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Best Kids Water Tables

Updated 02-03-2021 – Lucy Walters

One activity that parents encourage their kids to engage in, especially during the summer months, is water play. Summer or not, kids, of course, like playing with and in water. But, did you know that there is much more to water play than just cooling your kid off during those hot summer days?


Water Play

As evident from the name, water play is an activity that involves water and kids also get to use different tools to play with, like buckets, water toys, containers, etc., with which they can explore the water in various ways – scooping, pouring, submerging, and more. Water play enables kids to have hours of fun and leaves them with lasting memories and valuable childhood experiences.

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From helping release all the pent-up energy to developing kids’ motor skills, social skills, language and communication, and hand-eye coordination, the benefits of this activity are many. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a huge swimming pool in your backyard or even a big bathtub for water play; all you need is a kids water table – a small investment that will prove to be fruitful.

Here is a list of some of the best kids water tables on the market today:

ProductBest forRatings
Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset
Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset
Best Kids Water Table9.9
AquaPlay MountainLake Waterway Table
AquaPlay MountainLake Waterway Table
Best Premium Kids Water Table9.7
WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table
WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table
Best Value for Money Kids Water Table9.6
Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall
Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall
Best Unique Kids Water Table9.5
Gowi Toys Sand and Water Mill
Gowi Toys Sand and Water Mill
Best Kids Water Table for Bath Time9.4
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark
Best Kids Water Table for the Garden9.3
deAO Sand and Water Table
deAO Sand and Water Table
Best Kids Water Table with Accessories9.1
Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table
Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table
Best Two-Tier Kids Water Table9
BIG Waterplay Niagara
BIG Waterplay Niagara
Best Versatile Kids Water Table8.9
COSTWAY 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table
COSTWAY 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table
Best Kids Water Table for the Beach8.8

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset

1 Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset

Best Kids Water Table

Founded in 1969, Little Tikes has remained a parent trusted brand for more than 50 years now and the company continues to produce high-quality, safe, and functional toys, furniture, and other products for babies and kids. The brand is known for its constant innovation in functional toys for children of different ages, and the Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset is a result of one such innovation.

This is a pirate-themed water table for kids, designed to be suitable for toddlers from 24 months in age all the way up to 6-year-old kids and beyond. Great for your kid to play with their friends or siblings, the Little Tikes Anchors Away water table comes packed with some amazing features, fun characters, and interactive elements, leading to hours of fun and imaginative play. The table includes two fun character toys plus a squirting shark that adds to the fun and excitement.

Kids can keep the water moving using the pump or simply watch all the spinning features work their magic by pouring water into the crows nest. There is a functional water canon that allows your kid to aim and squirt water; they can also spin the steering wheel and raise or lower the anchor, all of which make the pirate-themed water play as realistic as possible and encourage imaginative role play. The toy also comes with several accessories, including a bucket, scooper, boat, strainer, and a character-sized life preserver.

The Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Playset is made from highly durable and safe plastic, which makes the toy long-lasting. And despite its weight of 8.9 kg., which is fair for a product in this category, this water table is easy to assemble.

AquaPlay MountainLake Waterway Table

2 AquaPlay MountainLake Waterway Table

Best Premium Kids Water Table

Established in 1976, AquaPlay offers numerous versatile waterplay systems consisting of individual plug-in modules. The company’s products have been fascinating kids for several decades and continue to do so with their cool and fun product lineup. The MountainLake Waterway Table from the brand is the bestselling product in the premium category, and it has everything required to keep your kid engaged while developing some vital life skills.

The AquaPlay MountainLake Waterway Table is designed to look and function like a large canal system that will keep your kids occupied for hours at a stretch, thanks to the brand new play feature – the big mountain with a lake. The bundle contains two animal figures – Bo the Bear and Nils the Frog, a container boat with a container, and a speedboat. With the animal figures, your little explorer can engage in imaginative play by taking them around the mountain and the lake, exploring the mysterious mountain cave, climbing steep cliffs, hopping in the speedboat for a fun-filled adventure, and also search for treasure in the canal system.

The water can be set into motion by paddling the water wheel and passing through the huge lock system. You can use the pump to regulate the water level, and this action can also be done by opening the lock gates. The whole toy is designed to let kids learn how water moves, climbs, and lifts, something that kids between the age group of 3 and 7 will find interesting.

WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table

3 WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table

Best Value for Money Kids Water Table

If you are looking for a water table that your kids can use both indoors and outdoors, something that also falls within your budget, the WISHTIME Kids Sand and Water Table will make you and your little water babies happy. Designed to be portable and lightweight, this water table for kids weighs just over 1 kg., which is most certainly one of its highlights. This lightweight nature of the toy makes it easy for you to carry it along anywhere you go, whether it is to the grandparents’ house, during a staycation, while camping, or even to the beach.

What makes this Kids Sand and Water Table from WISHTIME an attractive buy for its price tag is the 9-piece accessories set that it comes with. Yes, for the minimal amount you pay for the product, it is certainly a surprise that so many accessories are included in the bundle, which include a spinner, shower, pyramid, rake, and shovel. This gives kids numerous possibilities for play, thereby keeping them engaged and entertained for hours.

The WISHTIME table has a partition that leaves behind two separate sections for play; one section can be used to fill with water and the other with sand, or both with water, depending on what your little one seems to prefer. The unit comes with a waterproof lid to make sure that the contents remain clean and dry when not in use. Furthermore, the lid can also be used as a cover for the water table to be able to use it as a study desk for your kid, for doing homework, drawing, etc.

This water table for kids is made of phthalate- and BPA-free plastic and the whole construction looks and feels high-quality, which again is great for its pricing. It is also waterproof, stackable, durable, and safe for young children to play with. Its colourful packaging makes it a great gift option for your kid for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special day.

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

4 Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

Best Unique Kids Water Table

With over 25 years of experience as a baby products manufacturer, Step2 is known to be the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys. Toys from the brand foster learning and development in children through creative play and the Waterfall Discovery Wall is most certainly one of the most unique water play activity units you will find out there.

The Waterfall Discovery Wall would be a perfect addition to your backyard, in your kid’s play space, providing double-sided play for kids 18 months and older to enjoy. Designed to look like a water maze, this best water table comes with pieces that can be moved easily to create an all-new waterfall, mixing and matching pieces, and the highlight is that there are thousands of possible combinations that can be tried with the pieces.

With this Wall in your backyard, you can watch your little one enjoy scooping the water and watch it gush through the spinners, funnels, and zigzags. Since the toy is designed to be double-sided, multiple kids can play with it at the same time; whether it is with their friends, sibling, or you decide to join in on the fun, entertainment is guaranteed. As your child scoops up water from the basin at the bottom of the Waterfall Discovery Wall and pours it into the top, he/she learns hand-eye coordination and other early STEM concepts, like cause and effect, motion, and more. The water playset also helps develop their gross and fine motor skills.

It comes with a 13-piece accessory set, which includes a bucket, mugs, scoops, and more. Assembling the Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is quite easy and requires only minimal effort from your end. The water table is also easy to clean; you can use the disinfectant wipes that you regularly use or even household cleaners for the purpose.

Gowi Toys Sand and Water Mill

5 Gowi Toys Sand and Water Mill

Best Kids Water Table for Bath Time

Gowi Toys is one of the oldest manufacturers of plastic toys, operating since 1829, which are widely known for their high-quality. Toys from the brand are designed to meet safety requirements and conform to the European Toy Standard EN 71. The Sand and Water Mill from Gowi Toys is rightly designed for kids to use both indoors and outdoors, whether it is in the bathtub, swimming pool, sandpit, or anywhere they like.

The Sand and Water Mill includes a funnel with a stopper, a tipper, 3 colourful cogs, and two small tubes on its bottom where you can fill sand or water to keep the whole unit standing upright. Designed for use by children aged 1 year and above, this water play toy is guaranteed to keep your little bub entertained during playtime and bath time.

The use of bright colours and interactive features in the toy will attract younger kids, making them want to play with it more. You can watch your kid jumping up and down in excitement when he/she watches water spilling down from the yellow tunnel and making the turtle-shaped cog spin around, and moving further down to the blue tipper, which filters the water left and right, making the cogs down below spin around as well. All of these actions are engaged when your little one scoops and pours water into the yellow tunnel and the tops, and the scooping and pouring action on its own helps develop their gross and fine motor skills.

The Gowi Toys Sand and Water Mill is made from phthalate-, BPA-, and PVC-free material, features a chunky and robust design, and is sized just right for those little hands to play with. It also conforms to the current safety standards, giving you the peace of mind that it is safe for your child to use. The toy is easy to clean as well.

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark

6 Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark

Best Kids Water Table for the Garden

Among the best water table for kids available on the market, another great offering from Little Tikes, one with outstanding ratings from parents, is the Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark. This water table screams ‘fun’ just by the looks of it because it comes loaded with fun features and different ways of water play. Designed to be suitable for kids aged 2 years and above, the Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark water table would make an excellent addition to your garden, providing your kid with a small space they can call their own to enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

There is a Ferris wheel attached to the water table, which kids can turn to scoop up and drop off the five colourful balls that come with the bundle. These are not just any balls but character balls that can also be used to squirt water. Included in the package is a cup that kids can use to scoop up and pour water into the yellow funnel, which in turn will power the twin water wheels. To make things even more fun, a green spinner is located on one side, which can be turned to power the lazy river.

The highlight of the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark is, of course, the spiral tube, where kids can drop the character balls and watch them go round and round before finally making their way into the lazy river. The water table can hold around 26 litres of water and requires minimal assembly that can be finished in a few minutes.

deAO Sand and Water Table

7 deAO Sand and Water Table

Best Kids Water Table with Accessories

The UK-based company, DEAO, is an established brand that sells children’s toys in a wide range of categories, including puzzles, games, riding toys, building sets, building blocks, role-play toys, and more. The Sand and Water Table from deAO is designed with a double compartment, one of which can be used for sand play and the other for water play. If you have a water baby at home, then you can fill both the compartments with water, so your little one can have loads of fun.

As we discussed, water play has numerous benefits that kids can enjoy right from an early age, and similar to the other best water tables on our list, this model also helps children to develop hand-eye coordination, basic learning, as well as imagination skills, while also promoting freedom and calmness to be creative during play.

Suitable for outdoor sand and water play, this sand water table from deAO lets your kid learn, explore, and experiment using sand and water in different ways, including using rocks to see the level of water rise and lower, mixing sand and water, and more, learning new things with each of their experiments. They get to learn about new textures, actions, levels, consistencies, etc., understand how things work, and try and apply the same concepts during their other play activities.

Included in this bundle are multiple accessories, which include a watermill, a bucket, a watering can, a shovel, a spade, and 19 sand and water accessories, which make your investment in the water table completely worth it. The toy is made with safe and durable plastic and is easy to assemble too.

Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table

8 Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table

Best Two-Tier Kids Water Table

If you have a little boy or girl who is obsessed with unicorns or just with the fantasy world, the Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table would make a great choice of gift for them. This is once again a solid option from Step2, and it is designed in adorable pastel colours and carries a unique unicorn theme, complete with unicorn figures that your little unicorn lover will absolutely love and enjoy.

The Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table comes with a 13-piece accessory set, which includes a large bucket, a cup, a flipper, a spinner, a cattail scoop, 3 toy unicorn accessories, and 4 put-and-place maze pieces. Kids can use the large bucket to scoop water from the pond and pour it into the tray above, and with just that, the rain shower effect takes place, making you feel like you are listening to real rainfall, which even adults will enjoy.

The put-and-place maze pieces can be rearranged over and over again to come up with new waterfall designs, and this not only adds to the fun and excitement your kids are already enjoying but also teaches cause and effect STEM play. The toy also helps with the development of their language and social skills, and encourages sensory exploration as well. Furthermore, kids can use the flipper to launch their favourite unicorn toy in the bundle back into the pond. When your little one is done playing, you can use the drain plug to easily empty the basin.

BIG Waterplay Niagara

9 BIG Waterplay Niagara

Best Versatile Kids Water Table

Founded in 1938, BIG is one of Germany’s leading toy manufacturers, known internationally for its high-quality plastic toys. The strong, robust, and child-friendly toys from the brand roll out of its huge production plant in Germany, which is known to be one of the most modern in Europe. The BIG Waterplay Niagara carries an innovative design and is one of the most versatile water tables on the market.

This best water table from BIG comes with a reservoir with a pump, a downward sloping waterway, two lock gates, a water plane, a crank handle, four play figures, and three different boats. The boats and the plane are there to make sure that your kid has oodles of fun taking the toy figures on different adventures around the water table.

Kids can use the crank handle included in the water table to create the required current for the boats to sail along the channels, and the crank handle can also be removed from the playset to let the boats go on an uninterrupted sailing trip around the Niagara waterplay system. They will pass through a lock system, and once they reach the top, there will be necessary current to take them forward at a different pace. The modular design of this water table enables you to combine it with other playsets from the brand, without the need for adhesive.

COSTWAY 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table

10 COSTWAY 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table

Best Kids Water Table for the Beach

COSTWAY has been around for over a decade offering premium products at reasonable prices and is now one of the top retailers in North America and Europe. The 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table Activity Play Center from the brand will make an amazing childhood partner for your little guy or girl, especially when you take them to the beach.

Made of environment-friendly PP material, this water table bundle is designed with your child’s health and safety in mind, while also enabling them to use their imagination and creativity along with having loads of fun. This is a 30-piece water table set that includes a blue beach table with 3 legs, a cute boat, 2 sand shovels, 7 windmills, 10 tunnels, 2 desert castles, a kettle, and 3 watering cans. Such a huge variety of toys supports kids with different interests to play in ways they like and prefer.

The COSTWAY 2-in-1 Sand and Water Table can be used indoors as well, in your kids’ bathroom, or even in your garden and swimming pool, and this is a great toy for two or more kids to play together. From simple splashing and pouring water to building sandcastles, there is no limit on how kids can remain entertained. The recommended age to use this water table is 3 years and above, and the toy is designed with rounded edges to prevent children from getting injured.

How to Find the Best Kids Water Table: Buyer’s Guide

As discussed earlier, playing at a water table enables kids to reap a lot of benefits, including developing their gross and fine motor skills, language skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. As a parent, you would obviously look for the best possible investments to help your child’s development, and when it comes to buying the best kids water table, here are some things to consider:


Available Space

One of the first aspects to consider when choosing water tables for kids is the space you have in your house to accommodate the playset. If you happen to live in a house with a backyard and/or driveway, you shouldn’t have any issue about the size of the water table you buy for your kid, because there is more likely to be space to accommodate the same. However, if you live in an apartment complex or a community where you will be sharing the outdoor space with other residents, you should think about how big a water table you can buy.

Since many manufacturers offer models that can be used both indoors and outdoors, you could easily find one that your kid can play with in your balcony or in a corner of your living room or porch. And, water tables come in a wide range of sizes, which means you will be able to find one that can be used in any available space you have.



You should think about if you need a water table that is versatile. By versatile we mean whether or not your kid can use anything else other than water to play on the table, like sand. It could also be beneficial to see if the playset can be combined with other sets from the same brand or if kids can use their own toys along with what comes in the bundle. You can find many playsets that come as a combination of sand and water table, which could be just what you are looking for.



When looking for the best water table, you will notice that some models are designed with lids, which will be helpful in protecting the content and the table itself from outdoor elements, if you plan on leaving the water table outside, say in your backyard, near your swimming pool, etc. These lids will prevent bugs, critters, and other insects from entering the basin, which you do not want to happen if your kid will be using the water again later in the day. This also makes cleaning the basin easy for you.

Best Kids Water Tables Buyer Guide Image

On the other hand, if you will be taking the water table indoors after every use for storage, you may need to look for a playset that is on the lighter side, so you can carry it in and out easily. Lightweight and compact water tables will also be beneficial to take along when you plan on spending an afternoon at the beach, visit the grandparents, go on a family picnic, go camping, or do anything outdoors.



This depends on your personal preference. You could choose a water table with or without a drain to release the water after playtime. Yes, this could make cleaning easier for you, as it prevents the accumulation of dirt in the water. However, there are also water tables that are light in weight and can be effortlessly tipped over to get rid of the water. Therefore, the ultimate decision here is up to you.



Do you want a water table that is simple in terms of features? Or something that comes packed with more unique and complex features? Going with a playset that has features like maze pieces, cogs, spinners, buckets, tippers, water wheels, etc. will not only keep kids entertained but also help them develop crucial skills like cause and effect, sensory development, and more.



At what age can I get my kid a water table?

Most water tables for kids are designed for children aged 18 months and older, and depending on the complexity of the features and the size of a particular table, age recommendations differ. As with any other toy you buy for your kid, check for the manufacturer’s recommended age before buying a water table too.


Why is water play important?

Water play is considered to be one of the most inclusive forms of play, which encourages multiple kids to play together, communicate with each other, share, and develop some crucial life skills. It offers them plenty of opportunities to learn and develop critical skills like gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and a whole lot more.


How can I clean my kid’s water table?

It is important that you thoroughly clean your kid’s water table at least once a week. You can use a solution of bleach and water for this purpose, adding two teaspoons of bleach for about 3 litres of water. Pour the solution into the water table’s sink and let it sit for about 5 minutes. If you notice any buildup of gunk, use a brush to scrub the area, and then drain the water. Let the table air dry.

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