be used by kids to put together train tracks in different designs; this, in addition to the removable goods carriages and a working crane, makes it possible for children to let their creative juices flow and get inventive with their stories. The train set is so big that it allows for multiple kids to play together; whether it is with siblings, friends, or parents, kids get to have fun building this colourful rail track and scenario, while learning social skills, communication skills, language development, and also turn-taking skills.

Le Toy Van has won several awards over the years for their imaginative train cars and construction toys, and the quality, refinement, and durability of the Royal Express is certainly a new feather on the cap. One aspect that requires special mentioning is the exquisite attention to detail on every piece included in the set. It has two train stations, several unique buildings and landmarks, two bridges, a passenger train, and goods train with connectable carriages, 3D outdoor elements, and more such scenic features that can be discovered by kids on different levels.

The toy is ethically made from sustainable materials, designed with child-safe edges, decorated with safe, non-toxic paints, and tested to the strictest safety regulations, all of which make it a wonderful choice for your child and also justify its premium nature. In fact, the only plastic parts on the set are the wheels on the two trains, and the rest is only sustainable wood.

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

3 Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

Best Value for Money Wooden Toy

Another solid offering from Melissa & Doug, the no. 1 parent-recommended brand for creativity and learning in the US, the Geometric Stacker is a colourful wooden toy that contributes to your little creator’s skill-building. Consisting of 25 wooden pieces, which represent all the colours of the rainbow, each of those pieces is designed to be smooth and easy-to-grasp by tiny hands. As the name suggests, the stackable pieces come in three different shapes – rings, octagons, and two-part rectangles, which make this a triple-stacking toy.

Kids over 2 years of age get to match the wooden pieces to their respective shapes and stack them on the three available rods. This is yet another developmental toy from Melissa & Doug, which will also make a great educational toy gift for kids in the given age group, enabling a hands-on screen-free play experience.

Parents, older siblings, and others can join young kids and help them develop different skills with this wooden toy by playing various games, such as encouraging them to say the colours and shapes of the pieces, removing the pieces from the rods, and placing them on a flat surface for individual play, and so on. When your little one gets familiar with all the colours, you can have him/her sort the wooden pieces based on their colour and count the number of pieces in each set. In addition, you can also mix all the shapes and get them to sort the pieces according to their shapes. All of such plays greatly contribute to the development and refinement of kids’ fine motor skills and self-confidence.

TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen

4 TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen

Best Outdoor Wooden Kitchen Toy

TP Toys has been designing and producing high-quality children’s play equipment for more than 60 years now, and the company’s products are widely known for their durability as well. From climbing frames to trampolines, and even this Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen, the brand maintains a proper balance between fun, entertainment, skill-development, and quality. It is an undeniable fact that the comprehensive guarantees from this manufacturer that happens to be one of the attractive aspects of their toys.

Known to be the ultimate mud kitchen, the TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen would be, undoubtedly, a fantastic choice for your child’s outdoor playing needs. Whether you have an outdoorsy lifestyle or would like for your kid to spend more time outdoors without being clingy or getting bored, this mud kitchen would do the trick. Packed with some great play features, this wooden mud kitchen is made from FSC-certified timber and is designed to be ideal for sand play, something that kids will absolutely love and enjoy.

The mud kitchen features a robust splash tub that is quite roomy, along with a water butt that can be refilled, and also a real working tap; these features make mud mixing easy, so your kid can have unlimited fun. This whole kit is made complete with a starter set of stainless-steel pots and pans, which are durable to be used outdoors, perfectly sized for little hands to play with, and ideal for making mud pie.

Fun with the TP Toys Wooden Deluxe Mud Kitchen doesn’t end there; there are 4 hob rings and also an oven for pretend cooking and a blackboard where your tiny chef can note down recipes of their creations. The roomy under-shelf provides enough space for storing the steel utensils, and the slide-over wooden cover provides additional cooking space when extended. The mud kitchen is big and spacious enough to enable three kids to play together. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

King Do Way Educational Toy Building Blocks

5 King Do Way Educational Toy Building Blocks

Best Learning Wooden Toy

King Do Way, though not a well-known brand in the toys sector, has produced a few learning and educational toys that are known to be highly functional, durable, and attractive. Available in two different versions, Rainbow-Squares Nesting and Rainbow-Half Circle Nesting, this toy building blocks set consists of blocks that are bright primary-coloured, and encourage hands-on exploration and open-ended play, which improves kids’ building skills, colour and shape recognition, and also hand-eye coordination.

This particular set consists of 7 different-sized rainbow squares, which kids can use to learn different splicing methods that help exercise and develop their brain. The seven rainbow colours used on the blocks enable little ones to learn and recognise colours, and they also get to use their imagination to build a structure or put the blocks together.

One of the highlights of this educational wooden toy is that it can be used with the Rainbow-Squares Nesting blocks set version to create different shapes and patterns, thereby encouraging learning and making kids aware of different sizes and shapes. From improving their hand-eye coordination to enhancing memory and colour perception, the King Do Way Educational Toy Building Blocks set is designed for kids aged 18 months and over. The blocks are made from natural, safe, and environment-friendly wood, and the edges are smoothened to make them safe for kids to handle.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

6 KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Best Wooden Dollhouse Toy

KidKraft has been producing kids toys that have been inspiring to kids’ imagination for over 50 years, and they have a wide range of award-winning dollhouses, swing sets, play kitchens, trains, and more. Thoughtfully designed for families of different sizes and with different-sized spaces, KidKraft toys are a favourite among kids and parents alike. The Majestic Mansion Dollhouse from the brand is everything a kid would expect from their very own dollhouse.

Made from a combination of MDF, wood, and fabric, this dollhouse is over 4 feet tall and has 4 floors, 8 rooms, and even a gliding elevator/lift that connects those floors. There is also a grand staircase that adds to the luxury and beauty of the dollhouse. It comes with a 34-piece furniture and accessory set, which includes a bed, sofa, piano, dressing table and stool, floor lamp, clock, dining table, bathtub, a pet, and a lot more. All of these inclusions guarantee hours of fun for kids (and some peace and quiet for parents!).

Some of the interactive features on the KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse are a gliding elevator that kids can use to move their 12-inch dolls from one floor to another, and garage doors that can be opened and closed. The realistic designs and features in every room make their pretend play even more realistic for kids, and the sturdy wood construction of the dollhouse ensures durability even with hours of play on a daily basis. Since the dollhouse comes packaged with detailed, step-by-step instructions, assembling the unit wouldn’t consume much of your time.

The Wooden Toy Factory Click Clack Racing Track

7 The Wooden Toy Factory Click Clack Racing Track

Best Energetic Play Wooden Toy

The Wooden Toy Factory, as the name indicates, is a brand specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of wooden material-based play toys for kids. The brand is quite popular in the wooden toy space for numerous reasons, and the major reasons are build quality and reliability of the products. The fit and finish and overall look of these toys are quite remarkable, and some of their products happen to be kids’ favorites. This racing track wooden toy is also one of their top-selling models.

The Click Clack Racing Track is designed to appeal to kids in many ways. The toy comes with 6 cars included in the box and two towers that hold the racing track in position. The track includes 4 different coloured sliding ramps, where the cars slide from the top. The top section of tower 1 comes with a parking lot to store these cars when not in use. Compact dimensions, quality construction, and straight out-of-the-box playing possibility, all make it a desirable choice for kids.

The 6 cars come in 6 different attractive colors and the race car finish given to them also makes them look stunning. Single and multiple players can take part in the racing event using this track, which will be super fun for all the kids involved. The tough build of the toy supports even harsh playing conditions, which are sometimes unavoidable in a multi-player racing event.

Using a wooden toy like this, kids get more creative and can improve their motor skills as well. The compact nature of the toy allows kids to carry it along without any fuss and also store it easily even in a cramped space. It is guaranteed that your little racer will have fun, along with learning important social skills, problem-solving skills, getting imaginative, physics, and general reasoning. 

Wooden Toy Factory has designed this racing track to be 100% safe for children. By using the highest quality of materials in the construction of the toy, the brand has ensured that there is zero tolerance and compromise when it comes to safety and security.

Buyger Wooden Tool Box

8 Buyger Wooden Tool Box

Best Wooden Tool Box Toy

Buyger is one of the leading toy manufacturers in the UK and other parts of Europe in particular. The company is known for its wide array of premium quality toys and games. They specialize in pretend play toys and this Wooden Tool Box is well-designed, thanks to their innovative design professionals and team. Kitchen sets, doctor sets, makeup toy sets, cash register toys, vehicles, animals, toolsets, etc. are offered by the brand.

The Buyger Wooden Tool Box is a complete set that a parent could get for their kids. You have all kinds of tools and accessories included in the toy, so the little woodworker in your home will be able to carry out any project without hesitation. Every single tool, such as the saw, ruler, screwdriver, wrench, screws, pliers, hammer, etc. is designed with a keen eye for detail. The wide array of accessories will help your kid to get creative and never feel blocked or hinged while playing with the set.

The toolset, tools, accessories, and everything are designed to be soft and gentle to touch. Smoother edges, a portable storage box, and the flexible lock assembly, all make this a premium wooden toy in this category. The tool box with the tools and accessories included weighs just under 1Kg, and the tools look realistic, with pleasing colours, and absolutely attractive.

All the tools and accessories put together account for 35 different pieces. The 3D block models that come with the box can be assembled and disassembled in numerous different ways. Such activity is going to enhance the motor skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and hand-eye coordination of kids. What more can a parent expect from a toy when you get both educational and creative learning experience along with fun and entertainment! Interactive tool toys such as this will not only keep kids entertained but also give them self-confidence by making them feel accomplished.

One of the main commitments of this brand is to offer only the safest and most secure toys to kids everywhere. This commitment has been followed strictly by using only the highest standard of materials in the manufacturing process. Since this wooden toy consists of small parts, it is not suitable for kids under 3 years of age, and adult supervision is a must even for kids above that age bracket.

Vanplay Kids Wooden Doctor Set

9 Vanplay Kids Wooden Doctor Set

Best Wooden Role Play Toy

Vanplay is one of the leading toy companies on several e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, and they offer toys under different categories to suit the varied needs of kids. The categories include pretend play toys, trucks, dinosaurs, arts, STEM toys, pet supplies, sports toys, and so on. They offer some of the best collections of toys in each of the above-mentioned categories. The Wooden Doctor Set from the brand is one of the top-selling toys in its pretend play toys category.

The wooden doctor pretend play set from Vanplay is one of the safest and premium quality toys. An eco-friendly premium quality material composition of wood and PP is used in the construction of the toy. One highlight of this toy is that it helps kids overcome their fear of doctors, nurses, and the hospital on the whole. Kids can take turns and play with each other, role-playing as doctors, nurses, and patients. By playing with these equipment, your kid will start to become more accustomed to those used by doctors in real-time and also overcome the anxiety of a medical procedure.

The toy comes with 42 different medical equipment and all of them can be stored in the carry case, which is also a part of the toy. Some of those equipment include clothing for the doctor, stethoscope, pliers, scissors, tweezers, hat, thermometer, syringe, dental accessories, and medication accessories. The stethoscope is a real one, so kids can use it to feel a real heartbeat, and this guarantees an immersive experience. Playing with a quality toy like this will improve concentration, coordination, motor skills, sensory stimulation would be improved, kids will develop an interest in science, and most important of all, he/she would be thrilled.

Safety has been kept top priority with the manufacturing of this wooden doctor set, as only premium quality eco-friendly wood and ABS plastic materials are used. The wood is renewable and the ABS is of the highest grade, so top-notch safety is guaranteed. The edges of the accessories are soft and smooth, thereby reducing the possibility of accidents. Also, the paints used on the accessories and the toy itself are non-toxic.

VATOS Wooden Building Toy

10 VATOS Wooden Building Toy

Best Wooden STEM Toy

What turned out to be a search for a safe, fun, and high-quality education toy for his daughter, ended up in the development of this company. VATOS was started by James Lee to provide the best, premium quality, and safe products at an affordable price. Now, it is one of the leading brands in China, and slowly the brand has been recognized for its quality and safety in the UK, Europe, and other countries now. This building toy from the brand is STEM-rated, so you can expect it to be both fun and educational for your kid.

VATOS Wooden Building Toy consists of 96 puzzle pieces, more than adequate for a kid to get creative and inventive. The building toy set also includes a construction card set or instruction booklet, which has samples of all the different building outcomes that could be developed from the pieces. Kids can use this as a guideline to create those models and also think out of the box and create a unique model too.

The wrench helps in tightening the models quickly and efficiently, thereby achieving the best-finished product. Some of the models that can be developed are robots and dinosaurs. A brain stimulating toy such as this should make an excellent gift toy as well. This is a toy that your bub could keep and use for a long time to come and develop his/her creative mind, designing advanced models as they grow, from an early beginner and intermediate stage.

Playing with a toy like this one can improve concentration and help reduce stress and tension greatly, which will be beneficial for older kids or teenagers. Some of the skills that your kid is guaranteed to develop through this toy are coordination, creativity, problem-solving, social skill development, and logical reasoning.

The wooden material used in the puzzle pieces is of the highest quality, including the painting, which is completely child-safe. Original and trademark Romania beech timber is used in the construction of this toy. STEM-rated toys are tested across all parameters, including safety for the child, and this model has passed that test too. Its 100% premium wooden construction makes sure that the toy is BPA-free, lead-free, non-toxic, and phthalate-free.

How to Choose a Wooden Toy: Buyer’s Guide

In addition to being attractive and durable, wooden toys are made from natural materials and therefore are safe for children. With their popularity growing worldwide, there are more and more wooden toys for babies being introduced by manufacturers, which makes selecting one difficult for you. Here is an easy guide on how to choose a wooden toy for kids of different ages:


Wooden Toys for Babies

For babies, from a few months old to toddler stage, you can choose toys like wooden rattles, sensory toys, stacking toys, grasping toys, teether toys, rolling toys, sorters, and the like. During this stage, babies will be keen on listening and responding to sounds, gradually moving on to trying to grasp toys, put them in their mouth, etc., which gives you the opportunity to invest in wooden toys for the respective phase. Also, as your little one grows, he/she will show more interest in sorting shapes, during which time you could get them a wooden sorter toy that helps develop their fine motor skills and other skills based on the feature available in it.


Wooden Toys for Preschoolers

Preschoolers/toddlers are at a stage when they would love to explore things and try out new play techniques and activities. They would love wooden building blocks, which will allow them to create new structures, disassemble the same, and build again. You could also get them various developmental wooden toys, like pop-up toys, jigsaw puzzles, shape & colour judgement toys, learning game sets, wooden flash cards, match & spell games, etc.

Your choice of wooden toys doesn’t end with options for preschoolers/toddlers; you can find a lot of amazing options for older kids as well. From complex puzzles to STEM learning wooden toys to wooden play kitchens, toolsets, outdoor toys, and a whole lot more, the variety is endless. Here are a few more points to keep in mind when choosing wooden toys for children:

  • Make sure that the wooden toys you choose are made from sustainable, FSC-certified wood. This helps make sure that the environmental footprint remains unaffected because, for every tree that is brought down for making toys, a new one will be planted.
  • The wooden toys you choose should have rounded or smoothened edges, so your little one doesn’t get harmed when playing. Also, for kids less than 3 years of age, the toys should not have small or loose parts, as they pose the risk of being swallowed.
Best Wooden Toys Buyer Guide Image
  • The colours or paints used on the toys should also be non-toxic, preferably water-based, and completely child-safe.
  • Make sure that the toys meet all required safety standards and regulations, and that they are appropriate for your baby’s age.



Are wooden toys better?

Yes, wooden toys are better than traditional plastic toys and even other materials in different ways. They are safe for babies as well as the environment. They are highly durable and well-made wooden toys can last even for decades. Wooden toys produce less waste, many are biodegradable and environment-friendly.


Can wooden toys be used for teething?

While some may think that wooden toys are safe to be chewed on during babies’ teething phase, it is advisable to purchase wooden teething toys exclusively than letting your baby chew on any wooden toy.


How can I clean/disinfect wooden toys?

Cleaning/disinfecting wooden toys involves a few simple steps:

  • Use a cloth and mild soap, baby cleansing solution, or equal parts of vinegar and water to wipe the toys.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe away any leftover residue.
  • Let the toys air dry.

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